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Holiday Budget Tips

Holiday Budget Tips

It’s that time of year again! Holiday shopping is right around the corner, and unless you have been shopping throughout the year you are probably already storing items in your online shopping cart in anticipation for the big holiday sales! According to Investopedia.com the average American will spend approximately $900 on holiday gifts, a hefty bill for most college students. As you prepare for your holiday spending Powercat Financial wants to make sure you stay off the naughty list with these helpful tips!

  1. Know your TOTAL holiday spending limit – Set a reasonable spending limit and stick to it. Holiday season tends to be a budget buster for most, but you can reduce this risk my setting a total spending limit. Your total spending limit should be determined by your budget, the money you can reasonably spend on gifts is money that isn’t going to necessities like bills. If you want to add to your holiday spending limit, consider cutting out your morning latte or grabbing that fast food after work. Just remember to be realistic about what you are willing to sacrifice.
  2. Budget based on your OWN finances – Everyone’s budget looks different. Even though your older brother always gets you the fanciest presents, you don’t have to follow suit. Understand that people are in different places in their financial life.
  3. Do a little research – Several stores and online site will price match. Make sure you are getting the best deal rather than buying the first thing you see.
  4. Give your time instead of presents – There is no doubt people appreciate quality time together. Mom and dad, or close friends and family might love nothing more than a visit from you. Give small gift and big hugs!


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