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Month: September 2012

Help Select the 2013 K-State Proud Logo

I have had the opportunity this year to serve as a K-State Proud Co-Chair. K-State Proud is an organization I got involved with Freshman year and it has had the biggest impact on my time at K-State.

As a reminder, K-State Proud is a student led philanthropic campaign on campus. We raised money to fund student opportunity awards. These awards go to students who have exhausted all forms of financial aid and are at risk of having to leave K-State. Last year alone, 70 students were able to continue their education at K-State because of K-State Proud. Over the last 6 years, K-State Proud has raised more than $550,000 for student opportunity awards. To learn more about K-State Proud, check out this video.

As a thank you for donating to the campaign, K-State Proud gives a free K-State Proud t-shirt to donors. These design of these t-shirts is done by students in the Matrix Design class on campus. All of the logos were narrowed down to three finalists to be voted on by students, faculty, alumni, fans, and friends. The voting is going on right now! Be sure to share your input on the logo here!

Be on the lookout for the winning logo! We are excited to continue to raise money to help  keep every member of the K-State family achieve their goal of an education. If you have more questions about K-State Proud, leave a comment or check out the website here.

Changing My Major

In the middle of my Calculus test last Thursday, it kind of just hit me! The ensuing conversation occurred in my head: “Just because I am good at math, doesn’t necessarily mean that I enjoy it. And frankly, I really don’t enjoy math. I mean, I like Algebra, but Calculus just isn’t my thing. And I really don’t think I can take 25 more credit hours of this and classes like this! And if I don’t have a passion for math, how in the world would the students I teach ever have a passion for learning math!?” This conversation with myself kept going for probably 75% of the time allotted for my calculus test; until I realized that I should probably actually complete some of my test.

On Monday, I went and talked to my academic advisor about possibly changing my major, and he really made me feel comfortable about a change. Normally I can keep a pretty level head when making decisions, but for some reason I was on the verge of freaking out! But my advisor and other professors I talked to helped me relax by showing me other career paths I can take, and reminding me that 80% of college will change their major, and that 60% of them will change at least three times. In the end, I decided to drop the math off of my Secondary Education degree (and my Calc class in the process), even though I have no idea what I want to pursue now.

I have scheduled a meeting with the Academic and Career Information Center (ACIC) to discuss my possible interests in a variety of majors. ACIC is a great resource offered here at K-State that can help you explore a variety of career options, especially if you are an Open Option major, or if you are like me and are questioning your major. I may end up staying in Education and I very well may not, but I know that I will always have the support of professors and other resources here at K-State.

I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on my future career path plans.

K-State Proud,


The Real Life of an Architecture Student

In 2011 (the 2012 rankings are not yet announced), the College of Architecture, Planning and Design at K-State boasted top ten placements IN THE NATION for all three of it’s programs. Talk about an awesome opportunity in which current and prospective students can participate. Although I am not an Architecture student myself (Political Science probably couldn’t get much further from it), both of my roommates are fourth year students in the Architecture program. This program lasts 5 years and students graduate with their masters. Pretty cool, huh? Not to mention during spring semester of their fourth year all students are required to study abroad or complete an internship experience. These students are definitely exposed to some cool opportunities! However, they definitely work hard for these benefits. Since it is project week (one of a few weeks during the semester when architecture students have all or part of a project critiqued), I thought what a perfect opportunity to provide a glimpse into the real life of a K-State Architecture student

Starting from their first year, architecture students – regardless of their specific program – are placed into a studio. I like to think of this as the place where all of the magic happens. My roommate tends to think of this as the place where she spends the majority of her time toiling over projects. When students move later into their education in the college they have a computer requirement to be able to use certain programs necessary for designing their works of art.

My roommate's desk area in studio. That tupperware contains some yummy dinner I brought her to help her through the upcoming all-nighter.

After using a variety of programs to get all the technical details of their projects straightened out, students then begin to build physical models. Below are examples of a working area for models and some finished first year models.

Although architecture students spend a lot of time in studio, especially during project weeks, it is worth it for the end results. When I asked my roommate how she feels about being in studio so much she told me she gets to watch a lot of movies and tv shows since she can split her computer screen between that and working on her designs. In addition, students form a makeshift family with the other students in their studios. They spend so much time together that studio definitely becomes a home away from home. So if you are considering entering the College of Architecture, Planning and Design be prepared for some late nights. However, keep in mind all of the perks those late nights will bring.

A big thanks to my roommate for letting me interrupt her the night before her project is due!Please comment with any questions you have about the program or comments if you are a current architecture student!



On-Campus Jobs

Are you looking for something productive to do? Have you considered a job on campus? I happen to have quite a few new friends on campus that were willing to give me the scoop on employment on campus.

First off is Alec M. who encouraged me to visit the Career and Employment Services website. He insisted the online application process is “quick and easy. You get asked some basic questions about yourself, then they ask for your major, and they try and get you in on jobs that are close and similar to your major.”

While sitting in my floor lobby my friend Brianda G. came in and told me all about her on campus job at the Derby Dining Center. Brianda G. serves food and makes pizzas. Brianda G. Also explained one of the perks of her job is that “they are very flexible with your class schedule” which is a huge plus for any busy college student.

During my conversation with Brianda G., our RA Kolbi joined in. Kolbi, in addition to her duties as an RA, works at the Call Hall Dairy Bar. Kolbi has a variety of responsibilities such as scooping ice cream, making shakes, and stocking the fridges when milk runs low. However, I learned something about the store from Kolbi today. Kolbi explained how she opens the store twice a week and informed me that they serve breakfast and lunch! This is exciting information for me because I love biscuits and gravy which is on the menu at Call Hall Dairy Bar. Kolbi’s favorite part about her job at Call Hall Dairy Bar is serving regulars because they “all come in for breakfast and coffee every morning” and she enjoys getting to know them.

As I mentioned, Kolbi also has other responsibilities as an RA. Being an RA is a large time commitment but Kolbi thinks it is worthwhile. Her favorite part is getting to know all of us on her floor and she said “It’s really satisfying when people come to me” when they have problems or concerns “because I just like helping people.”

Cody B. works Kramer Dining Center across campus and his favorite part about that job is meeting new people. Cody B. also has a second job with the security force at home football games which has taught him “how to communicate with fans, students, and even fans from the other team” which is a job he learned about from one of the career fairs organized by CES.

As you can tell, the variety of opportunities  worth exploring in your time here at K-State can seem intimidating. Luckily, Career and Employment Services and other campus resources are there to help you navigate the possibilities.

It’s Over!

After over six months of preparation, the Sleep Out for the Homeless has come and gone.  Silver Key raised over $3,000 in donations for the Manhattan Emergency Shelter!  The actual event was this past Friday night when 30 of us slept outside in order to gain an insight and raise awareness for the homeless population in Manhattan.  It went better than I could have ever imagined thanks to the hard work of the members of Silver Key.  The event featured the Mayor proclaiming it “Homeless Awareness Day”, a speaker from the Manhattan Emergency Shelter, and Salsa Dancing lessons!  It was a ton of fun, but I’m really glad it’s all over.  I feel like there’s been a million pounds lifted off my shoulders!

I’ve got two tests coming up this week, and a paper due on Friday.  It sounds like a lot, but with the Sleep Out being over with I feel like I have all the time in the world!  I’ve finally caught up on some much needed sleep, and I’m starting to get over my cold.  The Cats won a huge game this weekend, and are now ranked 7th in the nation!!!  Things are really starting to look up, and I’ll be sure to post some pics of the Sleep Out once I get them!

Changing Seasons

Over the past week, an unmistakable change has taken place in Manhattan: the temperatures are more bearable, I briefly used the heat in my car for the first time in months, and students have started to wear jackets between class. Yep, fall is here—finally! While I often say that I think it’d be incredible to live somewhere where the highs reach the mid-70s each and every day, I truly enjoy the change of the seasons we have here in Manhattan.

Through my years at K-State, I feel like I’ve moved through a number of “season changes” of my own—and I know many students can relate. When I came to K-State as an 18-year-old, I was determined to get good grades. And by “determined,” I mean I studied all the time—never mind that I was in freshman level classes and was meeting a number of incredible people through my fraternity, Quest Freshman Honorary, and Student Government. The whole “relationships are important” thing just didn’t quite click for a while.

Midway through my sophomore year, I went through my first “season change.” I was elected to a position on the Interfraternity Council (IFC) and asked to serve as the campaign manager for one of the Student Body President/Vice-President tickets. Suddenly, campus involvement was my life—did my G.P.A. really matter THAT much?

Fortunately, as my junior year began, the realization that “balance is important” finally hit me—as if people hadn’t been telling me so for years.  Cue another season change. Over the past year, I think I’ve done a decent job of balancing classwork, leadership on campus, and—most importantly—the friends I have around me. As I continue to move through my first senior year (and eagerly look toward my second), I’m excited to see what season changes lie ahead—there’s a lot of my K-State story yet to write, and I look forward to the journey!

So as the scorching days of summer draw to an end and intramural games, planning for Homecoming and test preparation begin to dominate my schedule, I’m reminded of the novelty of living in Manhattan, where we can experience ALL the seasons—both literally and figuratively!


Pumpkins and Corn Mazes

One thing that hasn’t changed since I came to college is the need to express my inner kid.

Between formal meetings, interviews, and an on-campus job, I seem to have my plate full of adult duties. Nothing puts my friends  and I more at ease then having some good clean fun that speaks to my-kid-at-heart spirit rather than my ambitious college student duties I continuously attend to. Last fall, my friends and I experienced a day filled with innocence and silliness while attending a corn maze and pumpkin patch!

At the corn maze, we had the chance to run through the corn while playing hide and seek. We each chose a small pumpkin to take home, drank hot chocolate, and took pictures with funny painted flats that depicted farmers, animals, and even vegetables that we could put our faces through. We were able to do all this for one low flat rate that each of us could afford.

It’s afternoons like these that help me value my time here at K-State the most. Throughout my years at K-State, my best memories have been the ones unplanned and truly unique. K-State has helped me on the path of becoming the best version of myself and led me to have experiences that contain pure and unfailing joy. Time spent with friends is never wasted time while you are in college, even if you are being big kids.

Although there may be times, as a college student, I feel completely overwhelmed and unsure where to go, I know moments like these will always help me get through the tough times. Every college student needs those afternoons where you can remember the time of innocence that are slowly fading away with time. My advice to any college student is: Take some time to do something that speaks to your inner kid. You won’t regret the time spent and it will help you enjoy your college years even more.

And don’t worry…….. I will be going again this fall!

There is Nothing Like Fall at K-State

Hello again!

I am back after a LOVELY fall week and weekend full of many wonderful fall activities.

Let me just tell you that I adore the fall, and I have always been this way. I love the weather, how the leaves change, pumpkins, warm drinks, light jackets and jeans, and basically just everything about fall. I didn’t think that fall could get any better, but it did! Fall at K-State is already so great. There is nothing like walking on campus with beautiful limestone buildings on all sides of you and gorgeous fall air. Walking around on campus in the fall is so fun because you see so many people outside studying, laying in hammocks, playing frisbee, or just hanging out with friends.

I was inspired to take this picture this weekend while I was studying outside. I wish that there was way to send the weather along with a picture, because a picture just can’t totally show how great the weather is.  

Also I just wanted to throw in a little funny story that happened this week.  This week I was walking up the stairs in Hale Library to go to the third floor and I was just thinking about the day and what i was going to study and then I definitely tripped up the stairs. The girl walking behind me probably got her laugh for the day. 🙂 It was my first time tripping on campus…although I am sure there will be many more.

Here’s to fall weather and falling up stairs!


How to Pull an All-Nighter

Unfortunately, one of the general facts of college of a college student’s life is that they are going to have to pull an all-nighter at one point or another. I have pulled my fair share of these sleepless nights in the past, and last night I pulled my first all-nighter of the semester, because I needed to study for my Calc 3 and Macroeconomic tests. When it was all said and done, I was functioning (kind of…) on 41 hours without sleeping. Let’s just say that it was a long day.

So, here are my tips to get through an all-nighter at K-State:

1) First of all, get rid of all distractions. Turn off your cell phone and avoid surfing the internet. I understand you want to talk to your friends and keep up on the football team at kstatesports.com, but if you are pulling an all-nighter, you probably need to keep your head in the books until you feel comfortable with the subject content.

2) Find a nice quiet place to study. This is probably not in your residence hall, house, apartment, fraternity, or sorority. These only offer unlimited distractions to your studying. Instead, I recommend heading over to Hale Library where there are computers and quiet and group study areas that are conducive to studying.

3) Take a few breaks (and maybe a power nap too). It is impossible to expect yourself to pull off eight plus hours straight of solid studying. So, a take a break every hour or two. In these breaks, you can give yourself a tour of the library or even take a quick 10 minute power nap on one of the library’s surprisingly comfortable couches.

4) Pack a goodie bag. This is basically all of my essentials for getting through the night. For every all night study session, I always bring with me some ibuprofen (for the headaches I get from studying so hard), some food (usually a banana and pop tarts), candy (who doesn’t wan to have a sugar rush while studying!?), and finally, caffeine, and LOTS of it. Last night, I downed six cups of coffee, a Route 44 Cherry Limeade from Sonic, and two Five Hour Energy’s (Extra Strength of course!) Although, by the end of the 41 hours, all that caffeine was catching up with me, as my hands were shaking so much that I could hardly text on my phone.

Hopefully these tips help for the next time you have to pull one of those dreaded all-nighters.

K-State Proud,


Seth Meyers at K-State: Behind the Scenes Planning

Seth Meyers, the head writer for Saturday Night Live and host of “Weekend Update,” is coming to K-State on Saturday, September 29th! Bringing big name entertainment has been a new focus of leadership on campus and we are excited to have Seth coming to K-State.

Students have been  planning this event. Student are in charge of everything from the selection of the artist, to the marketing, to picking up the talent, and even the execution of the event. These students are a part of Union Program Council (UPC). I serve on UPC and have seen first hand how students are preparing for Seth Meyers’ performance at K-State. I wanted to give you a peek at what has been going on behind the scenes to prepare for this event.

It all started this summer. The entertainment committee co-chairs Ross and Laura started to see what major comedians were in their price range, touring, and appealed to K-State students. This can sometimes be the hardest part of the planning. Figuring out what artists will do well at K-State is a BIG task and it needs to be right for a successful event. Once the co-chairs selected Seth and got the approval to try to sign him, the negotiations began.

Students in UPC work with agents to find the dates that work for both UPC and the artist. Once a date, location, and price are confirmed the contract is signed by the artist and by UPC. This process takes time and is crucial to the success of the event.

We are currently in the marketing phase of the Seth Meyers event. The Union Graphics office created fliers, handbills, and other communications pieces to promote the event. Students are even walking around campus with t-shirts of Seth Meyers’ face and the event information on them. Filling Bramlage Coliseum is not an easy task, but Ross and Laura’s creative marketing is helping make this event successful.

As the date of the event draws near, Ross and Laura are getting everything prepared for Seth’s arrival. They are booking a hotel room for him, gathering his requests for his dressing room, and continuing to promote the event.

The concert is going to be hilarious. For members of UPC it will be looked at as one more successful event. Ross and Laura will breathe out sighs of relief in between their laughter that night, but will be so proud of the event. UPC works hard to bring big name artists to campus. I hope this peek into the planning of the event has shown you the opportunities students have at K-State.

Don’t forget to come to the show! “An evening with Seth Meyers” Saturday, September 29th at 8 pm in Bramlage Coliseum.

To learn more about the event visit the UPC website or the Facebook event page here!