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Month: February 2013

My Week-Long Musings

As the title might suggest, this post really doesn’t have a single theme and instead it is just my random thoughts from this week.

  • Snow Day: So in case you haven’t heard, a miracle happened in Manhattan, Kansas last week. Kansas State actually had a snow day! I ended up putting this day to good use by watching three Red Box movies while consuming an entire package of Oreo’s and two bags of potato chips. As you can see, I was very productive!
  • President Schulz’s Tweets: Last week, I was studying for my America History test, and somehow I got distracted and found myself divulging into my newfound addiction to Twitter. (For some reason, this tends to happen quite frequently when I’m studying.) That day, I ended up reading a lot of Kansas State President Kirk Schulz’s tweets. President Schulz not only constantly promotes our university, but he also is always directly responding to student questions and comments on Twitter (and often in a very entertaining way). Students are constantly tweeting at him, but he never misses a beat and he always tweets back. This just confirms my theory that we have the greatest university president ever! So, if you want some daily dosage of entertainment and K-State, follow our President on Twitter.
  • K-State Compliments: Fellow blogger Heidi wrote about this last week, but I think this is so cool that it deserves a second shout out! K-State Compliments is a Facebook page devoted to recognizing how amazing K-State students are. The compliments are submitted and then they are anonymously posted onto their Facebook wall. Every day, there are a myriad of compliments posted, and this is just another amazing example of how we truly are a family here at K-State! So, next time you are on Facebook, check it out!

Stay warm everybody!

As always, K-State Proud,


Leaving Trails

This has been a crazy week! Projects and papers due, tests, and lots going on here on campus have certainly kept me busy. Managing procrastination during last weeks rare snow day  was also a unique experience. I did maintain just enough motivation to walk to a job interview in the snow.  We will see if it pays off! I’m also in the process of apartment hunting with two of my friends from my dorm which has me so excited!

Just wanted to take a quick moment to let you know about an experience I had during a phone call with a company out of New Mexico. I was looking for a summer job and had been in contact with the assistant manager. When asked to tell a little about myself, I explained that I am currently enjoying an amazing first year at K-State. The assistant manager stopped me and exclaimed “We love working with K-State students!” which made me so much more relaxed as we continued the conversation. It was reassuring to know that even hundreds of miles away I had a positive reputation preceding me. After all, everywhere Wildcats go we leave a trail whether it is to campus in a snowstorm or off into the “real world.”

Snow Day!

As if the semester didn’t start off busy enough for me, it just keeps getting busier!  My calender for the month of February literally has four days without any meetings/tests/interviews/etc.  I found out this past week that I didn’t get into Student Foundation which was a major bummer.  It was an honor to get an interview though; it’s probably one of the hardest organizations to get involved in at K-State.  We had one of our last Silver Key meetings last week, and our last event was today at the Meadowlark Retirement Community.  We got to go play board games, decorate cookies, and dance with some of the people that live there!  I met a 100 year-old lady today that has lived in Manhattan her whole life!  Can you imagine the changes she’s seen over the years in this city?? I had my first test of the semester last week in Finance 450, and let’s just say I need to study harder for the next one…  We had a snow day last Thursday after getting like a foot of snow, and it was awesome having the day off!

Anderson.jpg A cool picture of snow-covered Anderson Hall!


Today was my interview for Chimes Junior Honorary.  I was pretty nervous about it and it was tough, but hopefully I’ll find out if I made it in the next week or so.  The interview process for Silver Key started today as well; we’ve got one hundred incredibly qualified individuals to sort through and narrow down to forty.  I’ve got another busy week coming up, including two tests on Monday, lots of Silver Key interviews, a Soaring with Eagles Reunion, the Business Career Fair, a meeting with an assistant to the Athletic Director, two applications due, and more!  I’d better get back to studying, seeing as how my test is in about six hours — until next time!

Snow Day Fun Day

This week we had a snow day on Thursday. It was pretty exciting because it is pretty rare to have a snow day. It was really nice and fun to just have a day to hang out and enjoy a fun day off.

I caught up with reading and hung out with some friends. A lot of people played outside in the snow too. We got quite a bit of snow so I have seen some pretty cool snow men and  other snow creations.

This is a picture of some of my friends building a snow man. I think that everyone had a lot of fun hanging out and doing fun things on their snow day. Here’s to snow days!

Open Option Adventure Part Four

In case you haven’t heard, I am currently Open Option! In my last posts, I described what my process was for building my schedule as well as what my Sociology, Cultural Anthropology, and Trial Advocacy courses looked like from my chair. Check back for more information about my other courses, but for now, here is a look at my Spanish and Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence courses!

Spanish is another course that requires my full participation. My instructor is always high-energy and expects us to be as well. I have found myself rising to the challenge of talking around a word if I do not know it and being willing to make mistakes aloud in front of my peers. I appreciate this because being able to utilize a second language in real situations was my purpose for pursing it. I feel like I am getting the most out the experience when I am pushed to try to navigate new situations.

My professor for Psychology of Childhood and Adolescence is the only one I have that still uses the chalk and blackboard approach but he does so in a manner I didn’t expect. My professor writes all of the notes we need for the day down so that we do not have to rush to copy what he says but rather fill in notes as needed. I have found I can listen without distraction this way. My professor also does a bit of a preview/recap method that helps me retain the main ideas. My professor also pauses after explaining any theory or concept and asks the class if they have any stories that go along with it. He uses these stories as examples that make the concepts more entertaining and meaningful. I appreciate how we are encouraged to stop and ask questions at any time because this wasn’t always the case at my high school.

We are almost a month in to the semester and the first exams are rolling around. At this point, I only have positive things to say about my courses. I will be sure to keep you all posted as my “MAJOR” decision comes closer.


Open Option Adventure Part Three

In case you haven’t heard, I am currently Open Option! In my last posts, I described what my process was for building my schedule as well as what my Sociology and Cultural Anthropology courses looked like from my chair. Check back for more information about my other courses, but for now, here is a look at my Intro to Trial Advocacy Course!

Another course that I always feel challenged in is my Intro to Trial Advocacy course. For example, yesterday we played a “game” where a witness was under direct examination and we had to quickly decide if we, as opposing counsel, needed to object and on what grounds. Not to brag, but my team won the game. Since the course is not lecture sized, we get to mingle amongst ourselves as we learn about the Mock Trial process. This is important because when reading through a case or completing an analysis we can see multiple angles which is always important in law. Before taking this course, I had never heard of a Communication Studies major so I am excited to see how the rest of the course goes.

Check back with me soon to see what my other courses look like!

Wish me luck!


K-State Proud

We are in day 5 of K-State Proud week. As a co-chair for the K-State Proud campaign, I am so happy that this week is here. In my opinion, K-State Proud represents the concept of a “K-State Family” in the best way.

The past two weeks students have been donating to K-State Proud. These donations directly impact the lives of their fellow K-State students through Student Opportunity Awards. These awards are given to students that have exhausted all of their financial aid and are at risk of leaving K-State. Last year alone, 70 students were kept at K-State because of K-State Proud. In six years, K-State Proud has raised more than $550,000 for Student Opportunity Awards. During campaign week this week, the goal is to raise $135,000.

Campaign week will wrap up on Monday, Feb. 25 with the K-State versus Texas Tech basketball game. We will gray out Bramlage in support of “students helping students.” Join the K-State family in supporting Student Opportunity Awards by visiting the K-State Proud website at www.k-stateproud.org. Also check out this video to learn more.

Why I’m an Evernote Addict

Time to reveal to the world – as if everyone didn’t already know – how nerdy I truly am: today in my blog, I’m going to talk about my love for Evernote, and more importantly, the need for all K-Staters to have a note-taking system of some sort, whether on paper or computer.

First, what is Evernote? It’s a note-taking software program that allows me to take notes in class, “clip” interesting web articles I want to read later, make audio recordings of what professors say, and much more. It’s accessible from smart phones, tablets, and computers, and it’s what I’ve come to rely on to take notes in classes and meetings, as well as to capture any sort of inspirational lessons I encounter throughout the day at K-State.

Enough about Evernote, though – above all, K-State has taught me the importance of capturing everything down on paper (or electronically) that I can throughout the day. It seems like wherever I go, whether it be class, an interesting lecture on campus, or just hanging out with friends, I learn bit of information I want to capture. I feel I’ve learned even more outside the classroom at K-State than I have while within it, and I don’t want it to go to waste. I’ve even found value in taking time at the end of each day to journal my thoughts – as you might have guessed, I usually do so on Evernote. Journaling helps me get all my thoughts out (let’s be real – my friends don’t need to hear me talk more than I already do!) and allows me to process through everything I’ve involved in…I’d recommend it!

An average day at K-State is busy with note-worthy happenings and chalked full of inspirational interactions with others; I’ve learned to do my best capture them.


A Sincere Compliment

One day, while wasting time on Facebook, my eye was drawn to the section labeled “People You May Know” for an interesting suggestion. Usually this section on a Facebook page is directed toward connecting you with people you may know through mutual friends. This particular time, a Facebook profile labeled “K-State Compliments” appeared. Due to its nontraditional name, I was immediately intrigued and decided to explore this profile a little bit.

It turns out that this profile is administered by an anonymous user who asks people to inbox compliments to any fellow K-State student. The admin of the website then copies the information into a status and tags the person who is to receive the compliment on their page. After becoming friends with “K-State Compliments”, my News Feed exploded with compliments about K-Staters! It was great to see many of my fellow friends, sorority sisters, and classmates tagged with such kind words being shared about them.


Then, last night, as I was getting ready to call it a night, I heard my phone buzz with an email. I pleasantly surprised to see that I received an email from Facebook saying that I had been tagged in a post. Here is what a wonderful friend of mine posted on my behalf:

Heidi Hurtig does not understand the amazing impact she has on the people around her. Her genuine love for others is shown in her good works and honesty. Never do I doubt her friendship. She challenges those around her to be better people, but above all to be themselves. To Heidi!

I was so humbled and honored to have received this from a friend! When I logged on to Facebook this morning, I saw that two other people had commented on the status on my behalf, making the compliment that much more meaningful.

While exploring the page of “K-State Compliments”, I stumbled upon the fact that this page was founded on February 16th, 2013: the 150th Birthday of K-State! I couldn’t think of a better way to start off on the path to another 150+ years for K-State than starting a Facebook page, allowing students to make their friends’ days a little brighter by extending a gesture of kind words.

Prospective students always have the opportunity to hear about our great academics, student life, athletics, and all around great atmosphere at K-State. All those attributes make our campus one in a million, but it is gestures like those of K-State Compliments that add that spark as to what makes students feel a part of something bigger than themselves, and therefore, leading a happier college life.

If you are a student here at K-State, I would recommend “friending” K-State Compliments and sharing some special words for a friend. I know I definitely will pay it forward after receiving my compliment!

Have a happy week Wildcats!



Open Option Adventure Part Two

In case you haven’t heard, I am currently Open Option! In my last post, I described what my process was for building my schedule as well as what my Sociology course looked like from my chair. Check back for more information about my other courses, but for now here is a look at my Intro to Cultural Anthropology Course!

Speaking of other courses, I am also enjoying my Cultural Anthropology course taught by Professor Wesch. Professor Wesch is well known on campus and beyond and is a great example of the passion characteristic of the Wildcat Family. This course is all about learning to ask great questions and to wonder in addition to studying all people, everywhere, over all time. One thing I really appreciate about Professor Wesch is the way he encourages people to pursue whatever is “burning in your soul” and shows how Cultural Anthropology can help you in that pursuit. I always imagined stuffy and strict professors so having one who is approachable with a sense of humor impressed me. I always feel challenged in this class to be fully “present” and I enjoy how the subject comes alive before my eyes.

Check back soon for more information on my other courses as I continue on my Open Option Adventure!