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Fostering Leadership for Life: The Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows

When one thinks about Manhattan, Kansas or Kansas State University, it is impossible to ignore the influences of Hall of Fame Football Coach, Bill Snyder. The highway into town and the football stadium itself are both named for the legendary coach who revitalized a football program, a university, and a community. But beyond the bowl births, the 200+ wins, and even the greatest turnaround in college football history, Coach Snyder will be remembered as a teacher and a developer of leaders—both on and off the field.

In partnership with K-State Athletics, the Staley School of Leadership Studies is proud to offer a year-long leadership development program rooted in Coach Snyder’s “16 Goals for Success.” We can think of no better way to thank Coach Snyder for his contributions to our university and community than by continuing the critical work to which he has dedicated his career: fostering opportunities for students to learn and grow.

To honor our one-of-a-kind Hall of Fame coach, the Staley School has established a one-of-a-kind program that brings together up to 40 outstanding K-State seniors who will serve as high impact leaders on campus, in their communities, and beyond. The university-wide program attracts high-achieving students from across campus and diverse backgrounds, who are committed to service and mentoring as well as lifelong personal and professional growth.

The Snyder Fellows program has created ripples of positive impact in a short amount of time. Our partnerships with the Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan and the City of Manhattan Parks and Recreation Department have directly impacted hundreds of youth in our community through sports programming, coaching, and leadership development. In future years, the Snyder Fellows will continue to grow the program’s impact and provide additional support for underserved youth populations in Manhattan and beyond.

Upon graduation, these young leaders go on to positively influence their workplaces and communities and continue the leadership legacy of Coach Snyder.

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Growing the Legacy

By supporting the Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows, you advance the legacy of our Hall of Fame head coach and the development of “Leadership for Life.”

Currently, our goal is to build an endowment to sustain the Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows Program in perpetuity. The program advances the mission and values of the Staley School of Leadership Studies through its service to students and its purpose to equip, empower, and inspire young people to positively contribute to their communities and, ultimately, our world.

Your support of the Snyder Leadership Legacy Fellows will help ensure that the program will continue to change lives for generations to come.

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