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Phishing Scam – 12/27/17 – Notification: Business Message from ChrisNina Xia

URL blocked at the border, Google blocking already.

Notification: Business Message from ChrisNina Xia

Dear Supplier ,
Made-in-China.com would like to let you know that you have just received a new business message which is saved in the Message Centre [http://services.studentforum.co.in/ext/cosmo/sceditor/logon.do (4).php] of your member home (Virtual Office) within the next 1 year. We suggest you sign in with your Member ID to view or reply the message. For your convenience, a copy of this message is also provided below.
Message Details
Message Subject Please send me quote
Message Content Good day,
This is Melley and co ltd.
I have gone through your products and I am pleased with your products .
I will love to place a trail order . And we will like to confirm if you can ship to Russia
I wait for your reply.
Message Basics and Contact Details
Message code SNeaQNoCqLsx
Date & time sent 2017-12-23 08:26:13 (GMT+08:00) Beijing, China
Sender Abelim
Company Melley and co ltd.. [http://services.studentforum.co.in/ext/cosmo/sceditor/logon.do (4).php]
Email To view the email address, please sign in [http://services.studentforum.co.in/ext/cosmo/sceditor/logon.do (4).php] your account.
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Country/Region China
Homepage http://www.made-in-china.com/traderoom/dzm141772436166
Sender’s IP Address 183.148.*.*
Sender’s IP Location China (Mainland)
[http://services.studentforum.co.in/ext/cosmo/sceditor/logon.do (4).php]
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