Kansas State University



Phishing Scam – 06/29/20 – Bad practice

Bit-Coin scam.

From: software bhardwaj <softwarebhardwaj@gmail.com>
Sent: Monday, June 29, 2020 3:48 PM
Subject: Bad practice

Browsing questionable websites for adults u may infect your PC with the virus.
You run thru the letter cuz you My malicious application has infected your computer thus you are reading through the text.
My virus enablesur webcam and carries out secret footage.
I noticed that u enjoy arouse sexually and now I gotta distribute the video to all ur enquiries from ur email.
I will let u a chance to emerge from the challenging situation and recover ur prestige.
U must send 0,14 Bitcoins to bc1qj2uca87fj00tyta3fnpfkjr64h7evykh2zy5ep e-purse within 24 h after reading this notification (I’ll be notified) and I guarantee that I will eliminate all your appalling bunch of dirt.
If I won’t be compensated in 24 h, in 48 h I am gonna send your beat off video to all your contacts as well as publish it on social networking sites.
It’s your call if your public image means something in the eyes of your closest people.
I hacked this email, soon there will be no access to it so It’s pointless to write me.