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Book Review: A Comedic Guide to Money by financial comedian Colin Ryan

The topic of money stirs a lot of emotions. For many of us, these can be negative emotions such as fear, shame, and/ or guilt from past money experiences. Additionally, money is a taboo and awkward subject, which is why it can be so difficult to talk about. Don’t believe me? Think about the last time you went out to eat with a group of people and you were handed one receipt for everyone. Did you just pay for everyone rather than asking the others to contribute? Did you evenly split the bill even if you spent less than the others? Or did everyone in the group know to Venmo or Cash app you their portion? I know when this happens to me I immediately get anxious and want to avoid the situation.

Wouldn’t it be nice to laugh about money for once? Financial comedian Colin Ryan allows us to do just that with his book A Comedic Guide to Money: The Skills You’ll Need to Build the Live You Want and live presentations. As someone who has read a lot of financial books, this is one of few I actually wanted to keep reading. It was easy to understand and relatable. Colin Ryan helps us to start using money as a tool to reach our dreams, no matter where we are on our financial journey. He talks about reframing our mindset about our finances so that spending less than we earn is achievable. He also teaches us how to build a safety net with an emergency fund and be intentional with our money by creating a budget and observing our spending patterns. Moreover, I actually learned from his book and can now build on my money habits.

Interested in laughing about money and learning a thing or two in the process? Attend his live event “Manage Your Money. Reach Your Dream.” on Monday from 4- 5 pm via Zoom. Visit https://www.kstateupc.com/our-events/2020/8/4/speaker-colin-ryan for streaming details. This may be your first chance to enjoy learning about the topic of money. You may also get the chance to win his book at no cost! 24 of Colin Ryan’s books will be given away to participants by raffle during the event.

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