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Smurthwaite Scholarship and Leadership House

The Luck of March!

March was a wonderful month, just because of spring break, basketball,or St. Patrick’s Day, but because we were lucky enough to Initiate the New Members into the house. Corinne White, the recruitment chair, did a wonderful job to put on a great Initiation Weekend.

The girls participated in a few events including a fun scavenger hunt in the Mall! Smurthwaites were split into groups and sent to the mall to complete the list of tasks! After that, it was free time to spend with the women of the house. 

The climax of the weekend was during the initiation ceremony marking the time when the New Members were initiated in the house as Old Members! It was a formal ceremony where everyone dressed up and ate a meal together! After the meal was perfect time for a house photo!


The rest of the month went quickly, as the girl longed to be on Spring break. The second to last week in March spring break arrived and the girl left the house for that week.

After that short week, the girls arrive back just in time for spring and the remaining of the semester.


Feburary the month of Sisterly Love


February flew by! The month started off with girls preparing their valentines that they will hand out on Valentine’s day to their Smurthwaite sister. It was a great way to spread the love and send positive vibes, and candy, to the girls! As a bonus, our brother house, Smith, sent us a beautiful bouquet of flowers to celebrate the day!


There were some amazing programs that Smurthwaite women put on. Most notably was Dursitu’s Hijab program. The girls got to wear their very own hijab while learning all about the hijab. It was the most popular program of the year as the girls were excited to learn about other cultures and expand their knowledge.

Another fun recruitment that happened this month was Shadow Weekend. Shadow weekend is where potential Smurthwaites come for the weekend and spend time with a member of the house. This gives girls a chance to see Manhattan and what Smurthwaite is about. The girls get a preview on fun traditions, and get to make valuable connections within the house. Our recruitment chair Katie Rose and a handful of other women did a wonderful job planning and executing the weekend.


‘Sneaky’ January

This month was filled with excitement and fun as we begin our second semester of the school year. We start off the semester with Spring Retreat. This is a time when the women of the house gather together and have some quality bonding before the madness of college life comes!

Kelsi, the president of Smurthwaite, was quick to point out that this will be the best retreat ever! With many games and shenanigans the retreat was a success.

A Few house members playing a large game of spoons in the Living room during retreat week.

Another event this month to make note of was the New Member retreat. It is tradition in the house for the old and new member to “sneak” out of the house for a day of fun in another city! The Old Members laughed as they watched the New Members leave for their weekend of fun.

The New Members in front of the bed and breakfast off of hwy 140!

The New Members spend time together playing games and sharing stories.

January was ‘sneaky’ it felt like it ended before it even began! It was a great month for Smurthwaite, as the girls prepare themselves for a busy and fun semester!


It’s Finally Fall!!!


As the leaves begin to fall around the City of Manhattan the girls begin the month with hopes of creating more memories and having more fun.

There were many Intramural teams this month! We had the Co-Rec soccer team, and well as the the all girls volleyball team and the co-rec volleyball team! The teams all tried their best this month (the co-rec soccer team even made it to the playoffs!)


The New Members also put on a wonderful New Member Breakfast. For the new member breakfast the girls spend the night making breakfast for the new members and their guests. The theme this year was a french style breakfast and the women executed it perfectly. The Old Members could not be more proud of the New Members.



There was also a big/little event at the pumpkin patch! Many of the members woke up early on Saturday morning to spend the day at the patch! From corn mazes to pumpkin picking, the women were not deprived of any of the fall activities!



The Month of November was possibly the busiest month so far in the semester! The Smurthwaite women are now back home to spend a week with the family before heading back to school for a few more weeks of fun and finals!

Homecoming, Halloween, and Dad’s Day! Oh My!

October was a big month for the women of Smurthwaite. The month started off with a bang as the Old Members snuck away for a weekend for the traditional Old Member Sneak. This year the girls went to Topeka to go to Gary Berry’s Pumpkin Patch! The old members enjoyed a day out at the patch with pig races, games, corn, pumpkins, and delicious treats! old-member-sneak old-member-corn

The next big excitement for Smurthwaite was homecoming week! Many events occurred during homecoming. Smurthwaite worked tirelessly on the float, the children’s carnival, the 5 K race, Wildcat Kick off, Paint the Ville, and other events!hocorace hoco


(Anna Guess, Katelyn Lee, Emily Klesner, and Marissa Komp enjoy the 5K run!)





As a house the girls decided to have a dress up theme for each day of the week. This was a great way for the girls to not only celebrate homecoming as a university, but also as a house!


Tina Langley, Cassandra Nguyen, MacKenzie Cline, Anna Guess, Kirsten Prindle, Katelyn Lee, Kirsten Nilges, and Katie Rose McKinley dress as twins for some homecoming festivities!





The next big event was on October 22nd: Dad’s Day. This is an event where Smurthwaite girls bring their Dad’s to Manhattan to spend a day together. This year’s events were simple, with a game of minute to win it. The rest of the day the girls watched the football game and spent the day hanging out with t15151539_10206197074446179_1530873682_nheir fathers.


(New Member Suzanne Huntley and her father enjoy the day together during the Minute to Win it games!)






October 31st was a great day in the house as many members dressed themselves and the Smith guys up for Halloween! The girls had fun collecting cans for Manhattan Bread Basket and of course snacking on candy!





The women of the house had a busy month with Midterms and tests, yet it was rewarding to look back on the memories made through the traditions of the house and the times spent together.


A Month to Remember

September was a wonderful time for Smurthwaite scholarship leadership house. The women all were settled and comfortable in Smurthwaite and it became their new home.

The women of Smurthwaite grew eager to meet their Big/Little. Usually during retreat week in August the girls would be introduced to their Bigs and Littles, but this year New Member Coordinator Corinne White worked tirelessly on creating the perfect Big/Little Match!

For the reveal, the old members took another new member on a walk to a location. There, they would be revealed to each other. After the initial reveal and pictures the Old M14962494_1145029805584459_1973014809_nembers took their littles out for some fun before House meeting.

(Anna Guess, Kim Cassel, and Prerona Kundu meet up at Orange Leaf for the Big/Little Reveal)






Another exciting event in September was intramurals! Many of the women joined the Ultimate Frisbee Team! The Ultimate Frisbee team stayed undefeated till the championship game, where they placed second for the second year in a row. The team was proud of their efforts and cannot wait til next year to try again. ultimate-frisbee

MacKenzie Cline, Mary Conner, Bethany Herl, Katherine Boulanger, Alex Aye (in back), and Natalie Davis (Smurthwaite Alumni, kneeling) pose after a great victory for the team!

It’s a Great Time to Live in Smurthwaite!

The lovely ladies at Smurthwaite began the semester with a retreat. This was a chance for the girls to meet each other and get adjusted to their new home in Smurthwaite Scholarship/Leadership House. Old members made an effort to be open and welcoming to the new members showing them around campus. picmonkey-collage

Makynna Johnson and Katelyn Lee visit the Strong Community’s basketball courts. Alex Aye, Kiley Hernandez, Anna Guess, and Kirsten Prindle Visit the great room in the Library and stop by Van Zile (one of the dining centers). New Member Riley griffin finds her new home in Hale Library during the Scavenger Hunt!

Another Activity that is tradition in the house during retreat is participating in the KSU Challenge Course! Here the residents conquered challenges as a new friends. ksu-challenge-course

During Retreat week the girls got to bond with the bother house, Smith Scholarship House. The women of the house made new friends in both houses and enjoyed the time before classes started.

Retreat weeks concluded with House Meeting and excitement for the up and coming school year.


A Great Start to a New Semester!

Retreat Group Pic

We all came back to Smurthwaite from Winter Break a couple of days early to readjust to each other and have a fun weekend together before Spring classes started.  The new member class opened the kitchen for us and we packed away all of our holiday decorations. We did a great diversity program hosted by Bradley Halverson, a student affairs grad student and we did a lot of silly bonding games to get comfortable with each other again. We also spent a day hanging out with our Big/Little pairings. Groups went out to lunch, walked classes, picked up books, and just spent quality time together.

On the Monday of Retreat, we participated in the Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service events. We went to Tuttle Creek State Park and helped clear away some trees and brush that had been taken down. It was reeeaaally cold, so we worked together and got everything done as fast as we could. Below is a picture of everyone huddling together after we finished all of our work!

MLK Jr Day

This semester, we welcomed a new Resident Assistant, Cassandra Nguyen. She was a member of the house until last semester, so she’s ahead of the game on knowing the ins and outs of Smurthwaite.

Sara Peters, our wonderful Assistant Coordinator, started a Smurthwaite Breakfast Club this semester. Every Tuesday at 8 am, the ladies of our house can make waffles and interact with speakers

We had our Shadow Weekend on February 6th and 7th where potential new members can come spend the weekend with current members of the house to get a better feel of the house environment. When the guests arrived, they did icebreakers and went to the rec to play minute to win it games. When they were worn out from that, they had an information session with the ladies of the house to ask questions about Smurthwaite and college life in general and house members shared personal experiences they’ve had while they have been at K-State and Smurthwaite.

After all of that, everyone had the option of going to a KSU Men’s Basketball game and those who didn’t go to that got to go ice skating. When that was done, everyone was pretty tired and hungry, so they had dinner back at the house and there was a movie/game night so people could talk and just hang out with each other. Sunday morning was open so people could go to church if they wanted to and breakfast was provided at the house. We had a pretty fun group this year and the weekend went really well!

Shadow Weekend    Shadow Weekend 2

All in all, the start of the spring semester has been pretty great! The ladies of the house are getting used to class, work, and house duties again and we’re excited for what this semester has in store for us!

With love,

Your Smurthwaite Sisters


100th Homecoming Celebration

HOCO WinnersCongratulations to Smurthwaite and Ford for winning the Residence Hall Division in Homecoming!!

This year was the 100th year of homecoming at KSU! It was filled with lots of excitement and fun for Smurthwaite. We were paired with Ford Hall this year for the activities. Each pairing was given a decade as their theme. Our theme was the 1940’s and our women did a splendid job of displaying that through out the week. Our homecoming chair this year was Qingling (Kelly) Li with the help of Bethany Herl. We had high rate of involvement from the house and our events went fantastic. The week of homecoming was filled with many activities including the 5K, Crazy Cat Kickoff, Spirit Signs, Paint the Ville, Children’s Carnival, and the Parade.

The first event our members participated in was the Homecoming 5K! We had two members run this year, Natalie Davis and Megan Scharping. Both did very well and finished in the first half of the runners! Having these two in the race help earn our pairing with extra points for the week.

               FullSizeRender (1)  FullSizeRender
Smurthwaite runners Megan Scharping (purple and white) and Natalie Davis

The second event we participated in was Crazy Cat Kickoff. This event was hosted my our own Emily Klesner who was on the All University Homecoming Committee. For this event our team had two pairings with members from Smurthwaite. Ford Hall, Jardine, the Living Community, and Moore Hall. We had a lot of fun participating in the 5 rounds of events. We received 3rd in this event.

Smurthwaite members, Mary Conner, Hannah May, Karley Mishler, Makynna Johnson, Grace Reilly, and Emily Klesner, posing with Willie after Crazy Cat Kickoff 

Our pairing put a large amount of effort in to our Spirit Sign and our window in Aggieville this year! They turned out amazing and were placed in the top 3 in both signs and paintings. Both did an amazing job or portraying our 1940’s theme and have so much talent in them!

 IMG_3770  Spirit signSmurthwaite and Ford Hall’s Spirit Sign (above) and Paint The Ville Window

The Children’s Carnival was a blast for us. Our women truly enjoyed getting to have fun with the children of the community. Ford and Smurthwaite designed a ring toss booth for the children that went over wonderfully.

FullSizeRenderKirsten Nilges, Kelsi Briggs, and Valerie Nguyen all dressed up for the Carnival

Madison McLenon and Ford Hall members at our Ring Toss booth

Our women worked very hard to make this years float stand out with in the residence hall division. They put a lot of time and thought into it. Our float did well in the rankings of the division and helped get us over the edge to win 1st place overall.

IMG_0116 IMG_0117

The Smurthwaite/Ford Float 

HOCO parade2 IMG_0127

Our fantastic volunteers who walked the parade, Bethany Herl, Alex Aye, Qingling (Kelly) Li, Ashlea Baalmann, Lauren Teschner, and Miranda Stubbs  

Overall, homecoming week was a great success for Smurthwaite. We truly enjoyed getting to work with Ford hall and appreciate all the hard work they put in. The week was a way for us to stand out among the residence halls and put our mark on campus. We were sad to see the Cats get a loss at the game, but we will always be there to cheer on our team!

 With love,

Your Smurthwaite Sisters

The Start of a Great Year!

IMG_0033 Smurthwaite has started the year off strong. This semester we have 17 returning members and 18 new members in the house. We have also welcomed our new Resident Assistant, Charlotte Graham. Charlotte is a Smurthwaite Alumnae and is doing a great job helping us in the house. Having an RA is new for our house this year. Housing and Dinning decided to give us an RA to help keep us better connected to the other residence halls and to help out the executive board. We are excited to see what programs she has planned for the year and how she is going to work to make Smurthwaite the best it can be.

The week before classes start we had Retreat week. During this week the members of the house spend time getting adjusted and getting to know each other. Retreat week this year was filled with lots bonding and fun! We spent time in kitchen and house training along with going to the KSU Challenge Course and having a picnic with our brother house, Smith. At the end of the week we had a nice sit down dinner made for us by Smurthwaite alumnae. We want to thank all the women who came and cooked for us that night! Above is our traditional picture on the steps we take every year after the dinner. Below is a picture of the women of the house making our Smurthwaite S!


Our favorite part of retreat week was Big/Little reveal! For this each old member is a big and all the new members are the littles. Every Big gets paired with one or two littles for the year. This year the littles had to go on a scavenger hunt around the house to find their puzzle piece. Once they found it they ran outside to match it to their bigs puzzle piece! Our Big/Little program is done so that the new members of the house can have an old member to get to know and get advice from. We have monthly events with our Bigs and Littles to help us bond and have a good time together.

Below is a picture of all the Bigs waiting for their new littles out on the porch.


All the women of the house are adjusting well to their new house duties and classes. So far this semester we have already had a many program hosted and multiple tours of the house. We are looking forward working with Ford hall for homecoming and are in the process of planning float and Paint the Ville ideas. All the women of the house are excited for our many upcoming activities and to be able to get to know each other even more.

With love,

Your Smurthwaite Sisters