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Phishing Scam – 05/28/17 – Your Email Has Exceeded Quota Limit.

The URL is blocked at the border and was submitted to Trend. The Web Host and ESP were notified.

From: OFFICE365 <kkerr1@unimelb.edu.au>
Sent: Sunday, May 28, 2017 6:25 AM
To: **** ****
Subject: Your Email Has Exceeded Quota Limit.
 Dear *******@ksu.edu [https://is.gd/WxlXct],
 Your mailbox is almost full.
Current size
Maximum size
You are hereby advised to increase your mailbox quota size automatically by clicking on  *******@ksu.edu [https://is.gd/WxlXct]  and re-login to automatically increase your mailbox quota size.
IMPORTANT NOTE: You won’t be able to send and receive mail messages at 480MB. Upgrading is FREE
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