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Smurthwaite Scholarship and Leadership House

A Very “Spoopy” October

October at Smurthwaite brought even more events than before! We started out the month with the first annual “Papa Smurth Day”, which is a celebration and bonding day for Smurthwaite women and father figures or leaders in their lives. There was a cookout, and all were encouraged to attend the home K-State football game! This event had previously been called Dad’s Day, but our house made the decision to change the name in order to encourage diversity and include all. We expect that future Papa Smurth Days will be just as great as this one! 

Joanne, our candle-passing super fan

This semester also included another candle passing! Congratulations to Suzanne Huntley and Chris Hall for their engagement. We are all so happy for you both! 

Old members Piper Robb and MacKenzie Cline

One tradition here at Smurthwaite is called old member sneak. During this event, all of the old/returning women of the house “disappear” without notice for 24 hours. This is a great bonding activity and a way to also have some fun. For this year’s old member sneak, most of the old members went to Kansas City and hung out, watched movies, and ate snacks. We all had a great time! 

Everyone’s favorite Smith House member—Geralt the Dog!



Another house tradition is with our brother house, Smith. Every Halloween, the men of Smith hold an auction for their fundraising, and women can “buy” them and have them dress up for Halloween to go trick or treating for cans. One group dressed up as characters from Scooby Doo, and another as the different versions of Taylor Swift. Also, before Halloween, we held a Smith/Smurth social activity for pumpkin carving! Overall, this month was jam packed with many different fun events.

Scooby Doo Crew!


With love,

Your Smurthwaite Sisters


An Amazing Autumn

September has begun and fall is upon us here at Smurthwaite. Even though it still feels like summer outside (mainly because of the sorching heat), soon the leaves will change and campus will transform into fall. This month, the women of Smurthwaite were extra busy becoming accustomed to their schedules, getting used to classes, but also working on house requirements, such as programs, events, and more. This month, we had our first successful program, and two programs total, Big/Little Reveal, and two candle passings!

Origami Program! Left to Right: Back row – Lexie Smith, Kirsten Prindle, Piper Robb, Annie Cortes Front row – Joanne Gomendoza, MacKenzie Cline, Suzanne Huntley

The first program of the year was held by MacKenzie Cline (our secretary) and Piper Robb (our treasurer). These two walked people through how to make various types of origami, and it was an educational and enjoyable program for everyone!  Continue reading “An Amazing Autumn”

Starting the School Year with Smurthwaite

Smurthwaite New Members, Fall 2017
Smurthwaite House, Fall 2017


This August marked the start of another school year at K-State, but also the beginning of Retreat Week at Smurthwaite! Retreat week allowed all of the old members to meet and bond with the new members, and it included various activities like icebreaker games, a picture scavenger hunt around campus, and walking class schedules together with big/little pairings (old and new member pairs). This year, we have 30 returning members and 11 new members, and we are also welcoming a new ACDI, Britt. Montgomery, to Smurthwaite!  Continue reading “Starting the School Year with Smurthwaite”

The Luck of March!

March was a wonderful month, just because of spring break, basketball,or St. Patrick’s Day, but because we were lucky enough to Initiate the New Members into the house. Corinne White, the recruitment chair, did a wonderful job to put on a great Initiation Weekend.

The girls participated in a few events including a fun scavenger hunt in the Mall! Smurthwaites were split into groups and sent to the mall to complete the list of tasks! After that, it was free time to spend with the women of the house.  Continue reading “The Luck of March!”