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Month: June 2013

Roomie Survival Guide

I went “potluck” and was assigned my roommates. It was the best decision that I could make and I think it was a great experience. I am even continuing to live with one of my roommates! I know it can be scary when you go from not talking to strangers to living with people you might have never met before, but I have a few tips to help you navigate this new relationship.

1) Open communication is essential. Always address issues as quickly as possible, before grudges can develop. Try to always include everyone involved in the matter in the discussion. Things may get heated and a “pause” may be necessary to resume conversation at a later time when people are more calm and rational. Overall it is really best to just get everything out of the way and out of your system.

2) One way to facilitate this kind of openness is to make a “Roomie Agreement” and amend it as necessary as time goes on, but to stick to it. Residence Assistants and other hall staff have a sheet you can use as a starting point. Make sure to address how to handle issues that arise in the future as well as prioritizing . For example, does your roomie expect to be asked politely to clean the shower when it is their turn? Simply asking not ordering can make a huge difference and will preserve the peace in your new home.

3) Get to know your neighbors. If you share a bathroom, floor, or hall you will probably interact at some point. You might as well start things on a good foot. Your RA and the rest of the hall staff is also worth befriending. By the end of my time in the hall the front desk knew me by name and it was just very pleasant to see friends every morning.

4) Know when to hold them and when to fold them, if things are out of control you can talk to hall staff and your roomie about switching rooms. Especially when you share your room with more than one person. You deserve to be safe, healthy, and happy. Your home should be a place of NO JUDGMENT where you can be yourself.

5) Don’t be afraid to go potluck. Living with friends and family presents a challenge if things don’t go well and you can still make time for them even if your aren’t sharing a room with them.

Personally, I can’t wait to move back to Manhattan! 42 days!


Safety Tips by Corinna

I have never felt unsafe on campus, or in Manhattan, but I know my mom still worries anyway. I remember last year about this time I received some valuable  tips that I want to pass on to the newest members of my Wildcat Family.


1) Put those phone numbers in your phone NOW so you don’t have to hunt for them later. If you have room for Pizza Shuttle (trust me, you do), you have room for these!

  • Wildcat Walk,
    785-395-SAFE (7233)
  • Campus Police, 785-532-6412
  • SafeRide, 785-532-6541
  • Emergency Hotline for the Women’s Center,
  • Lafene Heath Center,

2) Sign Up for K-State Alerts! This is not just for students. I signed my parents up as well for their peace of mind. My mom says, “It’s nice to know that someone is looking out for students during events like inclement weather. If I get an alert I knew to pay close attention to the situation too and to pass along the same kind of reminders I would have if my student was home.”

3) Wildcats look out for one another! On campus and off we practice civic responsibility. Situations can escalate so familiarizing yourself with resources ahead of time can really pay off. There are plenty of people willing to help, you just need to know where to look!   http://www.k-state.edu/counseling/student/http://www.k-state.edu/womenscenter/https://www.ksu.edu/police/silent/ .

http://www.k-state.edu/onestop/safety/ is your one stop shop for all things safety both on and off campus and has a lot of in depth information and links worth checking out. K-State Campus Police do a great job of keeping an eye on campus 24/7 as well as the parking lots and are very friendly if you need to file a report or need help jump starting your car. Riley County Police Department (RCPD as we affectionately call them) also works very hard to be helpful and approachable. Sometimes you can even catch them for a game of ping pong at Varsity Donut when they aren’t off fighting crime. The RCPD twitter account is a great source of smiles and local updates and is also worth a follow.

Be safe out there Wildcats!


Living Out of My Suitcase

I’ve been everywhere, man. I meant to update you all sooner, but many of my adventures have lacked power much less a stable internet connection. I welcomed the opportunity to disconnect and recharge a little but I have so much to tell you!

I have only been out of school a few weeks and I have covered  at least 14,350 miles worth of ground! Thankfully, I travel well. My parents trained me when I was young on how to pack and keep myself entertained for long distances. After I checked out of my hall, I began a 500 mile drive. A few days later my dad and I drove 1,400 miles in 22 hours and the next morning I hopped on a plane. By the time I was done flying I had flown 11,000 miles. Tomorrow I am hopping on a train and by the time I return I will have traveled 1,450 miles by train.  It’s safe to say I’ve been busy and I admit I still haven’t unpacked from all of my adventures. I have traveled by car, plane, train, and even boat and the summer isn’t anywhere near over yet!

It’s safe to say I am living out of my suitcases. They are purple, of course, and my K-State wear has been spotted everywhere from Hawaii to Kansas and beyond. I just love running into members of the K-State family when I travel and I always appreciate a good “EMAW” and a high five when I am away from home. This is a lot of words and numbers, so I will leave you with some pictures from my adventures.

Hope everyone is having an adventurous summer!


P.S. Countdown to first day of class is at 59 days!!!

Ready Player One: Read It! You Will Love It!

Hey readers!

Sorry I have been a little behind on updating my blog. Between moving back to Manhattan for the summer, starting my summer jobs, and getting my first place put together (blog to come!), my schedule finally has become more consistent, allowing me to sit down and reach out to my readers again.


At the end of finals week, I realized that I wanted to kick start my summer reading list (which seems to be growing longer by the day 🙂 ) with the new K-State Book Network choice of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. This book is the 4th installment of the KSBN program, a program focused on creating a community and a common thread between the new freshman class each fall. You may remember the past books being the Hunger Games (2010), Zeitoun (2011) and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks (2012) As a class leader for Intro to Leadership Concepts, the first class of the Leadership Minor and a popular one for incoming freshman, I was asked to read it so as to gain connection with the students I will be teaching this Fall!

My advice to all new freshman: READ IT! READ IT! READ IT! You will be receiving it in your packets at Orientation and Enrollment, allowing you the chance to fall in love with it during this summer like I did.

I sat down, not knowing the plot, and was sucked in immediately. The synopsis of the book is the story of a worldwide competition through a video game to find three keys that unlock a massive fortune. It is the story of one boy’s trials and tribulations as he is the first to find one of these keys.

Some have called it a “geek’s guilty pleasure” novel, focusing on video game lingo and 80’s pop cultural references. Being a non-gamer and knowing little about the 80’s, I was weary at first to see if it would spark my interest initially. Not only were those concerns not an issue for me, but it raised some very interesting questions that I feel apply to our world today.

Are we consumed by our computers and are, therefore, losing our ability to communicate face to face?

Does our culture capitalize on too many things just to make a quick dollar?

Can we “sell out” for our dreams if we are not cautious in knowing what we really want out of life?

These and many other questions floated through my mind as I immersed myself in this book. This book made me laugh, think, and imagine what life could be like in the future.

To the incoming freshman: We as a university are handing you a tool to help you get started on having those meaningful conversations with your peers right when you step foot on campus. I can’t tell you the number of conversations I have enjoyed with fellow K-Staters  that involve sitting around, discussing books that we have read. Reading not only is a way to enjoy learning and grow your knowledge of the world, but a way to make connections with new people right away. We aren’t handing you a textbook, we are handing you a key to unlock new friendships and grow as an intellectual individual.

If you have read the book, please come find me at Orientation and Enrollment! I would love to hear your thoughts and share with you mine! And for those who I will meet next Fall, I look forward to some great conversations.

I will want to know what your avatar’s name is……. 😉

Go Cats!