Prepare Kansas

It’s here — the Prepare Kansas online financial challenge starts today!

Welcome to the 2014 Prepare Kansas challenge. The program focuses on a few activities every week during September. For example: Developing a Household Inventory; Reviewing Your Insurance Coverage; Putting Together a Grab-and-Go Box; and Tips for After the Disaster.

Challenge activities for September 1 – 7 are to:

  • review the meaning of Watch and Warning, as related to weather situations, and
  • decide on the format for your household inventory and inventory 2 rooms in your home.

Throughout the week we will post helpful information about how to accomplish each of the challenge tasks.

Haven’t signed up for Prepare Kansas yet? There is still time! Take steps ahead of disaster and register by September 6 at

2 thoughts on “It’s here — the Prepare Kansas online financial challenge starts today!
  1. When inventoring a room with books, should I write down every title, date published, publisher, author, etc.? Or is it enough to write, Louis L’Amour collection of x amount books?

    1. The purpose of the inventory is to be able to replace the item(s) if a disaster hits. How much detail you will need to record will depend on your insurance policy. So, the answer is…it depends. The best thing to do is to review your insurance policy. After you’ve reviewed your policy,check with your insurance agent or company if you have additional questions.

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