Kansas State University


Student Stories

Month: July 2011

Hello world!

It is SO great to be back at K-State! I can’t believe it is already the beginning of a brand new semester. The entire campus is buzzing with so much energy.┬áThis year has already gotten off to a crazy start. There is just so much to do, which isn’t a bad thing. I would rather have too much to do rather than not enough.

I have to say, I always love the first day of school. Everything is brand new-classes, teachers, students. It feels like an entirely different campus each time I come back from the summer. It’s so good to have a fresh start to another year. Even though I have been here for a bit, I find there’s always something different to discover with each semester and I can’t wait for the adventures this fall will bring! Hope you’re ready for it- LET’S GO CATS!