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Kudos to Tamara Bauer, a 2019 Presidential Award Recipient

The Staley School is beyond proud to announce and celebrate the achievement of Tamara Bauer, who was recently recognized by Kansas State University as a 2019 Presidential Award Recipient.         


Tamara is among five Kansas State faculty members and one graduate teaching assistant being recognized for “serving students with compassion, dedication, and creativity.”

We are grateful that Tamara has been with the Staley School for nearly ten years. She began working with Leadership Studies in March 2010 as Coordinator of Students and Services and an Instructor. She transitioned into a full-time Instructor in August 2013. She currently teaches LEAD 212: Introduction to Leadership Concepts and works with 600-700 first-semester freshman. She also teaches a first-generation student Cat Community for the K-State First program and regularly teaches LEAD 405: Leadership In Practice.

In addition to teaching in the classroom, Tamara is also deeply involved in coordinating a service-learning experience focused on food insecurity. She also trains upper-level undergraduates who serve as class leaders for LEAD 212.

“Working with Tamara as a class leader has been such a rewarding experience,” said Abigaile Molzer, a former class leader. “Not only is she passionate, energizing, and intentional about teaching leadership to her classes, but she is an incredible mentor and coworker. Throughout leadership studies classes they discuss the concept of leading by example, and Tamara truly is a role model in and out of the classroom,” said Molzer.

Tiffany Bowers served as a class leader this past fall and she believes that Tamara is the epitome of what it means to be a genuine, considerate, invested professor and all around person. “She somehow manages to pour her heart and soul into each of her students, class leaders, and fellow staff while also taking care of a family and herself, and the several other responsibilities she willingly takes on. Tamara is a true wonder woman and an inspiration to so many, myself included. I have been taught, mentored, and encouraged by Tamara and I strive to be as intentional, innovative, and compassionate as she has modeled for me in my time at K-State. Tamara is so, so deserving of the Presidential Award, as it speaks to all of these tremendous qualities of hers and the countless hours of work she invests into the Staley School and all those she comes to know,” said Bowers.

Tamara’s teaching consistently garners the highest marks available on the university’s teaching evaluations. Along with her excellence in the classroom, she is committed to helping the university’s newest faculty members feel welcome and prepared to teach by serving as coordinator of the New Faculty Institute, a program offered by the Teaching & Learning Center.

“Working with Tamara has been the most rewarding experience in my college career,” shared Rhett Pierce, a former class leader. “She has a way of really making me understand the leadership principles I have been taught and how to put these into practice. Never once has she made my mistakes feel like losses but instead has shown me how to take my mistakes and learn from them to become a better leader. She is caring and passionate about the development of others and always makes me want to work my hardest to be the best leader I can be.”

“I feel very honored to have received this award, especially considering I work with so many talented colleagues in Leadership Studies and across campus,” said Bauer. “Teaching is one of my passions and working with students and colleagues in the Staley School is a life-giving experience for me. As an educator, it’s a privilege to work with students and colleagues who constantly challenge me and push me to improve. Partnering together in a space of learning brings about the potential to create new ways of thinking and approaching today’s challenges through leadership.”

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