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April Showers Bring May… Finals?

April is, undoubtedly, the busiest month for anyone in college. Finals are right around the corner, the last midterm tests are happening, and the days of the week are blurring together. This is also true for Smurthwaite—during the month of April, we had many events take place, so this post will be full of happenings!

The biggest thing that happened this April was our Initiation Ceremony for new members! The entire weekend was dedicated to bonding events, surprises, and then a ceremony on Sunday evening.

Initiation Ceremony
Sunrise Ceremony!









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We Made It To March!

Well, it’s already March, and that means spring break is just around the corner! This being spring semester, there is busyness and stress in the air, so spring break is just what all of us at Smurthwaite need. However, it will be nice to come back from spring break to all of the lovely ladies here.

This month, our RA Cass put on an entire week of programs and events for Women Empowerment Week.

Cass, our RA

On Monday, there was a self defense program/activity held at Smurthwaite. During this, women who attended were taught useful self defense tactics to keep themselves safe if there ever be a need to. On Tuesday, there was a women’s health program, hosted by employees from Lafene. Wednesday, a formal dinner was held, and the PROVOST attended! On Thursday, which also happened to be International Women’s Day, we had a bra program, and Friday, we had movie night and fun! This week took a lot of planning, so shout out to Cass for executing it all perfectly! This week showed us that women are powerful and capable of lifting each other up in the greatest ways possible.  Continue reading “We Made It To March!”

February: The Month of Love

The month of February is all about love—a typical image is that of a boyfriend or girlfriend, husband and wife, relationships—but during this month at Smurthwaite, it’s all about growing closer as a house. Valentine’s Day reminds us that we are all loved and are surrounded by women who care deeply for us.

Flowers from Smith House

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, the women of the house received flowers from our brother house, Smith House! They were gorgeous and we loved them. Also, a boyfriend of one of the women here sent flowers to the house, one for every single woman! It was a lovely gesture, and the flowers were wonderful.  Continue reading “February: The Month of Love”

The Beginning of Spring Semester

Spring semester: a time, during college, that represents the busiest and most stressful time of the year.

Although spring semester is generally the most stressful semester for all college kids, it gets to begin with the Spring Retreat for the women at Smurthwaite!

Each semester, the house has a theme, complete with decorations around the house and changing the name of our central bulletin board. This semester, the theme is mystery, spies, and the “Mission Control” board. Similarly, some activities during retreat had this theme as well!

A Ford RA demonstrating our “mystery” theme!

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