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Month: January 2020

Phishing Scam – 01/22/20 – [HRIS-DEV-L] Time Card

URL blocked at the border.

From: ***** <******@LISTSERV.KSU.EDU> on behalf of Ksu <hchavez@VIC.COM.MX>
Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2020 12:38 PM
To: *****@listserv.ksu.edu
Subject: [HRIS-DEV-L] Time Card
Happy Holidays!
Due to the Christmas holiday, the payroll deadline for the December 28th, 2019 check date will be moved up.
Please review the dates below for submitting timecards and approvals.
http://www.farcastbio.com/wp-snapshots/248wj_7jgcx0v_resource/private-box/additional-165491178-VKY4X1pnifTsVw/SUS1Bw-p9Gw0h2ivpb [http://www.farcastbio.com/wp-snapshots/248wj_7jgcx0v_resource/private-box/additional-165491178-VKY4X1pnifTsVw/SUS1Bw-p9Gw0h2ivpb]
 Wishing you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season!

Phishing Scam – Campus-Jobs

REply to scam
Also (Edu-Jobs)

rom: ********>
Sent: Wednesday, January 22, 2020 3:13:57 PM
To: ********
Subject: Campus-Jobs
I’m looking for a personal assistant, someone who is reliable, trustworthy, responsible and also possess the following attributes below.
– Efficient
– Discrete
– Flexible
– Self-motivated
– Organized
– Proactive
– A good communicator
You will work on a one-to-one basis with me on a variety of weekly task, I will provide detailed weekly and daily instructions on your what needs to be done but most importantly, applicants must have little knowledge on how to use Microsoft Excel.
1. Provide administrative support functions
2. Prepare, distribute, and file reports, letters, spreadsheets.
3. Manage calendars, meetings, appointments, and events.
4. Conducting research.
5.Source office supplies.
I am a semi-retired international business consultant and with a focus on international business, trade, and networking, I am responsible for bringing distributors and manufacturers of a particular product to the same table and also finalize import and export negotiations as well as international trade deals and negotiations. As a Consultant with a focus in international business, the majority of my clients are out of the country and that also requires me to be out of the country almost half the year and as a matter of fact, I am currently on a business trip in Stockholm, Sweden finalizing trade negotiations for a glass company.
My present daily busy schedule demands the role of someone who is trustworthy, someone who will help support my workload when I am not in the USA in order for me to establish timely delivery of services and attend to important matters, the sensitivity of this position warrants the officeholder to be upright, responsive, accountable, trustworthy, emphatic, persevering and honest.
I need someone to start working for me prior to my arrival on the 20th of February and he/she can provide the services I have listed above, I will require 2-4 hrs of your time for 3-4 days a week, you can let me know what days of the week you will be available ad the weekly pay for this position will be $500
This is just an illustrative message to help you understand what is needed of you and as soon as I’m back in the states, I will arrange a proper meeting for you and me to meet and also discuss long employment terms because this is only part-time for now with no health or medical benefits, taxes will be 1099 at the end of the year.
To confirm acceptance of this position if you are interested in moving forward and provide the informations below.
Full names:
None Edu Email:
Yours sincerely,
International Consultant.

Phishing Scam – 1/21/20 – View the file to join the program

Phishing Scam link has been blocked.

From: *************
Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2020 4:31 PM
To: *********
Subject: View the file to join the program
Click the link below to find out more about the program
            Sharepoint Online                 
   sent you a document to review and sign.
REVIEW DOCUMENT [https://storage.googleapis.com/asharepoint-heteromorphae-419877544/index.html]


Phishing Scam – 01/21/20 – Re: Project Assessment from home part time

Phishing Scam link has been blocked.

From: *******
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2020 6:41 PM
To: *******
Subject: Re: Project Assessment from home part time
Hello ,
We are offering a weekday part time position perfect for a busy student while studying, this job can be completed any time from 7pm at home, even though it could be permanent it however allows you the opportunity of pursuing other goals, you also do not need a professional skill in doing the job, the job will only take maximum of 30mins of your time daily between Monday to Friday.
We are Cyrpus based company that offers company registration services to clients all over the globe .
It has not brought about accurate accountability for ( A. Karitzis & Associates LLC (AK ) ).
they will email you whenever they need materials and also state the type of materials they need and the quantity, it is now your duty to contact the supplier through email to place orders for the materials and also state the quantity that should be mailed to the agent address through the post, the supplier will then visit the post to mail the materials to the agent.
Each agent will only order for materials once in a week, we are employing you just to reduce the workload for us, our supplier and for the agents.
It is an online job where agents will only contact you for materials during the week.
We will always email you guidelines and instructions to follow in getting your job done perfectly when you start working.
You can try the job for a week and see if it is what you can continue with or not, you can also quit the job anytime after a week but you need to notify us a day before.
If you still care to proceed with the job, get back to us with the information listed below then we can proceed from there.
1, NAME:
3, CITY:
You currently have to be in the United State and the address you will provide to start the job, the address we request for is for your weekly $400 check to be mailed to.
I await to hear from you ASAP if you want to proceed with the job.
Best regard,

PhishingScam – K-State STUDENT NOTICE!!! – 1/20/2020

Phishing Scam link has been blocked.

From: **********
Sent: Monday, January 20, 2020 12:06 PM
Subject: K-State STUDENT NOTICE!!!
This is a legal notice to all students advising to confirm HERE [http://legalnotice.online] if your name is present on the list of proposed students for legal advise and or counseling, If your name is not on the list kindly disregard.
Thank You!