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Month: February 2012



Look who I saw today in Salina supporting students for K-State Proud! Fellow blogger, Kyle. I told him I would take a creep shot of him, he was excited.

You make a donation and get a sweet t-shirt, button, and a sticker. Once again, how awesome is K-State? Also, tonight is the final basketball game on campus at the Student Life Center. I hope I see all of you representin’ in the stands with your white t-shirts. If you paint any portion of your body, I’ll probably become your best friend. Just saying.

Coffee, Yes Please!

I just so happened to stumble upon this AMAZING little coffee roastery today in downtown Salina. If you haven’t been there, you should definitely go. Especially since we are college students and practically survive on coffee, this place will change your life. The prices are cheap, and the service is great. Just do it. Seriously.

IMAG0873.jpg IMAG0874.jpg


The Battle Between Man and Schwinn

I am happy to say that I am the proud parent of a brand new bicycle! Anyone have any ideas on what I should name it?

I'm following Lea's example. If she can do it, I sure can! Photo credit: www.people.com

It took me several months to muster the courage, but a trek from Nichols to Umberger in ten minutes pushed me to make a decision, quick. I have been nothing but happy with my brand new investment, telling everyone who would listen about my totally sustainable method of travel, but when I was ready to take it out for a spin…I had to slam on the brakes. Quite literally.

It turns out I forgot how to ride a bike (cue giant gasp)!

I was already nervous about getting back on a bike, but my nerves grew exponentially as I attempted time and again cycle around my neighborhood. I’m sure I gave someone a good laugh with my foot by foot method. My troubleshooting skills are not the best, considering I haven’t ridden a bike in at least 5 years . I can’t even believe I’m saying that considering how much I love biking!

I must have stopped and checked everything at least 15 times before I called it a night and headed home. A bit defeated, I called a friend and she almost cried laughing. You have to admit-a 20 year old who needs training wheels is kinda funny.

In the end, I decided to keep my cycling skills and my bicycle locked up for now.

But just you wait. I will be back on the roads before you know it. Training wheels and all!

Residence Hall Applications, Take Two

I promised to write another blog concerning Residence Hall Applications when contracts became available. So, guess what time it is?! Contract signing time! In a previous blog post I discussed the first part of the Housing Application process for students wishing to live in the Residence Halls. Now part two has arrived! After completing the first portion of your Housing Application (see my previous blog for instructions regarding this), Housing and Dining will contact you via email regarding the second portion of the application process. This is where you get to do all the fun stuff: preference which Residence Hall you would like to live in and if you would like to live on a cluster floor, list your roommates (if you are living with someone you know) or mark if you will take a pot luck roommate, and state if you prefer a suite or traditional style room. Remember rooms are assigned on a first come first serve basis, so in this instance you want to be first. Fill out the first portion of the application, so you will be able to complete the second part and reserve your place in line! There is a $400 deposit due with this part of the contract, so keep that in mind. However, this is refundable until June 1st, so if your living arrangements change you will be able to get your money back until that date. Finally, your roommate assignments will be sent out during the first part of July – so get excited! As you embark upon your last few months of high school, your journey is really just beginning.

Have questions or comments about the application process? Unsure of which Residence Hall you want to live in? Deciding if you want to live with friends or go pot luck? Share your thoughts! Also check out the Residence Hall section of the Housing and Dining website at: http://housing.k-state.edu/reshalls/index.php.

Crazy Times!

So much for being able to catch my breath!  I’ve been sooo busy ever since I got back from Winter Break.  I’ve already written a few papers, moved rooms and settled in at the house, bought all my books and materials for school, given a couple speeches in Honors Public Speaking, applied for like a hundred clubs and scholarships, had a few quizzes and a test, been to an awesome date party (see below), cheered on the Cats in the Octagon of Doom a few times, fulfilled a some of my duties as the External Philanthropy Chairman of my house, attended several meetings including one with Dr. Bosco, started a few big group projects for classes, planned my Spring Break trip to Colorado, caught up on my laundry and shopping, eaten Jimmy John’s waaay too many times, made a bunch of new friends, managed to sleep for a few hours every once in a while, and I’m about to be initiated into my house! – Just to name a few things….

The KU game is coming up this Monday; I can’t wait to be there, and Valentines Day is the day after that!  Not to mention, I’ve got a never ending to-do list of upcoming events, tests, and responsibilities.  It’s looking like I’m going to have another super busy semester, but I’m still having the time of my life!

Date Party.jpg

My Girlfriend and I looking nerdy at the “Back to School” Date Party

Technology in the Classroom

How to effectively use technology is a hot topic on most college campuses, and K-State is addressing this topic as well.

As a Public Relations major, social media and technology are hot topics. As I enter my major specific years at K-State I am learning more and more about technology. In my Public Relations Case Studies class, I was assigned to follow Public Relations Professionals on Twitter and keep up to date with technology magazines. As a big Twitter fan already, I was ready to add some Public Relations Professionals to my feed. The technology magazines were a stretch for me, but I have enjoyed reading about what is relevant in the professional world.

In my Public Relations Writing class, we are creating online portfolios to market ourselves as we apply for jobs. I’ve never created a website or even seen someone manage one, so this idea was extremely foreign, but I know this online portfolio  will put me ahead of the field when I apply for jobs. It took me a couple extra hours to figure out my website, but I know it will be worth it.

These are just two basic examples of how K-State is integrating technology into class assignments, but it is happening all over campus. It is an exciting time to be at K-State as we improve and advance ourselves in the technological field. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Follow K-State on Twitter here!

What it means to be a Wildcat, Part 2.

“When did you know K-State was the right place for you?”
This question has been coming up frequently in conversation lately. Everyone has a different, unique story—but there’s aways one common denominator: someone went out of their way to help someone else out. Random acts of kindness seem to catch us off guard and leave a lasting impression. So, the 2nd piece:


Playing this song will make the rest of this post much better.

That’s just it: in general, people at K-State are genuinely kind. In our current society, it’s not rare to go somewhere without making eye contact or speaking to a single other person. In many cities, the typical mindset is to go about your own business and simply do well for yourself. However, on this campus, it’s breath of fresh air. One of my favorite stories that illustrates this happened during finals week. I’ll set the scene: woke up incredibly late, sped to campus, and couldn’t find a place to park anywhere. Given that my final started in 2 minutes, I resorted to parking in some apartment complex lot—in a spot that was obviously reserved. Feeling like a jerk, I scribbled a quick note explaining my situation and how sorry I was and slipped it under my windshield wipers. After finishing my final, I raced back to my car only to find a note written in return. “No worries, I understand! Hope your test went well!” Signed, with a smiley face. I will never forget that.

Simple things like having the door held open for you or receiving a warm “hello” while passing someone you don’t know on campus, although not uncommon, never ceases to make me smile—and then inspires me to return the favor as soon as the opportunity arises. The K-State way.

Share your own stories of when you knew KSU was the right decision or of examples of this “friendliness” below!
xoxo, ellen

Creative time!

Oh hey there, if you’re not doing anything tonight, you should definitely come to the library community room for some creative fun! The Creative Alliance is kicking off the year with treats and, and….creative things, because we’re creative….

ANYWAY. If you like to do artsy things like draw, write, blog(cough cough), come meet the members to prepare for an awesome semester!

Check out the event website ya’ll, cha ching.