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Reply to Scam – Student leadership opportunity with IA for Warren – 11/25/2019

Reply to Scam

From: Mason Astill
Sent: Monday, November 25, 2019 3:28:19 PM
Subject: Student leadership opportunity with IA for Warren
Hello Professor, 
I hope this email finds you well! My name is Mason Astill and I’m an Out of State Organizer for Elizabeth Warren’s campaign for president in Iowa. I wanted to reach out and let you know about our winter break volunteer leadership program for students. 
The program is called “Winter With Warren”, and participants will embed with the Warren team in Iowa to learn leading campaign tactics, as well as the history and significance of the Iowa caucus. 
Interested students can complete the form below. Housing will be provided for all who need it during the program. We do have a limited capacity and if students are interested, the sooner they submit the form the better. 
Would you pass this program along to the students in your classes? Of course we do not expect all of them to be interested or to be supporters of the campaign, but in the interest of this being an equal access opportunity we want to cast a wide net.
If there are students who you think would be a particularly good fit for this program or are passionate about politics, I am also more than happy to have someone from my team speak with them directly and would welcome an introduction.
Here are the details for the program: 
What: Winter With Warren- a student volunteer leadership program to experience this year’s historic Iowa Caucus
When: January 3rd through January 17th
Where: Diverse communities all across Iowa!
RSVP: https://forms.gle/KVHmcSk7yxXDLQ3w8 [https://forms.gle/KVHmcSk7yxXDLQ3w8]
I want to be sure your students know about this opportunity for them to enrich themselves and engage in volunteer service over their winter break, so I appreciate whatever you can do to spread the word. Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a pleasant Thanksgiving!
Mason Astill
Out of State Organizer
Warren For President
(e) mastill@elizabethwarren.com [mailto:mastill@elizabethwarren.com]
(c) 812-650-2833