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Month: March 2012

For the love of the ‘Ville.

SPRING BREAK 2012. Literally music to my ears. Finally—-a chance to get away from all of the routine schoolwork and other responsibilities and take off to a faraway, exotic destination. Right?

Well, not exactly.
The majority of my break was actually spent right here at home in MHK. While the town comes alive during the school months, there is a certain beauty that flourishes after all of the students vacate. Instead of blogging about the beautiful beach I visited or mountains I skied, I’m going to tell you all about my 5 favorite spots that I spent time at in Manhattan’s very own historic shopping and dining district: Aggieville. The great thing for students is that it’s within a block from campus!


ACME GIFT – I am a total sucker for quirky gifts. With that being said—–Acme Gift definitely delivers. Their store houses a variety of whimsical objects ranging from giant blow-up mounted deer heads to moustache pint glasses. It’s impossible to choose a favorite part about Acme—-but their floral arrangements are TO DIE FOR. They are beautiful, unique, and very simple to order and get
delivered. (Hint, fellas.) Whether you’re seeking a thoughtful gift for a friend or just a book with cute cat pictures, Acme is the answer.


VARSITY DONUTS – Varsity is a relatively new addition to the ‘Ville—-but it might be one of the most anticipated ventures to start up within the past few years. (For me, anyways.) Without much need for explanation–this place RULES. They have classic selections, but also adventurous treats like Red Velvet, Flat Tire (Oreo extravaganza), Maple Bacon–and, dollar coffee. $1! In addition to donuts, the place hosts Scrabble and ping pong tournaments, donut decorating parties, and even rents out their vintage bicycles. Plus, it makes the entire 4-block radius smell like sugary donut heaven.

SO LONG SALOON – So Long’s is a delicious restaurant and bar that’s known for their incredible burgers and great atmosphere–even though the place is relatively small in square footage. The menu is full of western lingo that will definitely crack you up–example: The Chipotle Raspberry Black Bean Dip (my favorite item on the menu) pictured to your right is explained as such: “Topped w/zesty chz to make yer buds tingle. Tortilla chips on da side fer sum crunch.” I’m drooling now, so, there’s that.

THREAD – THREAD is yet another insanely unique and adventurous business in Aggieville. Their main game is custom-made t-shirts, but they also do stickers, window vinyl, and just as of late, headbands! Just bring in an idea and their creative staff will help you design exactly what you’re looking for. Personally, I’m a big fan of anything with old-school Willie on it. WARNING: visiting frequently will result in an urge to make matching group t-shirts for every event in your life.

BLUESTEM BISTRO – Bluestem is a wonderful locally-owned coffee shop that has great food, great coffee, and is one of my absolute favorite study spots. On top of being delicious, their baristas are extremely friendly. (If I had that easy of access to caffeine all day, I would probably be the same way.) Lunch specials, which are usually only $5, are tweeted daily from their Twitter account. (Follow them here!)


So, there they are! I must admit, picking only 5 was pretty challenging. If you aren’t familiar with Aggieville, a visit is now in high order—get out there, explore, and discover your own fave 5!

xoxo, ellen

Busy bees and a chocolate flamingo

Welcome back from Spring Break! I know that I had an awesome time on my vacation and I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves, as well. After coming back, I realized that we have 6 WEEKS left. 6 WEEKS. Raise the roof, yeah yeah! With that realization, I started to think about all of the busy things that I will have to finish in the coming weeks. So, for all of you kind of freaking out that the semester is almost over and are feeling like all of your classes are overwhelming you, I’m here to help you with some lovely advice:
1)Go for a walk. Have you noticed how absolutely gorgeous it has been outside? Get yo endorphins up and take a breather. I laid under a delicious tree the other day for a few hours, and it was absolutely wonderful. Take some time to relax, even just for a few minutes. It will help ease your stress tremendously.
2)Plan a nice congratulations for when you finish finals. Let’s face it, finals are coming up and they are going to be crazy. The only way to truly feel like you accomplished climbing a mountain is to prepare to congratulate yourself when you ace that last test! Buy yourself a cake, treat yourself to ice cream, do whatever floats your boat to make you feel special and nice. I’m in the market for a chocolate flamingo if anyone knows where I can find one? Chocolate flamingo, you will complete my life.


Life’s Good!

Just got back to Manhattan yesterday, and it’s great to be back!  I went skiing in Colorado for a few days and then relaxed in Kansas City for the rest of Spring Break.  Before I left for break, I was elected to be this year’s Silver Key Vice President.  I’m really excited about this opportunity, and it’s looking like I’m going to have another busy year ahead of me.  We’ve already had an Exec Board meeting for Silver Key, and we have our first actual meeting run by the new Exec members tonight!  Wish me luck…  I’ve still been applying for other positions, scholarships, advisory boards, etc.  If I fill out one more application, I might explode!  I’ve been keeping busy with philanthropy chairman duties in my fraternity, long range planning, and schoolwork.  I applied for the new Executive Mentor Program with the College of Business, and I can’t wait to find out who my mentor will be.  This is a really cool program that matches a student with an alumni from K-State with similar interests and majors to help with the student’s college and career planning.  I’ve heard great things about the program, and there’s even a chance that you could be matched with the CEO of Hershey’s!  Think about all the chocolate!!

I came into K-State with almost 30 credit hours from a local community college.  All of those credits, along with some helpful advice from my Business Advisor, are going to make it possible for me to graduate K-State in five years.  That doesn’t make any sense right? Wrong… In those five years, I’ll be able to acquire a Minor in Leadership Studies, a Dual-Major in Accounting and Management, and a Master’s Degree in Accounting.  I have no idea what I’m going to do after all that, but hopefully between my Executive Mentor and my diverse studies and qualifications, I’ll be able to find a great job once I graduate.  Plus, I’d get to hang around Manhattan for an extra year which would be amazing!

Mini Spring Break

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the time lapse since my last post. That busy time of year, as in the middle of March, snuck up on me! It’s that time in the semester where classes are in full swing and midterms settle in. However, as a little pre-midterm stress reliever, I was able to travel to Chicago for a weekend and enjoy a little “mini” spring break.

Cleary the Windy City!

Chicago is only 10 hours away from Manhattan, 8 from Kansas City, and just a quick 1.5 hour flight from MCI. My friend Mollie and I (after some travel difficulties, when is it ever easy to travel?) spent Friday through Sunday in the windy city. While Mollie was in town to visit with some prospective employers, I was there for moral support and to enjoy all the city has to offer. We spent the day Friday going to Mollie’s various employment meetings then gorging ourselves on famous Chicago-style pizza that night. Naturally Saturday was spent hitting up shops along the Magnificent Mile and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.

Supporting K-State!

Sunday was probably the coolest day for me because I faced one of my biggest fears! I am terrified of heights. I mean looking down over a second story gives me the heeby-jeebies. However, we decided to visit the Sear’s Tower, and not wanting to be a baby, I joined. Man, am I glad I did! Although I didn’t go as far as Mollie and stand in the glass boxes (where literally all that stands between you and the ground is glass – look at the picture to the left), I did look take in the spectacular panoramic view of the city.

Sadly, like all escapes from reality, our trip came to an end and we took the Amtrak train from Chicago to Kansas City. About 8 hours later, we were home! The ride went by quickly though as we spent our time doing homework (well Mollie did), napping (that was me), and watching season two of Vampire Diaries (one of our favorite shows on the CW). Even though I am spending actual spring break working on campus in Manhattan and a few days at home in Shawnee, the mini break was just what I needed! Never pass up the opportunity for a little fun and relaxation, as a hard working, college student – you deserve it!


Last night was the infamous CASINO NIGHTTTTTTTTT on campus. And let me just say, IT WAS SO AWESOME. Hence the caps. Seriously though, this is one of the best events that Programming Board puts on every year. You get a free t-shirt, free food, and if you’re lucky, a prize! While I didn’t get to win anything spectacular, I still had a complete blast.

IMAG0029.jpg Not only was I a boss at bingo, but did I mention that you got free things? Any event where I am fed delicious junk food and get a sweet K-State t-shirt is an event I highly recommend! For real though, if you didn’t get the chance to go last night, keep your calendar open for next year. Casino night will not disappoint you, le trust!

Growing Pains: Doctor’s Appointments

There’s just something about going to the doctor that makes you want to hold your mom or dad’s hand…yes, even when you’re a legal adult and studying pre-medicine.

After going home this weekend for an impromptu doctor’s appointment, I tried to hide how nervous I was- reading magazines and diddling with my cell phone, trying to pass the time. I just didn’t feel right. But then again, who doesn’t feel a little anxious when you’re waiting for the doctor?

The appointment proceeded as usual-lots of questions, a few pricks from the needle for lab testing- but I got more and more nervous as time went by. I felt like I was in the midst of a whirlwind with all the hustle and bustle around me, but I couldn’t find a familiar face to turn to.

My parents had been to every doctor’s appointment up to this moment. I thought to myself, “I guess this is what being an adult is like, huh?”

Of course, then I thought about how I don’t really want to grow up yet. I still want the fun sticker and sucker you get when they give you a shot! But, alas, those days are over 🙂

Finally,  I heard an all too familiar voice coming from the waiting area and my worries were set to rest. Mom and Dad had come to my rescue as always…

But this time, they gave ME the bill. Yikes!


Is it Spring Already?

We’re already half way through the semester…. WHAT?!  It’s 80 degrees outside right now…. WHAT?!  I haven’t slept in four days…. WHAT?! That last one was a bit of an exaggeration, but since my last post I’ve barely had any spare time on my hands.

I found out that I made Silver Key Honorary!  I’m really excited about being a part of this group.  Silver Key is a leadership organization on campus that is centered around community service.  250 people applied, 90 people got interviews, and only around 30 made it, so I’m extremely fortunate to be a part of this group.  I’m still applying for tons of things on top of that though.  It seems like every time I check my email, there’s another opportunity for a scholarship, leadership position, or advisory board spot, and I’m only a freshman!  That’s one of the greatest parts about K-State in my mind; there are sooo many ways to get involved!

I’ve been really busy with school work lately.  I’ve had several tests, quizzes, speeches, and assignments due in the past few weeks.  They always seem to schedule everything at the exact same time too; I think my teachers are out to get me!  I just submitted an 8 page paper and gave a twenty minute presentation in front of my Leadership class, and from here on out it’s smooth sailing until Spring Break!  I’m headed to Colorado for a weekend of skiing right after my last class on Friday, and I can’t wait!

Now that Spring is here, it’s time for you seniors out there to decide where you’re going to live next year.  I’ve got one piece of advice for you guys in particular:


Joining a fraternity has honestly been one of the greatest experiences of my life.  I’ve developed an incredible amount of friendships, and benefited so much from the Greek System as a whole.  I know that fraternities get a bad reputation sometimes, but it is what you make it.  There’s like thirty different houses that you can join!  Each one of them is different too.  If you want to party every day of your college career, there’s a fraternity for you.  If you want to study for every second of your college career, there’s a fraternity for you.  If you want to have a combination of those two things, there’s a fraternity for you!  And, in each fraternity there’s such a diverse mixture of guys that you can literally fit into whichever one you decide.  Being in a fraternity is a great way to meet new friends, a way to get involved in leadership, a way to get involved in philanthropies and community service, a way to gain valuable networking connections, and so much more.  Ultimately the decision is up to you, but like I said, I would definitely recommend it!  Fraternity Rush has already started, and it’s a super easy process.  By following this link, you can learn more about the recruitment process, and find the simple form to fill out.  Once you submit your information to the Office of Greek Affairs, you’ll start getting phone calls from all sorts of fraternities.  They’ll tell you about events coming up, take you out to dinner, and take you on tours of their houses.  This is a great way to get a feel for which fraternity is right for you, so I’d recommend attending as many events/tours/dinners as you can!

Just 3 things.

Today, I had the honor of attending a banquet celebrating one of my absolute favorite parts of my first year: Quest Freshman Honorary. Quest is a chance for incoming student leaders on campus to surround themselves with other peers with similar interests and goals. In addition to introducing me to countless new lifelong friends and mentors, I have gotten the chance to make connections and network with several on-campus leaders and administration. At our banquet, two other Questies (a nickname for us in Quest) had the opportunity to speak about what Quest meant to us. While thinking about what to write, I decided to compose a short list of 3 things I’ve learned through Quest that have really stuck:

  1. Surrounding yourself with great people is a simple step to happiness.
  2. Choose friends that you can have fun with–but also, choose friends who will challenge you to better yourself.
  3. Expand your friend circle. You can learn so much about yourself through hanging out with those who are different than you.

For those of you who are incoming Freshman in the Fall–I would encourage you to look into this program. It is very rewarding and has provided me with some of my favorite memories here at KSU so far.

P.s., Officially my 10th night in a row staying up past 3 a.m., everyone. Also, I think I’ve spent more time in Hale the past 3 weeks than my entire 1st semester entirely. Is it Spring Break yet?! I mean…I’m definitely not counting or anything.

xoxo, ellen

SGA Elections, ya’ll!

Today is the last day to finish up your voting for the new SGA representatives on campus. Everyone wants to have their voice heard, so make sure you vote for someone that can represent that voice in the best way possible. These people work extremely hard to make a difference on campus, and continue to make K-State a wonderful place to be. Get yo vote on, and keep it real. You know what’s up. Do it!