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Month: January 2012

Growing Up

I have officially signed on to complete a trifecta of housing at K-State next year. I signed a lease with three of my fraternity brothers and will be venturing to living off campus next year. I find myself thinking two things:

1. Am I really old enough to do this?

2. This is going to be the greatest year of my life.

I’ve enjoyed all of my organized living experiences while at K-State. I started out living in the Residence Halls. A friend from high school and I were roommates, but we shared a suite with two guys we didn’t know. I loved having the comfort of knowing my roommate,  but meeting new people was an awesome experience as well. My time in the Residence Halls helped make me even more outgoing and comfortable meeting new people. I loved my time in the Residence Halls and still am friends with people from my hall. Check out the Residence Hall options at K-State here!

Second semester of Freshman year I moved into my Fraternity. I was not expecting to move at semester, but I took the opportunity to join a place that I knew was best for me. I have loved my time in the fraternity. The leadership opportunities I had helped shape me into the man I am today. Check out Greek Life at K-State here!

I credit both of my housing experiences at K-State for shaping who I am today and I can’t wait to see what this new housing experience has in store for me!

If you have any questions about any housing options at K-State, leave a comment and I will respond as quick as I can.

Ode to the Dining Center

I can not express how much I miss the dining center!!!

As I browsed through my cupboard this morning while making lunch, I realized just how much I took Derby, Kramer, and Strong for granted. Things got even worse yesterday when I walked by ‘the Derb’ and caught a whiff of all the wonders of readily prepared meals. You just never know how good you have it until you move off campus and cook for yourself.

Lesson of the day: savor every moment, my friends! It is definitely a privilege.

I have enjoyed living off campus, I have. But I would give anything to have a meal plan right now. A meal at Kramer or Strong has almost replaced my longing for a home-cooked meal (Mom, don’t tell Grandma).

I miss it so much I even looked on today’s menu to see what everyone living in the resident halls gets to enjoy. And then I looked at my lunch…it’s just not the same.

Anybody have a guest pass?

Back in Manhappiness!

I had a great month off for Winter Break, but I’m really glad to be settled back in at K-State.  My first semester ended very well, I got all A’s and one B.  I had a few tough finals, but nothing I couldn’t handle.  I’m really excited about this semester because I’m starting to get into classes involving my business major.  I’m taking Intro to Business,  Intro to Marketing, Business Statistics, Honors Public Speaking, and my Leadership class again.  It’s going to be a challenging semester, and I’m sure there will be a few all-nighters involved. I’ve only been in class for a week, but I’ve already been given a few major assignments, and I gave a speech!  The Cats have been looking pretty good so far in basketball, but I haven’t been able to go to all the games unfortunately.  It’s really good to be back, and I’m looking forward to keeping you all updated on Semester two at K-State!

Hello, spring semester.

The first week of school has come to an end, and I must say, I feel a little surreal. I can’t believe it’s already the end of January, this year is going by super quick!

Things I’m excited for this semester:
1) Extremely awesome sorority events
2) Super delicious blog updates, oh yeah baby
3) Livin the dream, like I always do

Also, I highly recommend trying cucumber water. It sounds weird, but it’s my current addiction. Until the next time lovelies, le bye!

AT&T Cotton Bowl!

This post features a guest writer on the blog site, one of my best friends, Mollie. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the AT&T Cotton Bowl game in Dallas showcasing the K-State Wildcats, but along with some of our other friends, Mollie was able to make the journey. I invited her to share her AT&T Cotton Bowl experience with all of you.

I am a senior at K-State graduating in May, in Public Relations with dual minors in Leadership Studies and Women Studies.  I am incredibly anxious to graduate but have been working really hard to remind myself that I am still in college and can still enjoy my time, while job hunting.

This year when they announced that K-State would be going to the Cotton Bowl I immediately grabbed my phone, texting all my friends to see who would want to go.  I knew it would be an experience I could not miss!  It is true there might be another year when I could go cheer on the Cats at a bowl game, but never again as a student.  I scurried to find tickets, a hotel and decide who would drive.   Once all the details were finalized, we were bowl bound!

We drove to Dallas on Thursday night, regrettably missing the pep rally.  We checked into our hotel and headed uptown to meet up with other K-Staters.  It was a mix of Wildcats and Razorbacks, with fans going back and forth doing the school cheers!  The fight song rang in our ears as we ended the night – it was almost game day.

Friday morning we woke up and got ready to go to the JFK Sixth Floor Museum and the grassy knoll.  It was an incredible tour, as it was audio with amazing footage and photos of the event as well as the Kennedy family.  We left Dallas to go to the stadium, which was covered with red and purple.  As we managed to find a parking spot and head to find our friends’ tailgate, it was impossible not to notice how perfect of a day it was.  The sun was out and  purple was everywhere, what more could a soon to be K-State alum want?  The tailgates were perfect, there were people everywhere and the smell of grilling filled the air.  Stadium hot dogs are one of my favorite things so I skipped the food to wait for what I found out to be a $7.50 foot long hot dog, a bit unnecessary but still delicious.

As we took out seats, we realized how unreal they were.  We were on the bottom section, Arkansas end-zone, row 13.  We could practically feel the wind shift, in a domed arena, as the players ran past to start their warm ups.  There were a mix of teams in the end-zone as the anticipation grew.  It was hard to hear anything but we just kept screaming hoping it helped pull out a Wildcat win.  An amazing Star Spangled Banner with the entire field covered with an American flag set the mood for the game, everything about this experience was going to be memorable.  Kickoff started the game and we didn’t sit down until it was between quarters, or halftime.  The bands played as loud and proud as they possibly could, hoping to solidify a win!  They worked hard, but in the end we did not win the Cotton Bowl.  I found the Razorback fans demonstrated good sportsmanship as it was a battle for both teams.

The trip was ended by a day at the Stockyards.  Right when we got there a camera crew ran at us as if we were celebrities, little to our knowledge we had parked close to Khloe Kardashian.  A few photo bombs later we were strolling to see what Ft. Worth had to offer.  It was yet again, a memory to be made. The trip back was quick, but nothing beats taking exit 303 knowing you are home.

I will always remember this trip, I am still in college and I need to remember this.  When I forget and let myself become stressed out of anxious, I will think of this trip.  After all how many people can say they travel to watch the team they were raised rooting for battle at a bowl game in an NFL stadium?  I am lucky to be a Wildcat, and ask everyone to cross their fingers as I start my job search!


Highlights of Winter Break

As I prepare myself for the first week of school starting tomorrow, I decided to reflect on how amazing my break was!

Cotton Bowl:

My other major highlight from break was going to the Cotton Bowl. I met my dad and grandparents for the game. The pep rally brought about 15,000 K-State fans together to support the team. It was such a fun environment. The game didn’t go exactly as I wished, but the atmosphere and experience were amazing!

Here is a picture of me with my grandparents and dad at the Cotton Bowl:


 Also while in Dallas, a group of K-State fans and Arkansas fans got together to serve the community. We helped at Mission Arlington to help them move boxes for their Christmas store inventory. It was awesome to work side by side with my fellow K-State students and give back to the community that hosted us the whole week!

Here are pictures from the service project:

cotton bowl kyle service.jpg

cotton bowl dsig service.jpg


One of my favorite things to do in college is travel with my fraternity brothers. Two of my  fraternity brothers and I traveled to Lacrosse, Kansas to visit one of our fraternity brothers. We had a blast hanging out with his family. I shot my first gun, which was AWESOME! I would go back any time.

Now I am back in Manhattan and ready for another semester. I have spent the break organizing my life and preparing for the semester. It is shaping up to be an amazing semester! I can’t wait to keep you all up to date with what is going on at K-State.

Break, adieu.

It’s been a minute, but after a long break, I have returned!

Santa brought me so many things, my mind is spinning with happiness. While the Wildcats may not have won this past weekend, my pride runs deep and I am constantly finding myself wearing some form of purple around the house, while pretending to rawr like a cat. Jealous? Thought so.

With a birthday and back to school looming in just 8 days, I must say that I am quite happy to kick off the semester with a bang. HIYA.

Time flies.

As I now use my K-State e-mail address full time, I have abandoned my previous account until about an hour ago. I was sifting through countless of outdated spam e-mails from the past few months when my eye caught on a message I received on August 2nd, 2011.

The title? “Your first week at K-State”.

I was flooded with nostalgia as I tried to wrap my brain around the fact that my first week at K-State was indeed almost 5 months ago. In reflection, I’ve grown and learned so much in such a relatively short period of time. Next semester is guaranteed to bring along even more excitement and experiences. Here are just a few things I’m looking forward to in the upcoming months:

  • Watching the ‘Cats at the Cotton Bowl! Let’s just say Santa is my favorite person ever. Only 2 more days until we’ll be in Dallas. ECSTATIC.
  • K-State PROUD Week in February. – PROUD is one of my absolute favorite things about this university, and during that week, you’ll find out why! If you aren’t familiar with it, check out my fellow blogger Kyle’s post all about it.
  • And even though it seems anti-climactic, I’m excited for a change of schedule class-wise. One step closer to figuring out what career path I’m passionate about pursuing.
“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” -Oprah Winfrey 

Props to Oprah for summing it up better than I ever could. Happy 2012!
xoxo, ellen

Hard Work Pays Off

Shortly after the end of finals week when all you want to do is sleep, that fateful moment arrives: final grades are posted. It produces a sensation where it feels like you could cry, throw up, and jump for joy all at once. The moment of truth finally arrives. Did you put forth enough effort during the semester to pull off the grades you desire? As a senior at K-State, I fully understand this moment. In fact, I have experienced it 8 times (counting summer classes) with 3 more fun-filled moments to come before graduation. I can honestly say, I let out an enormous sigh of relief after grades were posted this semester. It’s always a huge boost to your self-esteem when your one grade which was teetering on the edge results in a grade higher than you expected.

I started off my academic ventures at K-State as a Nutritional Sciences, Pre-Medicine major with a minor in Spanish. During the middle of my Junior year, I realized “Holy crap. I don’t want to be a doctor. What do I do now?” Being so close to the four year graduation mark and making such a drastic change did not help things either. My entire life, I planned on being a pediatrician and working with low income families in a community clinic setting. Now this idyllic dream no longer existed. Although I was terrified to decide on a new course of study, I felt the most immense sense of relief. I knew without a doubt, I made the right decision for me. After going through an entire list of things I absolutely did not want to study, I came to my current, perfect combination of majors and minors: a major in Political Science, Pre-Law with minors in Spanish and Women’s Studies. I could not be more satisfied! The moment of truth though came when I received my first round of grades following the switch in my course of study. I had the most obnoxious grin spread across my face when I learned my grades that semester. I knew I made the right decision, and the evidence was right in front of me on the computer screen. Although it can be daunting to change your major at any point during your college career, seeing those high grades at the end of the semester while enjoying the subject matter makes it well worth the switch.

Are you unsure of what you want to study or worried about taking college courses? Do you have more questions about changing your major while at K-State? Feel free to comment, I’d love to offer advice!