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Month: December 2011

Winter Break, YEAH!

Today marks the last day of finals for me!

Did I jump up and down with joy? YES.
Did I sing everything I said as if I was in a musical? DOUBLE YES.
Am I excited for winter break/Santa bringing me all of my heart’s desires? YEAH BUDDY.

On that note, have a lovely break mis amigos and happy holidays!

Residence Hall Applications Available!

It’s that time of year again! Residence Hall Applications are now available online! Visit: http://housing.k-state.edu/reshalls/apply.php to fill out your application. I would definitely suggest filling out this application early as it sets you up to receive step two of the housing application process, which is the housing contract. It is during this second step that students are able to preference which Residence Hall they would like to live in, what style of room they prefer, as well as, preference roommates or choose to go potluck and meet someone new.

I completely understand housing can be a major stressor for students during the college selection process. I was terrified. I always brought my lunch to school, so how was I going to eat in the residence halls for every meal? I have a TON of stuff, so how was I going to fit it all into my space? Rest assured, the food is delicious (it constantly wins awards for variety and taste) and you will have plenty of space (if I can do it anyone can do it). After you fill out this first portion of the housing application, again do it early!, it’s a great time to start thinking about where you want to live and who you want to live with. Would you rather live in a traditional style room with a community style bathroom that is cleaned for you everyday? Or do you prefer a suite style room to share with 2-4 roommates and your own bathroom, which you are responsible for cleaning? Keep in mind suite style rooms are slightly more expensive each semester than traditional style rooms. It is also important to consider who you want to live with. Are you ready to branch out on your own with someone completely new? Or are you more comfortable living with your best friend or even just an acquaintance from high school? You have to determine what will work best for you. For me, the best combination was a 4 person suite style room to share with my best friend from high school, a mutual high school friend, and one potluck roommate. While we did not always get along, you are guaranteed to have a few squabbles whenever you live with anyone, we learned what made each other tick and the best way to overcome conflicts. I’ll post more information about on campus housing whenever the second step of the housing application process is available, but for now be sure to fill out step one at: http://housing.k-state.edu/reshalls/apply.php to fill out your application.

Have a question, comment, or concern about on campus housing or Residence Life? Feel free to comment! I’d love to address anything that’s on your mind!

You’ve met your match, finals.

Finals week has begun.

Despite my enthusiasm for taking wonderful tests and studying all night long, I have come to the conclusion that students don’t really know how to handle their flailing arms during this vigorous week. Don’t worry, I’m here to help you. Three things that I think every college student needs for finals week? Let’s go.
1) Music overload. I personally prefer hardcore rap that just gets your bones a jumping, but any music shall do. I find it extremely helpful to jam out to some tunes while studying, and relieve some tension I’m feeling about the upcoming exam. It also gives you a reason to dance obnoxiously in your room, or in the library, if you so choose. Who doesn’t love that?
2)Take breaks. I know studying can become so routine that it becomes all you do, but you can’t do that to yourself! You must take breaks from studying or you simply will lose your mind. I mean, I appreciate your dedication to getting that ‘A’, but go get a bite to eat with your friends, take a shower (you might smell from studying so hard, just saying), or just take a quick step outside for a few minutes. Don’t make studying your entire world, because you’ll get worn out, and nobody wants that.
3)Rejoice. After you finish your last exam, walk out the door and jump up and down. You did it! You destroyed finals week, and you deserve to celebrate. People might look at you oddly, but inside, they are thinking the same thing and are actually jealous of you. It’s winter break, you finished and hopefully pass all of your classes. Get it.

So, there. Three ways to not becoming a robot during finals week and how to actually survive it with grace. You’re welcome.

And….good luck!

Can’t Get Sick!!

Today, that evil finals week killer arrived. I started to get a sore throat.


This is finals week and my health is important, but so are my grades. My mom prepared me this semester with a lot of medicine, so with her advice I hopefully will fight this thing off. If it sticks around, I will head to Lafene Health Center for a study break and get some help. Hopefully a night of rest and medicine will do the trick though.

Wish me luck!

7 Things Every College Student Should Be Thankful For

There’s something about the holiday season that always makes me reflect on all the things that are great about life. Maybe it’s all the cocoa and curling up next to the fire, but I always get a fuzzy feeling when I think about all the things I’m grateful for as a college student.

So here’s my list of seven things EVERY college student should appreciate:

Ever felt like this? Always remember: Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

1. You have a full time job- Being a Student!

Once we’re shoved into what everyone keeps calling the “real world”, we’re going to miss the days of finals, all-nighters and, most of all, BREAKS! When is the last time you heard of a business professional getting a 3 week vacation on an annual basis? It just doesn’t happen. And unlike class, work is never cancelled.

Remember, you are lucky enough to be able to study at a University as phenomenal as this one. That isn’t always the case and I know there are a million people  who would jump at the chance to receive such an education. Cherish it, my friends. Education is like gold.

2. Anything and Everything Free

I am so so so grateful for everything I have received at no cost to me just for being a student or walking across campus. I know I need all the help I can get on a college kid’s budget, so THANK YOU to all of the organizations who donate funds and provides us with Wildcat swag.

3. Strolls (or Sprints) Across Campus

Running around from class to class may be a bit stressful at times, but with a campus as gorgeous as ours, it’s worth the walk. I can’t count the numbers of times I have I seen a sight that just takes my breath away. Just take a look!

4. Anything open for 24 hours

Hale has to be one of my best friends on campus. Why, you might ask? Because I can always depend on Hale. I’s there when I wake up, when I need help with my homework, when I forgot I have to print off a report and and have to be in class in five minutes, and for some, even a place to have sleepovers.  Hale never judges me for what I look like and never kicks me out even though it may be late and waaaay past our bedtimes.  Hale library: thank you for being a friend

5. K-State Culture

Manhattan is such a fascinating place. Here you will find people from all over the world-people here for education, employment and enjoyment. With all that makes us different, there is one thing every Manhattan inhabitant shares: a love for our purple and white. Manhattan is dripping with Wildcat pride and one of the only places I know where purple is always in style (and has been for a long time). What a wonderful place to call home away from home.

6. Oodles of Opportunity

If you had asked me what I would do at K-State a few years ago, I would have told you a number of things (what I’d major in, when I’d graduate, etc…), but this year, I have realized how much I have done (not to brag). Never in my life did I expect to experience half of what I’ve done at K-State and I can’t even to begin to guess what will come next. K-State has afforded me and many other students with so many opportunities. Not only are we, as students, encouraged to get involved in our academics, we are given the chance to grow, learn, explore and do!

7. Your Faithful Followers

No, I’m not talking about those individuals on your Twitter account. I’m referring to all the people in your life who are your biggest fans (family members, friends, faculty/staff, mentors). I know for a fact that I would be no where near as where I am today without constant encouragement, love and support from my family at home and the one I’ve come to know here. If you have anyone in your life that has gotten you to this point, show them how much you appreciate them. These times will test you in ways you never imagined, and you’ll need their guidance and advice to get you through, believe me.

Thank You!  Gracias!  Dankie!  Grazie!  Merci!  Obrigado!  Gratias Agimus Tibi

To everyone who has ever said a kind word, shared a kind heart and changed me for the better. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and only hope I can return your love and compassion.  I recently happened upon this quote from Buddha:  “Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.”

I believe that you have epitomized his words and you inspire me to live out your example.



Two Weeks Left :(

I’m coming down to the wire of my first semester at K-State, and I’m so sad that it’s almost over. This means that I only have 7 semesters left! All my classes are winding down, and Winter Break is approaching quickly.

I had a fun Thanksgiving Break- ate waaaay too much and got to relax a little. I had a huge project due in Leadership right when I got back. There was a big paper to write and a 20 minute presentation. After that and a test in Honors Ag Econ, I was pretty much done with my classwork until finals. I won the election for External Philanthropy Chairman of my fraternity, so I’ll be working with others to get my house more involved in community service.  I’ve got two finals coming up this week (so much for dead week), and I’ve got two finals next week. In high school, I couldn’t wait to get a few weeks off from school. But, now that I’m not going to be in Manhattan for a month, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself! I’m planning on making at least one trip down to Texas to see my family over break, but hopefully I’m going to make another one in January to see the Cats play in the Cotton Bowl!  They won their last game of the season on a cold, rainy Saturday.  I was kind of upset that we didn’t get to go to a BCS Bowl; they just had no love for the Big 12 this year. I can’t wait for the bowl though, it’s going to be a huge game.  GO CATS!

What it means to be a Wildcat, Part 1.

There is something so different about a K-State student than a student at any other university. Although it may be difficult to put into words, I have made it my mission to make a fair attempt at it. If you are lucky enough to call yourself a Wildcat, you understand what I’m getting at. And to begin–I will say it means much more than simply being enrolled here. So, so much more.

I will begin with my inspiration for these series of posts; one of the easiest examples of this “it” factor to observe:


This is a picture of a friend and I enduring the less-than-desirable weather on Saturday for the Iowa State football game. We were joined by literally hundreds of other students decked out in scarves, ponchos, and rain boots. Despite the hour and a half delay and steady drizzle throughout the afternoon, the student section was still packed. You may be asking yourself, “Yeah…so what. Why is that so cool?”

I’ll tell you why. It ‘s more than full-capacity seating at football games—it means that each and every student was willing to put their red cheeks and frozen toes second to cheering on their ‘Cats. It means that they were willing to stay an extra 15 fight songs after the game got over just to join their fellow students in swaying to and singing our Alma Mater. There is an incredible presence of spirit and devotion throughout the K-State student community, and it is made obvious every time we join together. This presence is special, rare, and infinite exclusively at this university.

Although I have blogged about this before, I CANNOT STRESS IT ENOUGH. To end this post, I will confess- very few things in this world beat the experience of being surrounded by all of that purple after a Wildcat Victory. That feeling of sheer pride, love, and camaraderie is one to be cherished.

xoxo, ellen

Moving advice, take it. Trust me.

I apologize for the brief hiatus… I have been moving apartments which has left my brain dead and unable to do anything besides clean, sleep, and eat. Literally. I’m not kidding.

However, with all of my fine adventures in moving, I have come to realize that if you ever, I mean, EVER, decide to move while in college; you need to do two things.

One, BE ORGANIZED. I swear, if you wait until the last minute like I may have, you will make your life that much more complicated. Pack your boxes a couple weeks prior to the move date, and you will have so much weight lifted off your shoulders. Plus, you can make more time for studying. I know you might think this is whack, but, finals are coming up ladies and gents. Prepare yourselves.

Two, CLEAN YO HOUSE. I unfortunately walked into a very gross and dirty apartment, and it was super hectic. If you are leaving a house, please make sure you clean it for your landlord. Otherwise, I’ll hunt you down and say mean things like, “You smell bad.” Because, you probably do smell bad if you don’t know how to clean a house.

Seriously though, take these things to heart. Sometimes college brings enough stresses, don’t add to them when you decide to move. 🙂