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Month: August 2012

Search for an Intramural Championship

A goal for my last year at K-State is to become an intramural champion. I have come close before, but this year I am determined to take home that glorious intramural championship t-shirt.

Tonight I will be competing with my fraternity brother Aaron in doubles washers. This is one of the many intramural sports the Rec offers for students. Aaron and I have been practicing all week for tonight and I hope to be able to post an update later that we were indeed victorious.

If intramural sports are something you are interested, be sure to check out the Rec website for all of the sports they offer. Sports are offered for Residence Hall team, Fraternity/Sorority teams, independent teams, and even coed teams. I have made some amazing friends and memories through my intramural sports.

It is about game time for Aaron and I, wish us luck! Go Cats!

Spirit’s in the Air!

Going to Purple Power Play on Poyntz last night has me SUPER pumped for football season. I won’t deny that I’m not the biggest football fan, but when it comes to K-State, I’m the world’s biggest fan! I can’t wait to cheer on the team on Saturday. Get your purple on. It’s about that time. GO STATE!!!

How to Do the Wabash

The Wabash Cannonball, also referred to as K-State’s second fight song, is one of the most unique college game day traditions. It was brought to fame in a night before a football game in 1968, when an arsonist set ablaze Nichols Hall, which at the time housed the music department. All sheet music inside the building was burned, so unfortunately the band had no music play for the game except for a piece of music called Wabash Cannonball that the director had taken home with him the night before. Having no other music to play, the band blasted the tune all game long and in turn, turned it into a staple of the K-State band playlist. And so without further due, here are my tips to rock the Wabash:

1. Learn the motions. These are pretty plain and simple. You first start out by turning side to side opposite of the fans on either side of you for eight times. You then rock back and forth to the beat of the band. Finally, at the end of the song, you yell K-S-U! at the top of your lungs Sounds simple enough right?

2. Communication. This is a biggie. You must communicate with the fans on either side of you and decide who is rocking forward first and who is rocking back. Failure to do so will result in ineffective Wabashing.

3. Focus and Rhythm. Fortunately for those of you who are tone deaf, there is no singing required. However, the Wabash requires a great deal of rhythm. You must be able to keep a beat to stay opposite of the fanatic fans around you.

4. Enthusiasm. If you do have trouble keeping a beat though, you can make it up with this, the most important aspect of the Wabash. K-Staters are constantly keeping a high level of energy and enthusiasm throughout an athletic game, but especially when we are Wabashing.

Here is a recording of the Wabash so you all can practice our favorite Wildcat classic: Wabash Cannonball

Only two more days till the kickoff of the 2012 football season!! Get excited! Go State!

K-State Proud,



Labor Day Weekend

Tomorrow marks the start of one of the best parts of fall semester – Labor Day weekend! This is such an exciting time because it arrives just as school is beginning to become hectic. Regardless of how long you have been at K-State, this is the perfect time to soak up some rest and relaxation time before classes really start to require a lot of outside work. This year is even better, because the first home football game marks the start to the ever-glorious Labor Day weekend. Unlike the majority of my peers, I am venturing home for the long weekend and not attending the game. I love going to games for the social aspect – but let’s be honest, I am not a sports person.

I prefer to use my time off as an opportunity to catch up with family. The majority of my family lives about 3.5 to 4 hours away, so I am not able to see them all of the time. This Labor Day weekend will be filled with birthday celebrations for my dad, large-group family pictures, and my cousin’s bridal shower. Although it will be a busy weekend, I am looking forward to sharing it with some of the people I love most.

Whatever your Labor Day weekend plans, enjoy it before the semester begins the crazy roller coaster ride that classes can present. I have full faith you’ll be able to manage your time wisely and come out the other side successful, but nonetheless enjoy your time off while you can! Feel free to share your Labor Day weekend plans – I would love to hear them!



How to Rock the Alma Mater and Wildcat Victory

We are officially only three days away from the opening kickoff of the 2012 K-State football season! (I have personally been counting down the days for about 10 weeks now.) The entire campus has been buzzing about  Saturday for what seems like ages. Recently, every conversation I have been in the comment, “I am so excited for the first game!” always seems to come up. But in honor of this first football game of the season, I am going to write 3 blogs about some of our most famous game day traditions here at K-State. I am also starting my “How to…” series where I will be posting on key things that every current and future K-Stater needs to know how to do. Tomorrow, I will be blogging on how to perfect one of our most famous (and fun!) traditions, the Wabash Cannonball. Friday’s post will be on how to fully enjoy Purple Power Play on Poyntz and of course the all important Wildcat Game Day. But today, I will start with How to Rock the Alma Mater and Wildcat Victory. It might seem simple, but there is a specific method to the madness.

Alma Mater:

The Alma Mater was originally written in 1888 by H. W. Jones. In the short 124 years since, it has been slightly altered to only include two of Jones’ stanzas instead of his original four, and the words “KSAC” have been changed to “KSU.” Here are my tips to perfect this timeless classic:

1. Memorize the lyrics! This will help prevent you from looking like the kid on the back risers in the junior high school music programs who didn’t memorize the lyrics and so he is just mouthing “watermelon” over and over again. Click here for a link to the lyrics.

2. Learn the physical motions to the song. This is fairly simple, especially since there are only two of them. To begin the song, you put your arms around the shoulders of the two K-State fanatics on either side of you. Then, you simply rock side to side with your entire row. You do this until you reach the lyrics, “K-S-U!” when you pump a fist in the air on each letter. You also repeat this on the words, “Hail, hail, hail!”

3. Try to at least sing semi in-tune. Since it is a slower, more subdued song, you don’t have to worry about belting it at the top of your lungs, but more on the notes themselves.

Wildcat Victory:

Written in 1927 by Harry E. Erickson, Wildcat Victory is the official fight song of Kansas State, and it is belted by the marching band and fans alike throughout the game. Here are my tips to mastering one of our most recognizable game day traditions.

1. Memorize the lyrics. You can find these by following the link for the Alma Mater lyrics as well.

2. Learn the physical movement to the song. These might be even more simple than the Alma Mater because you only need to clap to the beat and pump your fist. The fist pumping occurs three times after you sing, “fight-fight-fight!” It again occurs twice at the end for the words, “Go State!”

3. Belt it out at the top of your lungs! Unlike the Alma Mater, this is a rowdy and extremely loud tune. It’s not so much about how you are singing, but more on the volume that you are singing at. So bring out that loud voice you use in the shower and when you are alone singing in the car and just let it rip!

Finally, (since I know you all are dying to practice two of our most famous game day songs) here are two links of the K-State Marching Band to get yourself familiar with the tunes:

Alma Mater and Wildcat Victory

K-State Proud,




We are all bound to get “homesick” at one point or another. If that feeling is already sinking in, here are some FREE (we are college students after all) ideas to get your mind off things.

  1. Grab a friend and go for a walk. I’ve found the more I know my way around Campus the more at home I feel. It’s also nice to be reminded how friendly people here are.  A friend from “home” that lives in a neighboring residence hall and I took off one night and walked about 5 miles and had a thoughtful conversation along the way.
  2. Explore Manhattan. This can be by car, bike, or even on foot. Not only will your navigational prowess increase, you will also see just how much there is to do here. Last week I discovered Konza Prairie and I would highly recommend taking a nice hike out there to anyone!
  3. Check the K-State website (or the Facebook pages). I’ve found lots of events and information on various organizations to join. For example, I found Kiwanis was hosting a picnic at City Park to provide students with information on serving the community through Circle K. The Kiwanis members were so kind and welcoming! They even offered me a plate of home cooked food to take back to the dorm for dinner.
  4. Talk to your RA. My RA and her roommate are AWESOME! They have coordinated fun events for our whole floor (and anyone else that joins in) such as floor dinners, dance lessons, game nights (Pictionary, Catch Phrase and Charades), and even an upcoming adventure to the Rec for some Group Fitness ZUMBA! Also, little things like leaving your door open or hanging out in the lobby to meet new people might help.
  5. Channel that energy! If there isn’t school work to do, look up scholarships or job opportunities. You can update your resume and take it to Career and Employment services to have it critiqued and get some feedback. Last night I reorganized everything I own in my dorm. The other day I did laundry and set a timer and ran upstairs and cleaned our bathroom. Bottom line, DON’T MOPE! Be productive!

Overall, give yourself a reason to BE HERE! Your family knows you love them. If you keep busy you will have more to talk to them about when you text, Facebook, FaceTime, Skype, or call them!

Here are a few additional links from the K-State site that may give you more ideas or information:




Apply for Quest!

When I reflect back on the experiences I have had at K-State over the past three years, one set of memories stands out above the rest: my experience in QUEST Freshman Honorary.

I’ve talked before on my blog about the importance of campus involvement.  Because I’ve been fortunate enough to hold a few leadership positions on campus, I’ve gained more than I ever thought I would. I’ve met incredible friends from all different backgrounds, developed personally and professionally, gained self-confidence, and made some incredible connections along the way. Leadership at K-State has MADE my college experience.

If you’re a freshman, I can’t encourage you enough to apply for QUEST.  Members get a rare behind-the-scenes look at K-State—they get to meet University President Kirk Schulz, gain connections with fellow K-State student leaders, hang out with a Blue Key senior mentor, tour Bramlage Coliseum, and much, much more. After my year in QUEST was complete, I knew exactly how I wanted to shape my years at K-State; I learned my strengths and weaknesses, and I knew I wanted to pursue further involvement at K-State. QUEST gave me the tools to do anything and everything I wanted to do in Manhattan.

Go here for this year’s QUEST application, and be sure to turn it in by noon on September 7th! The time it takes you to apply is more than worth it.


Show Me the Money: On-Campus Jobs

Something that has great value to me here at K-State is the ability to have an on-campus job. A great university can set you up for success in the realm of the classroom, but an aspect that sets K-State apart is that many students are valued as employees as well.

Jobs range from being a campus tour guide for prospective students through New Student Services to working in the residence halls as a Community Assistant who helps to maintain the security of each hall. I have friends who work in Radina’s coffee shop in the Leadership Studies building  and a friend who works in the K-State Printing Services Office. Are you a big sports fan? The Rec Complex is the largest student employer on campus, allowing students to referee games or teach exercise classes.

There are a multitude of jobs that are available to the normal student around campus! The best aspect of on-campus jobs is how flexible the hours are. Most on-campus employers try to make your work schedule fit in with your class schedule so as to not overlap with classes and academic commitments. Also, due to their location, it is easy to walk from work to class in a matter of minutes. Many jobs start no earlier than 8 am and end no later than 9 pm, so there is plenty of time for studying and extra curricular activities to happen in your schedule as well.

My on-campus job is, without a doubt, the best job I have ever had. Currently, I am a student staffer at the School of Leadership Studies. From the eye of an onlooker, it may seem like a simple desk job, but I can tell you, with much sincerity, that my job has been one of the best forms of development for me during my time here at K-State.

At my job, I plan events for alumni, students, and administration across campus. I give building tours and help prospective students envision themselves being a part of the School of Leadership Studies minor and programs. I also sit in on PR meetings for the school and come up with ways as to better market the program. Due to my job, I have realized that I love marketing and want to make it my career. I have also realized that working in higher education, in either admissions or college student development, is one of my passions.

I am so grateful to the School of Leadership Studies for giving me this opportunity to grow and be able to give back to my university in that realm. It truly changed my life.

If you are interested in hearing more about on-campus jobs, feel free to leave me a comment or contact Career and Employment Services on K-State’s campus.

Back at it

Well I’m officially back in the swing of things!  The first week of classes has come and gone, and I’m glad to say that I have an A in all of my classes!  I think that Accounting 231 and Business Statistics 351 are going to be my two hardest classes this semester.  This past weekend was a ton of fun, but it’s already Monday again 🙁

I’ve already written a paper and done several assignments so far; so much for syllabus week being easy!  I’ve got a couple big assignments due this week, and I’m super busy with stuff for Silver Key.  As the VP of the organization, I’m in charge of the Sleep Out for the Homeless.  It’s our biggest event of the year, and it’s in less than a month!  There’s still a lot to do for it, but we’ve already raised over $1,000 for the Manhattan Emergency Shelter!  We’re still far from our goal, but I’m getting really excited about all of this coming together.

Last but not least, let’s not forget what happens this Saturday: THE START OF A NEW FOOTBALL SEASON!!! The Cats kick off this Saturday night at 6:10 P.M. against Missouri State.  I can’t wait for this season, and Saturday night I get to go on the field at some point to be recognized for a scholarship I received!  It’s going to be sooo awesome; I might even go hug Coach Snyder if I get the chance!

Chants, Cheers and Tons of Fun

I had my first official K-State athletic experience as a student this weekend, and it was great! I went with some friends to the K-State volleyball game at Ahearn Fieldhouse on friday night. Not only did the girls win, I also was able to learn and take part in all of the awesome cheers and chants in the student section.

I knew the fight song from other K-State events I had been to and I had done the wabash cannonball a few times, but I had never gotten to be with tons of other excited K-State students doing those cheers.

It was really fun to jump in while everyone was cheering like pros. I also realized that there are a lot of other cheers besides the well-know fight song and wabash. It was fun to be constantly cheering for the volleyball team as they played.

I am definitely excited to go to a lot more athletic events during my four years at KSU.