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Month: August 2011

All the World’s a Stage

You might think theater and athletics are polar opposites of each other (I know I do  sometimes), but in my acting class this week, a classmate of mine came up with the perfect comparison between the two.

In this class, we are studying Viewpoints which requires sensing others without verbal communication. One exercise involves us running in and out of a circle at the exact same time as everyone else, with no one leading the group. As we were discussing how it went, someone said “This reminds me of when I play football. All the players, the wide receivers and linebackers, all move at once without even looking at each other. They are so in tune with one another that they just know when to go”.

I was blown away by this, because that is exactly how it feels being on stage-everyone interacting with one another and picking up on their vibes. I had no idea that’s how it was playing sports. If you think about it, actors are athletes and athletes are actors in a way. It’s all about the senses.

Union Expo and Activities Carnival Pictures!

Here are some pictures from the Union Expo and Activities Carnival! This event was a part of Week of Welcome and a great opportunity for new students to learn more about the ways to get involved on campus. Hope you enjoy them!


Willie decided it would be fun to climb the inflatable mountain. He even did the K-S-U chant from the top! It was fun to have him around, you can’t help but smile when you see Willie on campus.


We had three inflatables set up in Bosco Student Plaza for everyone to enjoy. Both students and members of the Manhattan community enjoyed trying to climb these ladders to the top. An elite group of about 10 people were able to make it all the way!

DSC04731.JPG  My friend Nate enjoyed his time with the monkey. The animals were a huge hit and had many students talking about them all night!

DSC04792.JPGMy co-chair Dexter, my advisor Ben, and I were pleased with the event. An estimated 7,000 people were there! I look forward to putting on more events with Union Program Council this year! I can’t wait to share them with you.

Highlights of Senior Year

The second week of school is well underway, and it still has not hit me that I am a senior. Although I will be a 5th year senior next year, come this May I will be saying goodbye to many close friends. In order to put this looming cloud of gloom out of my mind, I have developed a list of senior year highlights:

1. The majority, if not all, of your classes are directly related to your major. Although general education courses are an easy way to learn about other disciplines, you are finally taking all the courses which made you select your major in the first place. For example, I’m taking Constitutional Law I and have the opportunity to participate in a mock Supreme Court trial!

2. For many students, myself included, this is their first time living outside of an organized living situation (ie. Greek Houses, the Residence Halls, and Scholarship Houses). From finding decorations for my house to learning how to cook to having friends over for movies and our infamous dip nights, living on my own is turning out to be quite an adventure.

3. Finally, you are truly staring the future right in the face. Whether looking for an internship or full time position, applying to some sort of graduate school program, or planning to travel those big kid decisions are near. Giddy-ness, fear, excitement, and nerves, or a combination of them, prevail at different moments throughout the year.

Students take a variety of approaches in order to balance all of these emotions. For instance, my friend Mollie and her roommates developed a “Senior Year Bucket List” to keep themselves motivated while enjoying their last 9 months at K-State. As for me, I am working to keep an optimistic attitude even though I know those tough choices are on the horizon. My first step however is heading to Las Vegas this weekend with the senior class of my sorority. I would dare to say that this year is starting off with a bang.

Welcome Back

The first week of school at K-State has never felt so stressful. Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy to be back here but planning the Union Expo and Activities Carnival for today has had me running all around campus this week. The expo this year has an African safari theme tied to it which has made for a lot of fun in the planning process. My co-chair and I decided to bring in multiple inflatables (you are never too old for inflatables), along with an exotic animal petting zoo. Animals ranging from an alligator to a monkey wearing a diaper to a macaw will be gracing the K-State Student Union tonight! This event is even more than an exotic petting zoo though, many of K-State’s over 475 student organizations will be sharing information about their organizations and recruiting new members. I received information about a lot of the organizations I am involved in at this event my Freshman year. It is a definite “don’t miss” for any new student here at K-State. I hope to soon post some pictures from tonight’s event and let you all know how it goes!

Six lessons learned.

After a mere eleven days spent in my dorm, on campus, and in the classroom, I have learned so many new things. I have compiled a short list of 6 of my favorites thus far. To begin, I will share where I start my mornings: in the Derb (more formally known as the Derby Dining Complex). This picture shows the extravagant selection of cereal available not only at breakfast…but all day long. Who couldn’t love that? Here it goes:


  1. It’s completely okay to eat cereal for every meal…in fact, it’s encouraged.
  2. Straws can double as spoons.
  3. Eating EasyMac with a straw is surprisingly satisfactory.
  4. You will walk into the wrong classroom at some point in your college career. Don’t be too embarrassed.
  5. Bunk beds are cool again.
  6. Seeing Willie on campus is equivalent to Christmas morning.

I look forward to discovering new and exciting things to share with you all and am awaiting your feedback!

xoxo, ellen

Sup, K-State?

In case any of you have ever tried to sit down and write your very first entry for your very first blog, let me tell you, it’s not as easy as you would think. Here I am staring blankly at the screen trying to come up with the most wittiest thing to say that will show how creative, awesome, and just plain cool I am. So, instead, here are a few things you all should expect from my classy blog.

One, a lot of sarcasm will be used. I am one of those people that tends to not take life too seriously too often, so to describe my most awesome college experiences, I will insert various sarcastic responses to things. It could range from my description of my absolute love for football and how I would give an arm and a leg to go to a game (cough, this is sarcasm), or just about how much I can’t live without finals week. It’ll happen, prepare yourself.

Two, pictures and videos will constantly be posted. I love to find the crazy and unique things people on campus do, because that’s what makes K-State awesome. In fact, that’s what makes life awesome. Don’t get me wrong, I know we all love talking about how to configure derivatives, shout out to my math homies, but I want to show how students live and interact on campus.

Three, expect total and absolute genius posts. Each post I deliver will probably make you weep with joy, jump with happiness, and want to ride a unicorn on a rainbow, but don’t worry. Don’t panic.

Just remember: I’m here for you. We can get through this together.

Oh, the Joys of Technology!

With the first week of the semester well under way, I experienced my first minor setback. My laptop decided it was time to stop working. Talk about a bad start to your morning! Luckily, I was able to take it to the IT Help Desk in Hale Library today, where they are working to diagnose the problem. Depending on the outcome, I may be spending some quality time in the Library and other computer labs on campus. Otherwise, my first week of class is a off to a great start, and I am excited to finally post my first blog. This weekend look forward to a post about the highlights of starting the first semester of your senior year! Happy reading!

Week One @ K-State!

Hey everyone!  It’s been a whole week since I’ve been in Manhattan, but I’m already right at home.  I moved in to my fraternity house on the 16th, and classes started this past Monday.  I’ve had so much fun this week making friends and settling in to my new school!  The first few days were spent getting to know my Fraternity brothers and learning the ropes.  I’ve already got a couple helpful hints for success at K-State:

I would definitely recommend joining a Greek house – there’s 47 total organizations at K-State between the Fraternities and Sororities, and I can almost guarantee that you’ll find one that fits you!  It’s a great way to make new friends and to get help when you’re not quite sure where a class is, or where the best place to get pizza is in Manhattan!

Another recommendation I have: make sure you have enough time to get to class!  As I learned this Monday, it’s kind of embarrassing to have to sprint across campus to get to your first class on time.  Also, you might end up being really sweaty and having to stand up in the back of your packed lecture!  Lesson learned…