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The Elections for the 2014-2015 term will be held during the Spring Semester of 2013. The Primary Election, will determine the two pairs of candidates for Student Body President and Vice President who will be voted for in the General Election. The General Election will include the election for Student Body President, Vice President, Student Senate, College Council Position for each college, and members of the Union Governing Board and Student Publications Board of Directors.


The Senate Intern program of the Kansas State University Student Governing Association is to familiarize and prepare future senators in becoming active, responsible leaders and communicators. Through the intern program students gain access to current and upcoming issues and can better meet the needs of questions by their constituents in the future. Interns receive all rights that Student Senators possess, except lack voting privileges.

SGA Intern Program

Intern Mission Statement:

At Kansas State University, leadership is viewed as a valuable and necessary asset for each student to obtain. The Student Governing Association Intern Program works to uphold that belief by creating interns who strive to improve the SGA system and the school as a whole by offering new, innovative ideas and by being dedicated to the issues and concerns of all. We as student interns shall learn and grow from our experiences and use that knowledge as we serve the K-State community.

How to apply for the Student Senate Intern Program:

  1. Contact or visit the Office of Student Activities and Services (located on the 1st floor of the Union)
  2. Pick up an application from the office or download one from this website
  3. Return by due date to the Office of Student Activities and Services

If applicant is selected by screening committee, the committee will schedule an interview and interns will then be selected from those interviewed

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