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Month: July 2012

Back in Manhattan!

I just got back from Manhattan, and I miss it already!  This past weekend was Summer Chapter for my Fraternity.  It’s a chance for everyone to meet the new members, and it’s a way for us all to hang out with friends and see how their summer has been.  It was so much fun getting to see everyone again and meeting most of our new guys.  I’ve been keeping pretty busy this Summer working to save up for this semester, and I’m currently trying to find a job in Manhattan.

I’m going to have a crazy year with the organizations I’m involved in and my school work, but I can’t wait to be back!  There’s less than three weeks until I move back in the house; I even made a countdown! I’m going to be taking some tough classes this semester, but I’m getting into some higher level business classes that are going to be a lot more interesting than some of the core classes that I had to get out of the way Freshman year.  Overall, Summer has gone by pretty fast, but I’ve been waiting to get back to Manhattan ever since I got back to Kansas City!

Music to My Ears

Recently, my friends and I, who are currently living in Manhattan this summer decided to attend the Little Apple Jazz Festival in City Park. Up until that point, I had been missing all the hustle and bustle that tends to die down with the summer. But fortunately enough, Manhattan never fails me.

On Saturday July 14th, all the residents of Manhattan had the opportunity to listen to 6 different bands over the course of the evening for free at the Little Apple Jazz Festival, sponsored by the Union Program Council.

People of all ages brought their lawn chairs, kids, and hand-held fans to enjoy a night of music, food, Willie the Wildcat, salsa dancing, and a great summer evening through out.

My 4 friends and I were there for a total of two bands before we attended to our plans we had made for the rest of the evening. We listened to the talented 1st Infantry Division Fort Riley Jazz combo. It was so amazing to watch as men and women in uniform display their musical talent for the community of Manhattan. Following them, the Kelley Gant Quartet dazzled us with smooth vocals and relaxing melodies. Kelley Gant, the main vocalist and alumnae of K-State, had a smooth Jazz voice that put me at ease from all the stresses I had during the week. During this all, Willie the Wildcat did what he always does best by mingling with families and being a positive, energetic face for K-State as always.

As I sat back, enjoying the music and time with friends, I realized how grateful I am for these past two years I have spent in Manhattan. I love K-State deeply, but for the City of Manhattan to capture my heart also is an extra plus. Its a true compliment to Manhattan for being a college town to maintain its energy and excitement without its students there to keep it young. Thanks Manhattan! Your genuine community feel never goes out of season!

Residence Hall Assignments

Finally, the moment every incoming student is anxiously awaiting has arrived. The distribution of roommate and residence hall assignments! When the email comes through you are hoping you filled out your application early enough, holding your breath that you are placed with roommates of your choice, and crossing your fingers that you received your first preference in residence halls. You open the email, scroll through it to see your results, then what happens? For the majority of students, you will see the residence hall you selected first or second along with the roommates of your choice. However, it is possible to receive a residence hall assignment that perhaps was not exactly at the top of your list. What do you do now?

The good thing is every residence hall room at K-State comes provided with the same features and amenities – no residence hall is “better” than another. In addition, every residence hall floor will have a resident assistant or RA to help students meet others living on their floor, as well as, keep students updated on events/activities happening on campus. Not to mention, once the semester gets started you will be so busy with classes, friends, activities, jobs, etc you will not be spending every waking moment in your residence hall room. You will love your space and use your time there to decompress and re-group for your busy day ahead. Residence hall and roommate assignments will be distributed during these first two weeks of July, so be sure to check your email regularly! Most importantly, remember if you do not receive your first choice – do not be discouraged! No matter where you live you will make lasting friendships and be exposed to numerous opportunities for involvement both inside and outside of the residence halls. Start making your lists for Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Target, Walmart, etc. so you can decorate your room and personalize your space – only 1 1/2 months until fall semester begins!

Here we go…

Have you ever ridden a roller coaster? The first time I got on a roller coaster I took one look at the drop, unbuckled, and ran down the way I came up. There are always times in our lives in which we head into the unknown and that day I was not prepared.

Today I received an e-mail titled “Your first week at K-State” and once again I was craning my neck to look over the edge. Within a few short weeks I will taking the leap and moving away from home for the first time. It’s intimidating.

I watched We Bought A Zoo this week and learned that “sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.” I challenged myself to remember that as I head off to college. By now we have been waiting and preparing for this step for 18 years. We should have confidence in ourselves!

The future may be unknown, but it could be something really great. At this point I can’t even imagine what that first week will be like. I can’t wait to finally meet my roommates and  go on our first shopping trip. I’m excited for my classes with my CAT Community. Overall just getting involved is exciting and I guess am hoping to keep so busy that there is no time to be homesick.

I eventually did conquer multiple roller coasters and on August 18th I will not be running away in fear.  We will be embarking on one of the greatest adventures of our lives and we will be doing so together.