Kansas State University



Phishing Scam – 09/23/15 – Email Quota Account Upgrade

URL is active and blocked at the border. Origin ISP and Web Host have been notified. The URL has been submitted to Trend.

From: Edu Help Desk <info@pa.com>
Sent: Tuesday, September 22, 2015 4:42 PM
Subject: Email Quota Account Upgrade

Attn: Email User,

Due to the high risk of spam emails going on, we have decide to upgrade all educational email set by our admin panel, and access to your mailbox via our mail portal will be unavailable expect you upgrade your email account against fraudulent spam.

To upgrade and re-validate your mailbox, do click on the link to upgrade: emailupgrade [http://novoks.com/partner/closure/upgrade/account/webmail.php]


System Administrator.