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Phishing Scam-8/30/17- New K-state Spam Security Check

URL was sent to Trend block on the boarder. Web Host was notified.

From: ******** **********
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2017 8:41 AM
Subject: New K-state Spam Security Check
Dear User,
We have reviewed the existing security controls in place, in light of a recent increase in fraudulent emails (often referred to as phishing emails) received by staff and students.
As part of this review, we have extended the _spam_ checking and filtering service. As well as checking email coming in from outside the University we will also be checking emails sent from within the University.
This should increase our ability to detect fraudulent emails and mark them as spam.
Click to effect this upgrade [http://ow.ly/vTtV30eMnAh].
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