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Top 10 Financial Services Our Peer Financial Counselors Offer Students

Powercat Financial is here to support students through their journey to becoming financial independent and to staying on the path of financial wellness. Below are a few of the helpful, free services our peer financial counselors offer fellow students:

  1. Assistance creating a personal spending plan to achieve financial goals of studying abroad, saving for emergencies, buying a car, moving off campus or just staying on budget;
  2. Helping you get all of your student loan information organized and explained in an easy-to-understand method to reduce your confusion;
  3. A review of your credit report to make sure it is accurate and has no mistakes or identity theft concerns;
  4. Cutting through the complexity of student loan repayment and explain the various repayment options;
  5. Explanation of the pros and cons of either consolidation or refinancing of student loans;
  6. A review all of the factors that are important when trying to increase your credit score;
  7. Help with determining who your federal loan servicers are and helping you connect with them;
  8. Assistance creating a to-do list of important financial tasks and deadlines for being successful as a K-State student;
  9. Helping you review job offers and understand the employee benefits and prepare questions to ask your future employer;
  10. Exploring any loan forgiveness programs that you may be eligible for.

All of these services are offered in a personal, confidential setting in 302 Union (on the Union third floor) with a trained peer financial counselors who understands what it is like managing financial decisions as a students. They can help you reduce your financial stress, avoid costly financial mistakes and learn how to create your path to financial wellness.

Current K-State undergraduate or graduate students on the Manhattan campus, Vet Med students and Global Campus student may request a free appointment online anytime at www.k-state.edu/powercatfinancial.

Jodi Kaus, Director

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