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Phishing Scam-7/25/17- College Assistance for *******@ksu.edu

URL is blocked at the border and submitted to Trend. Web Host was notified.

Begin forwarded message:
From: Molly Talley
Subject: College Assistance for *******@ksu.edu [mailto:*********@ksu.edu]
Date: July 25, 2017 at 3:44:45 PM CDT
To: <*******@ksu.edu [mailto:********@ksu.edu]>
New or Returning Student ********@ksu.edu [mailto:********@ksu.edu],
There is a new government program that is helping Americans with college expenses. It is now possible to get matched with programs and determine your eligibility for FREE COLLEGE ASSISTANCE within minutes. Because these are Grant Funds for your education, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY OF IT BACK!
Right now as much as $5,772 a year is available to new and returning qualified students.
Learning more about this great opportunity is simple as simple as 1, 2, 3.
1. Visit the Grant Approval Website here: http://visithere.educationalprogramabout.us/heat/13272876_studentsprogram [http://visithere.educationalprogramabout.us/heat/13272876_studentsprogram]
2. Take 2 minutes to answer some simple questions.
3. Learn what financial-aid you may qualify for.
Find out if you can receive more than $5,756 a year in grant funds here >>> http://visithere.educationalprogramabout.us/heat/13272876_studentsprogram [http://visithere.educationalprogramabout.us/heat/13272876_studentsprogram]
Another thing people like about it is you can use the money for online classes.  Which means you can find classes that work with your busy schedule.
Theresa Dale
Program Representative
P.S. Once you’ve confirmed the you qualify for a grant,  Visit Here To Get Matched With Programs and Schools >>> http://visithere.educationalprogramabout.us/heat/13272876_studentsprogram [http://visithere.educationalprogramabout.us/heat/13272876_studentsprogram]