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Month: September 2011

Oxygen Bar

oxygen bar.jpg

No, this is not a science experiment, this is an oxygen bar. My UPC co-chair and I put on an Oxygen Bar on Tuesday for the student body as a part of UPC Awareness Week. I was nervous on how well the student body would respond to the Oxygen Bar, but students were lined up all afternoon! Over 200 students went through the Oxygen Bar and The Collegian even covered our event (front page!). Click here to check out the article.

UPC Awareness Week is a week where Union Program Council (UPC) seeks to show everyone what UPC does for campus. Events are happening all over campus all week! It is a blast to have all of this entertainment ranging from speakers to comedians to musicians!

The Career Fair

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the Career Fair this past week.  But, a few guys from my house got to go.  Here’s an interview with Tyler about his hands-on experience:

Q: Was this your first time attending the Career Fair?

A: Yes

Q: How was your experience?

A: It went a lot better than I thought! I ended up getting interviews with three companies, which I wasn’t expecting because I’m a Sophomore.

Q: How did your follow-up interviews go?

A: I’ve had one so far; I made it to the second round of interviews, so I’m really excited about it.  I’ve got two next week, and one’s a phone interview.  I’m kind of nervous about it because I’ve never done a phone interview before, and I don’t know how I’m going to convince this company that I deserve the job without meeting with them face-to-face.

Q: Tell me more about the Career Fair.

A: It was a great opportunity for me to learn more about companies that recruit K-Staters: what their business is about and what they look for in potential employees and interns.  It was held in Bramlage Coliseum, where the Cats play basketball.  There were lots of tables set up for all the companies with very official looking people behind them. It’s actually somewhat intimidating.  I’m a talkative guy though, so I didn’t find it difficult to walk up to a table and introduce myself.  After that, we would start talking and it went on from there.

Q: Do you have any recommendations for future attendees of the Career Fair?

A: First, perfect your resumé.  You have to talk to the company representatives and make a good impression, but then you leave your resumé with them.  You want to make sure that it gives them a good idea of who you are personally and professionally.  Also, get familiar with companies that you’re really interested in; it makes the conversation flow easier if you know what the company is up to, their latest move, what projects they’re working on, etc.  Lastly, dress professionally!  There are a lot of other people out there going for the same jobs that you are.  I saw a guy walking around in jeans out there… Don’t be that guy!

Q: Is there anything else you want to say about the Career Fair?

A: It’s cool because I figured out that companies are looking for all sorts of people for different reasons.  For example, I talked to a meat company and thought, “what would they want with a Business Major?” But every company has an HR department, customer relations, and sales teams, and that’s right up my alley!  I was very pleased to hear that.


As you can see, the Career Fair is a great opportunity that K-State provides for the students.  I can’t wait to go next year!

A Trip Home

I got the opportunity to head home for a day this weekend. I spent Saturday afternoon sitting in my basement with my dad watching the Wildcats play! Nothing feels better than getting away from the stress of college and going home for a bit! Plus usually when I head back to Manhattan, my mom hands me a few baked goods which my fraternity definitely enjoys. Those muffins were gone in 20 minutes! While I love being in Manhattan and rarely want to leave, the rare weekends at home are weekends I cherish.

Classes are in Full Swing

I can hardly believe it is already the end of September! The fall semester always flies by; before we know it Thanksgiving break will be here. However, between now and then there are a multitude of activities and events to look forward too: Homecoming,  many home football games, Halloween, and of course, midterms.

While midterms are not necessarily my favorite part of a class, they are by no means a mid-semester dooms day for students. To echo a post by one of my fellow bloggers, Kyle, it is definitely important to be organized at the beginning of the semester. A few of my classes have already issued their first exam; thankfully my semester is off to a solid start. It is definitely true that the first test of a course is always the most nerve wracking. You are unsure of the test format, the level of difficulty of the questions, and the professor’s overall testing style. Luckily, after you get one test under your belt it is much easier to prepare for future exams. In addition, my number one study tip is to pack up your study materials and spend some quality time in Hale Library prepping. Although you may miss out on a fun night in exchange for an all-nighter in Hale, there will be plenty of time to celebrate after you ace your test. Not to mention, most of your friends will probably have an exam or two around the same time you do, so you will have some company while you pass up sleep in order to pack your mind full of knowledge.

Just fabulous

Being involved in numerous activities on campus is what has made my college experience super fabulous and deliciously awesome. Joining a sorority was probably the last thing I ever thought I would do. Now, I’m the president, holla! I never thought I would find a group of people that understand my ninja gangsta ways, but getting involved with the sorority on campus changed my life. At first, it was scary not knowing anyone. However, by putting myself out there and extending the chance for possible friendships, my college experience was enhanced. Being able to know these girls brings joy to my life. We’re all so different, but that is what makes us so awesome.

So, the real question is, why do we go to college? I mean, obviously we want to get a degree and a better paying job in the future, but building relationships with new people is what it’s all about. Whether you like Anime, writing, sports, politics, or just being your goofy self; I can almost guarantee you’ll meet people who will love the same things you do. Don’t be afraid. Just get out there. Enjoy K-State. Enjoy the new things life will bring. Just do it. Ya dig?

Varsity Donuts

I’m SO excited to try Varsity Donuts in Aggieville. Students have been itching for the new restaurant to open. Some of my friends who have tried said it’s pretty great-they ate a Froot Loop donut!

My favorite part about Varsity Donuts is that they rent bikes to customers! How neat. There are even tandem bikes. They are all about making Manhattan more bike friendly and giving patrons a chance to burn off those donut calories or go for a joy ride.

I have got to try this place out!

The Ups and Downs of College

Last Thursday, I had the amazing opportunity to hear Lieutenant General Russel Honoré speak in regards to his leadership position in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It was very informational, and he’s a great motivational speaker. I got to watch the Cats play again on Saturday. This game wasn’t as exciting, but we got our second big win! I had another great weekend, and then I started feeling a little under the weather.

I went to bed really early on Sunday night and got well over my average of 4 hours of sleep per night. I really didn’t want to be sick this week, because I had an oral report and a test on Tuesday, a paper due and a test on Wednesday, and another test on Thursday! I visited Lafene, the K-State Student Health Center, on Monday and Tuesday. It’s a great place with nice people and affordable healthcare for students, but unfortunately, it takes a really long time to get to a doctor even when you have an appointment. Now I’m feeling much better though, so it was definitely worth the wait! I’m heading home for the weekend to hopefully get back to full health and catch up on some sleep. College has been so fun, insanely busy, and super stressful; I can’t wait for a weekend of relaxation!