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Fostering Leadership for Life: Alternative Breaks

Every year, students have the opportunity to spend winter and spring breaks doing a number of things. Some students spend time at home or elsewhere, taking advantage of the opportunity for rest, relaxation, or additional hours to work at their jobs in their home communities or around Manhattan. But, through the Alternative Breaks program, the Staley School invites students to consider using their breaks to serve others.

Alternative Breaks allows students to travel to communities around the country where they work with local residents to address a pressing social issue. Breaks are open to K-State graduate, undergraduate, and international students.

Over the years, these teams of students have performed a variety of tasks throughout their week-long trips ranging from cleaning, building, and working directly with the clients. Learn about the sites and community partners that were involved last year in this blog post!

“I think overall, the experience challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and walk in the shoes of someone else. Until you take the time to form bonds with them, step into their world for a while, and listen to them, you don’t truly know them and how to make an impact.” –Brynn Wright; Tahlequah, Oklahoma 2016

Supporting Alternative Breaks

Continuing this valued contribution to the future of our community, and expanding opportunities to serve more students and more communities, requires sustainable funding. Whether providing materials and transportation for our teams of student volunteers or the operational funding required to serve as the university’s resource for community engagement and service-learning, your support of the “Leadership for Life” Fund makes a difference in the K-State community and to the leaders of tomorrow.

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