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Month: April 2013

3 Reasons Spring at K-State is the Best!

Since coming to K-State, Spring has become my favorite time of year – there’s always something to do, someone to hang out with, and often times, a lot of free food! While studying for finals has to remain a priority in my schedule, there’s a ton of opportunities to meet new people, have fun, and give back to the community that can be found in March, April, and May. Here are three of my favorites:

1. Intramurals – I love the intramurals that are offered in the Spring. Doubles tennis is my favorite to play, but I really enjoy watching my fraternity brothers compete in slow-pitch softball as well as the annual three-on-three tournament we hold in our backyard. The weather hasn’t been too consistent so far this Spring, but after being cooped up inside for several months, I’ll take just about anything; it feel great to get out and exercise around Manhattan in the Spring.

2. Philanthropies – Philanthropies are an example of a concept I knew nothing about before coming to college, but they’re everywhere in the Spring. The concept is a simple: an organization (often a fraternity or sorority) puts on an event, and the proceeds go to a local or national charity. Recent example at K-State include a Miss K-State pageant put on by one of the fraternities and a 5K “paint run” hosted by one of the sororities here on campus.

3. Planning for Summer – This might sound weird, but one of my favorite parts of the last few weeks has been getting ready for this summer: I’ll be working in Manhattan part-time as an Orientation Leader for K-State (look out incoming freshmen!) and also interning for the City Commission here in town. I’m excited for my jobs, and I’m also REALLY excited to be living with three of my fraternity brothers for a couple of months and hanging out in Manhattan for the summer!


Hidden Treasures in Hale

Most times when you think of Hale library, the thoughts of studying for long hours and searching through shelves and shelves of dusty books come to mind. For me, I think of hidden music treasures that await me on the 4th floor.

Recently, I was studying on a Saturday afternoon (crazy, right?) preparing for upcoming tests that upcoming week. I took a quick study break to look up to see if the library happened to have any vocal sheet music available for the song “Part of Your World” from the Little Mermaid, seeing as how I was going to sing that song in an upcoming event.

Though I was discouraged to find they didn’t have the sheet music, I did discover our library contained CD’s of famous musicals located on the 4th floor of Hale. In anticipation of what I may find, I quickly packed up my things and headed to the 4th floor. I was met with large white shelving units that were FILLED with CDs of all kinds!

Now, if there are two things in this world I love the most, those would be K-State and musical theatre. To stumble upon musicals at my university library, I thought I had just hit the jackpot! I spent the next 45 minutes to an hour pulling out all the shelving units and finding 3 CD’s of musicals that I have always wanted to possess. That day I left with the soundtracks of Thoroughly Modern Millie, Sweeney Todd, and Hairspray.

After walking back to my sorority house, I told all my sorority sisters about my lucky find and they couldn’t help but smile. I am sure they thought, “Heidi would appreciate something like this.” 🙂

This past week, I couldn’t help but wonder what other musical scores existed in our library. During a study break again, I stumbled upon FOUR more musicals that I wanted to check out while looking through the Hale library database. I finally found some time today to go look through collection. I think I was smiling the whole time as I searched for each of them in giddy anticipation.  Today, I walked away with Guys and Dolls, The Sound of Music, Seussical, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.Seussical, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Guys and Dolls, The Sound of Music

The moral of my story is simple: you never know what K-State has up its sleeve in regards to feeding your passions. Whether that be a hidden away musical collection or a unique campus organization that speaks to a unique interest of yours, K-State has it all. K-State not only provides resources for students to develop inside the classroom, but has numerous opportunities and resources for students to “find their niche” and see the intangible greatness that is K-State.

Who knows….your passion could be hiding in a shelf in Hale library right this moment….

Happy Searching!


Study Tips

Hello again everyone! I hope you are all doing well, personally these last couple of weeks have been pretty crazy for me because the semester is coming to a close and I have had lots of projects, tests, and more. During this I have come up with a few study tips that have really helped. I thought I would share them with you.

1. Lists. I always find it really helpful to make lists of everything I need to get done. It helps me to see everything in one place, and it is always a good feeling when I get to check something off.

2. Utilize power naps. Power naps are great, they are short so you don’t lose a lot of studying time, but if you mange them right they are very refreshing. I usually go for 20 min. power naps. It is really important to set an alarm and get up after your nap time because you don’t want to end up sleeping for hours.

3. Time yourself. I have found it really helpful if I tell myself I will work on something for a certain amount of time without any distractions. For example I might say that I will work for 45 min on a paper without checking my phone, or social media or any of the usual distractions.

4. Stretch Periodically. Sometimes when I am studying I start to feel lethargic because I have been sitting for such a long time. It always helps me  focus more if after a while I get up and stretch or jog in place a little bit, something to get my blood going a little bit.

These are the tips that have helped me and I hope they help you too!

Here’s to studying!


Top 10 To-Do

I am leaving home in 23 days. I have 23 days left to enjoy Manhattan. I have 23 days left with my Wildcat family and some of the most amazing people I have met in my life. This is surreal and quite upsetting. I can’t believe how quickly my first year has gone! I can’t believe all I have done! Then again, there are still memories to be made and I’ve decided I am going to make the most of each day. I recognize that some of these activities may require some resting time before and after, so I suggest not doing them all in one day.

  1. Midnight Milkshake Run with Roomies
  2. Rearrange Room
  3. Enjoy the Last Snowfall
  4. Begin Packing
  5. Hike the Konza One Last Time
  6. Last Trip to Tuttle
  7. Pose on Manhattan Hill
  8. Varsity Donuts in the ‘Ville
  9. Picnic in City Park
  10. All Nighter at Hale

Plan ahead and make your own to-do list of things you want to do before you leave for the summer! It provides a great way to make this last few weeks before finals enjoyable. We all know we perform best when happy! Feel free to leave your list in a comment below!

Hang in there!


3 Tips to Survive April

It’s April. For both high schoolers and college students, it’s hard to truly express how crazy this month can be – there’s so much going on! Amidst applications for summer jobs and internships, gigantic end-of-the-year projects, and weather outside that makes studying impossible, it can be hard to maintain sanity. Here are my 3 tips to survive the month of April!

1. Say “no” – nothing like starting off my list with something I’m bad at, right? Regardless of that fact, saying no when you’re going through an extremely busy time on year (to things you might usually say “yes” to) can be a necessity. This can mean a lot: it can be saying “no” to an extra few minutes of FaceBook or to hanging out with your friends for the fourth night in a row. It might not be fun in the moment, but will be worth it in the long run.

2. Focus on 6 hour blocks of time – usually, I try to make a to-do list each day, for the entire day. When I get super crazy busy and super crazy overwhelmed, though, I find it helpful to focus on an even smaller increment of time – like 6 hours, for instance. I make a list in the morning to accomplish by lunch, after lunch I make one to accomplish by dinner, and after dinner I make one to accomplish by bedtime. It’s a small thing, but it can make the day seem more doable, and for that, I consider it to be worth it.

3. Have an outlet – this one’s pretty simple: have something you enjoy doing that you can do every evening (maybe before bed) to reward yourself for a hard day’s work. I’m obsessed with the shows “The Newsroom” and “30 Rock,” so I try to watch an episode with my roommates when I can. It’s a good outlet because it only take 25 minutes or so, but can allow me regroup and be more productive once I get back to it!

April is crazy – but it’s possible to get through at K-State. It’s one of the most fun times of year on campus, and the above tips can make it less stressful and allow you to enjoy it!



In Kansas, we don’t have “real” beaches. So, during the summer and during breaks many Kansans (and K-Staters) take vacations to the far far away coastal regions.  In case you were wondering, the best way to get to get that “beach body” is to take multiple trips to the Konza Prairie. I highly recommend the full 6 miles of trails and suggest taking multiple trips out there a week. I always take a buddy or two and we now even have our own soundtrack CD for the drive out.

Happy Hiking!


Europe Final Part: Munich, Germany

Wrapping up my final blog about Europe, I am so excited to share about Munich, Germany. This was by far my favorite place that I have ever travelled to and I am absolutely in love with it.

While in Germany, we had the opportunity to visit the large BMW corporation. I know have the wish of owning a luxury car. You think they make them in purple? 🙂

We were given and large tour of their plant and were able to see the progression of their company since their start in the BMW museum. Needless to say, some of the information went way over my head, but the presentation of the company was incredible! 

The next couple of days were filled with site-seeing. We took a bike tour around Munich and heard about the history of the city. My favorite site on the tour had to be checking out the surfers in the Eisbach river right by a bridge. We would have thought we were in California despite it being almost freezing.

Check out pictures from the bike tour!!


By far the best thing we did on our trip was visit Neuschwanstein Castle (and yes…that’s how you spell it) This castle was built by a Bavarian King in the 19th Century that Walt Disney used as a model for his castle in Disney World today. It was BEAUTIFUL!! All the walls were covered in art of fairy tales and fantasy stories. It was definitely a castle fit for a king.



We finished our trip up to the Alps on our final and met up with one of our Professors past students from Germany and his friend. They were such great hosts! The best compliment they gave us was that we wore so much purple that they could tell we were huge fans! You always have to display your pride wherever you go!

As a wrap-up, going abroad was one of the best decisions I have ever made in college. It not only taught me about other cultures and their different business practices, but how truly fortunate we are to be in the U.S. and, more specifically, how fortunate we are to go to Kansas State University. I learned how special it is to travel with your fellow Wildcats. Though we may have stuck out at tourists, we stuck out in the best way possibly: covered in purple!

I hope to share my experience with many students I come in contact over the next year. I need to pay it forward to someone like me who had thought they couldn’t do it and help them make one of the best decisions in their college career.

Jeder Mann ist eine WildKatze (“Every Man a Wildcat” in German)!

Have a great week Wildcats!



There are SO many great things about K-State, but one of the things that I love most about being here at K-State is all of the fun adventures you can have! This weekend I realized just how many fun things there are to do around Manhattan, and how many opportunities I have to do knew things and have new experiences.

On Saturday I woke up and went to the Tulip Festival in Wamego (which is right outside of Manhattan). The festival had a lot of people set up selling all sorts of crafty things like jewelry, scarves, home decor, children’s clothes, soaps, and much more. It was really fun, and it was a fun little adventure.

After the Tulip festival I got lunch in Aggieville with some of my friends. Aggieville is an area really close to campus that has some stores and restaurants. It is always fun to go there are walk around on a nice day or eat outside at one of the restaurants.

After I got done eating with my friends and hanging out I went on a bike ride with one of my friends. Manhattan is a really bike-friendly city and there are even some trails that you can bike on too! The weather was absolutely perfect for biking, and it was so fun to get out and get some exercise.

This is just a sample of all the fun things there are to do in Manhattan! There is always an adventure to be had.

Here is to adventures!



Faithful to Our Colors

It never ceases to amaze where I see my fellow K-Staters. As an avid traveler, I have literally seen Wildcats all over the country and all over the world. Just in the past year, I have seen K-Staters at the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Aruba, Louisville, Kentucky, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and Vinalhaven, Maine which is an island only accessible by ferry with a population of 1,100 and I’m pretty sure it only sees about 3 tourists a day.

Now, sometimes I joke that I have enough K-State purple clothing to clothe an army. But in all seriousness, that really isn’t too much of a stretch. I probably have around 25 K-State t-shirts, 7 KSU polos, 3 Wildcat sweatshirts/wind breakers, 2 purple dress shirts to go along with my 2 purple ties, 2 pairs of K-State shorts, 1 pair of Wildcats swim trunks, a royal purple belt, 3 K-State hats, and 1 Wildcat stocking cap. To top all that off, I only write with purple pens. Yes, I most certainly bleed purple, and I am constantly wearing purple, especially when I travel.

For Spring Break, my family and I went to Aruba (I wore K-State clothing everyday) and we were not even there a full day before I heard a, “Go Cats!” while we were at the grocery store. My family ended up having a nice conversation with a couple from eastern Kansas, and it just so happened that their daughter and son-in-law have season football tickets in the seats next to my parents. What a small world! Later in the week, I ran into a high school senior who was coming to K-State and another prospective student who just asked me about our university because I was wearing one of my purple shirts. (I, of course, went into recruitment mode with that student!)

So, no matter where you are or where you go, always sport the purple. You never know who you might meet or run into because of it, and you can also be an example to the rest of the world on who our amazing K-State Family is!

Europe Part 2: London

The choice to study abroad finally opened itself to me in the form of travelling to London, England and Munich Germany during Spring Break.

Our first stop was London. And boy what a whirlwind city London was! We first arrived on Friday, March 15th to a world filled with subway systems or what they call “the tube”, double decker buses, and fish and chips offered at every corner.

While in London, we had the opportunity to take a bus tour around the city and scope out Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and many other famous landmarks. My favorite adventure was probably attending the Tower of London and seeing the Crown Jewels. What can I say….diamonds are a girl’s best friend 🙂

See the following pictures for a glimpse at my adventure.





As part of our requirement for the class, we went to the Chelsea Football Arena, or one of their main soccer arenas in Great Britain. We had the opportunity to see the the pride that the British people have in soccer and how it acts as a means of profit for their economy. We were able to see inside their locker rooms and the press room. That was one of the coolest tours I have ever taken!



Cool K-State Moments 

While in London, of course you have to run into K-Staters! 🙂

While some of us were at the Tower of London, one of my fellow classmates recognized one of her sorority sisters that was studying abroad in Prague walk by. We all got a chance to meet her while we talked about our experience of Wildcats in London. We were so surprised that we were in the same country, at the same place, at the same time. What are the odds ?!

The next K-State moment we had was when we were looking for a sports bar to watch the Big XII Championship game with K-State. We found a bar with the game on it and at one point, we heard people in the room cheering for K-State. Turns out there was a K-State alum there watching the game while on a trip to London. It was great. At one point, we had to move locations since that bar closed before the end of the game. At our next location, we ran into MORE
K-Staters. We met grad students who were studying in London and happened to be out watching the game. It was so surreal and great to have a little piece of home there in London.

The best part of the trip was, by far, travelling with K-Staters and being able to make connections that we can take back to campus. You will come to find out that the Wildcat Spirit spans the globe and never ceases. The K-State family is truly one of a kind.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a true K-State trip without the following picture being taken….

Stay tuned for next week’s blog over our second part of the trip to Munich, Germany!

Go Cats!