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Month: April 2012

Do Something Great

I just wanted to congratulate all of the nominees and award winners from last nights Awards Banquet. Through my experiences at K-State, I have found that just by being involved on campus truly impacts the students and faculty that surround you. To all of the incoming freshman and even the students considering joining an organization, my advice to you is this: Do something great while you attend K-State. You don’t have to find the cure for cancer, but try to make an impact on the people around you. Get to know people you don’t normally hang out with, plan a community service project, tutor someone who needs help in a class. Just do something. It makes your college experience that much better, le trust.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou

Almost Done!

I feel like this semester has flown by before my eyes!  My first Final Exam of the semester is next week, and I can’t believe my Freshman year is almost over.  I’ve been super busy the past few weeks, but I’ve also had some really cool opportunities.  For instance, the Higher Learning Commission was at K-State a couple weeks ago to review our accreditation.  Without their approval, a degree from our university wouldn’t mean nearly as much as it does today.  I got the chance to sit down with a few of the Board Members and tell them about my K-State experience: the ups, the downs, and everything in between.  We passed the accreditation review, hooray!

Another awesome thing that I found out about last week was my Executive Mentor.  This new program offered to Business Students matches successful K-State Alumni with current students to help mentor them.  The purpose of the program is to help students with professional advice, job and internship opportunities, and networking.  A few short weeks after applying to the program, I found out that my Executive Mentor is Dennis Dautel, the CEO of Landscapes USA and other businesses in Austin, Texas.  I got the chance to meet him at the first annual Executive Mentor Luncheon this past Friday.  He’ll be mentoring me throughout my time at K-State, and even afterwards hopefully!  I’m really looking forward to learning about his experiences and advice in the business world, and I may even get the opportunity to visit his office in Austin this summer.

Silver Key has been keeping me busy as always.  I’m in charge of all the committees, as well as the annual Sleep Out for the Homeless.  This is our biggest event of the year, and I’m already setting dates and reserving a spot for next September!  It seems as if the responsibilities and tests and meetings never end, but that’s what college is all about – figuring out your strengths and weaknesses, and how to manage your limited time.  I’m all about the all-nighters this semester to help get everything done, but I always end up paying for the lack of sleep the next day!


Open House, Woot!

So, Open House was yesterday, and might I add, IT WAS AMAZING. I heard we had a bunch of people that came, and that is just simply fantastic. A few things you missed out on if you didn’t make it: cotton candy, people getting pied in the face with whipped cream, scentsy deliciousness being sold for the sorority, and hand made scarves. Yeah, that’s what’s up. I highly recommend being a part of this celebration de K-State next year if you have the chance. It was definitely a lot of fun, and I will miss it when I am gone next year. K-State wins again.

Last few weeks of school=stress to da max

Holy cow, sorry for the brief hiatus, school has seemed to consume my every thought and motion lately! It sure doesn’t help that we have like three weeks left? Maybe four. My mind is so boggled with all of the things on my massive to do list, that I might just go insane. I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way, but luckily, I have a certificate for a free massage. Whaddup?! So stoked, I need some time to chill for a moment and reflect on all of the awesome things I have done this past year. Come on, I have a legit blog where I can pour my soul out into, have been involved in amazing campus activities, and just had a really good year! For those of you who didn’t know, I will be moving to Arizona after this semester, so you will have to find me on my personal blog and/or facebook. Facebook is life, at least for college students, you holla at me, I holla at you.

Besides that though, Open House is Saturday, and my sorority has a pretty ballin booth we’re gonna set up, so if you wanna see sparkles and fantasticness, I recommend stopping by and having a chit chat with us!

Older, but Wiser?

I cannot believe I’m going to be a senior next year!!!

I feel like I have learned so much in the past few semesters, but I know I have a LONG road ahead…and I’d like to travel that long road here at K-State. There are so many options and questions that have yet to be answered…What will I do after graduation? Should I go to graduate school? Should I travel for a few years before heading into adult-land? The list goes on and on.

For now, I am just going to take it a day at a time. That seems to have worked for a lot of people I know. Plus, I don’t really want to be an ‘adult‘. What does that mean anyway? 🙂

People often give you the impression that you have to know what you’re going to do for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE by the time you graduate, but I don’t think that’s true. I look forward to the amazing adventures ahead, forever learning, growing and knowing my K-State experience has prepared me every step of the way!

Honors Program – Where to Begin?

For those of you considering applying to the K-State Honors Program, I’m here to provide you with a little insight. First of all, how do you even apply to the Honors Program slash what are the details. Visit this website: http://www.k-state.edu/ksuhonors/ From here you can check out what the program is all about, specifics for each college on campus, and access the application.

I began the Honors Program during my first semester at K-State by taking the Introduction to Honors course, which is a one hour credit class everyone in the Honors Program takes. From there, I took Honors General Psychology, which was a class of about 15-20 people instead of the usual 150-200 people in the regular sections.

At this time, I started working on my Honors Project with Dr. Briana Goff in the College of Human Ecology. Three years later, I am still working with her on new parts of my project to earn more Honors credits. My project entails gathering existing literature, creating a literature review, and eventually writing a chapter of a book for parents of children with Down Syndrome. My chapter will focus on the legal rights of parents who have children with Down Syndrome. I will post more later providing further details on my previous work on the project, how I selected this research, and my progress on the book chapter. In the meantime if you have further questions, comments, or insight regarding the Honors Program, feel free to comment!

I love K-State, fo real.

As the semester draws to an end, I find myself reflecting on all of the awesome things that I have experienced at K-State. Not knowing how to handle college as a freshman was scary and exciting. I had no idea that I would become a leader on campus, be involved in so many awesome student organizations, or meet so many unique and amazing people on campus. K-State is like my second family. My professors help me through whatever I need academically and even sometimes in my personal life. People accept that you have your own individual differences and are aware that bringing those characteristics to campus is what makes us such a close and loving environment.

As a FSHS major, there have been endless resources for me to broaden my knowledge of the information taught in class, as well as meet other students who have the same interests as me. I’ve learned leadership, communication, and diversity in almost every aspect of my college major, and my career will benefit from that knowledge. My experiences thus far have been phenomenally magical, ninja-tastic( you all know how much I love ninjas), and just awesome. K-State, you rock hardcore. Being a wildcat has been one of the best choices I could ever make. If I could growl like a wildcat at this point, I would. Imagine me doing so, and remember, we bleed purple up in here!

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Spring Fever

The semester is still going great!  I’ve been keeping busy with Silver Key, class projects and assignments, more applications, meetings with advisers and other students, and and trying to get some sleep for a change!  I just found out that I was selected to be one of the Board Members of the new Honors Program Committee.  I’m really excited about the opportunity to help the Honors Program recruit new members, maintain current members, and benefit the program as a whole.  I also have been accepted into the Wellsgates Scholar Program, and invited to be a part of the Golden Key International Honor Society.  I’m not entirely sure what those two organizations entail, but I’m looking forward to finding out more about what it means to be a part of them both.  I should be hearing about some of the other programs, committees, scholarships, and positions that I’ve been applying for the past several weeks, so I’ll be sure to let you know what I find out!

With the help of my adviser, I’ve determined what classes I need to take next semester.  I’ve selected the professors and times of classes that I’m going to take next fall, but I haven’t enrolled yet; when you can enroll is based on the number of credit hours you have.  Since I came in with enough credit hours to technically be a Sophomore, I’ll be able to enroll a lot earlier than many of the students in my age.  Hopefully that will allow me to be in all the classes that I want to, and if it does, I’m going to have a sweet schedule!  No classes on Fridays, keeping my fingers crossed!