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Staley School and CivicPlus deliver webinar on community engagement and racial equity

The Staley School of Leadership Studies and CivicPlus recently partnered to deliver a webinar to clients and government administrators from across the United States and Canada. Katie Gennero, solutions manager from CivicPlus, hosted Jurdene Coleman, leadership communication associate and PhD student, and Mac Benavides, leadership communication associate and PhD student, to deliver a webinar entitled “Fostering Open Dialogue on Racial Equity in Your Community.”

Katie Gennaro

Jurdene Coleman

Mac Benavides


This webinar invited participants to explore how adaptive leadership and intercultural learning frameworks can be used to design more equitable and inclusive community engagement processes. Participants in the webinar  considered how reimagining processes and structures associated with community engagement can address forms of systemic racism and inequities. More than 800 participants registered for the asynchronous version of this webinar and more than 265 participated synchronously.

Contact Brandon W. Kliewer, associate professor, at bkliewer@ksu.edu, if you are interested in learning more about the Staley School’s ongoing strategic initiatives and partnerships. The Staley School is committed to partnering with units on campus, government, non-profit organizations, and for-profit companies that are working to advance civic capacity, lead change, and enhance leadership learning and development. Strategic initiatives and partnerships are executed through contracts, grant development, and sponsored programs.

2 thoughts on “Staley School and CivicPlus deliver webinar on community engagement and racial equity
  1. This appears very interesting. I was traveling and not aware of or available to participate but interested in viewing if a recording exists.

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