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Phishing Scam – 12/20/2012 – System Administrator

Origin ISP and web host have been notified. URL is active and not blocked by Trend. Blocked at the border and submitted to Trend.

From: “Wallen, Denise” <DWALLEN@broward.org>
Subject: System Administrator
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 22:51:50 +0000

You have reached the storage limit of your mailbox.

Please visit the below link to restore your email access.

Copy or Click: http://www.stayinahome.com/contact/forms/form1.html

System Administrator.


Under Florida law, most e-mail messages to or from Broward County employees or officials are public records, available to any person upon request, absent an exemption. Therefore, any e-mail message to or from the County, inclusive of e-mail addresses contained therein, may be subject to public disclosure.

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