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Phishing Scam – 06/27/2014 – From Admin Desk Please Read

Origin ISP and web host have been notified. URL is active and blocked at the border. The URL has been submitted to Trend.

From: Admin Help Desk Team [mailto:gloria.jimenez@bvsd.org]
Sent: Friday, June 27, 2014 6:15 AM
To: gloria.jimenez@bvsd.org
Subject: From Admin Desk Please Read

Webmail Admin

You have exceeded the storage capacity of your designated mail box and is thus required to revalidate immediately.

You may not receive/send mails until your mailbox is revalidated. Revalidation increases your mailbox storage capacity and is fast and easy.

Please click on the link bellow to revalidate your mailbox.


Note: It is important that your personal information is accurate and complete. This information may later be used to help verify the owner of the account.

Help Desk Team