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Last Minute Gift Giving: 5 Tips to Stretch Your Dollar

With classes coming to an end and finals quickly approaching purchasing gifts for the holiday season may take a back burner for some of us. Then when the workload slows down the new panic of trying to find the perfect gift for our loved ones will slowly creep up on us. This may also cause some to loosen their hold on their money to get the present in time for celebrations. The following tips will help you snag those gifts while still saving some money.

  1. Redeem Credit Card Rewards
    • This one will only be useful if you already use credit cards. Some cards have the perk of rewards being earned when you purchase items with your card. If you are like me and forget to check how much in rewards you have built up you could have a nice amount that can be cashed out and put towards your gift purchases. The rewards come in all different forms. Some examples include statement credit and gift cards.
  1. Use the Amazon app or the shopping tab in Google
    • The Amazon app can help you not overpay for last minute gifts. You can scan items with the app when you are shopping in stores that have price matching with competitors and if you see a lower price, ask for the low price at customer service where you are shopping. If you are like me and like to do your shopping online. You can always use the Google shopping tab once you have found what you would like to purchase and find the store with the lowest price.
  1. Get stocking stuffers at the Dollar Store
    • This is a great place to get all the smaller items that are needed to fill up a stocking. Just go in and pick out all the toys, stickers, kitchen gadgets or whatever else your family may want all for a dollar a piece!
  1. Take advantage of different stores offers
    • All stores will have different sale opportunities or other offers that make the shopping experience better. Walmart has free in-store pick up on Christmas Eve and will hold items for up to seven days. This can help you out if you have bigger items that need to be purchased that you may not be able to hide in the house and will lower the cost since there is not shipping. Another store to mention is Kohl’s. This option is only for the bravest of us since it involves shopping on Christmas Eve. Although this can be a hectic time to shop, Kohl’s has been offering $10 Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent for a few years now.
  1. Shop online on Free Shipping Day
    • My final tip is to shop on the Free Shipping Day, December 14th. Some retailers who usually participate are Kohl’s, Walmart and Best Buy. This way you do not have to leave the comfort of your own home but will still get a great deal!

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