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SALT- Become Financially Savvy

Powercat Financial Counseling is proud to introduce SALTmoney.org, a FREE financial literacy and budgeting tool, to all current students and alumni!!

Did you know that salt was one of the earliest forms of currency? In today’s times, we are noticing a trend of rising student debt. Unfortunately we can’t bust out the salt shaker to pay-off our student loans, but you can log-on to Salt Money at www.ksu.edu/salt and become more financially savvy.

Once you have register within Salt you will have access to a multitude of functions that will allow you to better your financial awareness. Some of the main features include:

– Crunch Your Numbers – Here you can import your student loans from the NSLDS (National Student Loan Data System) and learn information regarding your monthly payments and repayment plans. Also, see the bigger picture, which includes; a tool that helps students evaluate the cost of living in different regions of the country and plans out a tentative monthly budget based on estimated income. Student loans aren’t much fun to repay, but Salt will simplify the process for you and show you how to fit repayment into your life.

– Save and Make Money – Here you can access a search engine that will help you locate scholarships, internships, and jobs that fit your specific needs. Salt also provides deals that are solely for members of the program.

– Get Money Smart – Here you can complete interactive activities to become more educated on many topics regarding personal finances. How do you choose the right bank or credit union for you? How can your credit score keep you from getting a job? When is student loan deferment a good idea? Log-on to Salt to learn the answers to these questions and many more.

Managing finances is one of the largest stressors that college students face, and Powercat Financial Counseling is expanding their services by proving SALT to all members of Kansas State University. Look for SALT events occurring on campus in the coming semester. PFC will be putting on a launch event on February 7th from 4:30 to 6:30 in the Rec. Stop by after your workout to put some SALT in your financial diet. We will be giving away prizes such as t-shirts, fruit smoothies, and a Mr. Coffee’s Self Brewer. Log-on now at www.k-state.edu/salt.

Bret Eisenbarth
Graduate Assistant & Peer Financial Counselor
Powercat Financial Counseling

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