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Month: August 2013

Why YOU Should Check Out the Union Expo

Photo Credit: Ronald Jackson

As many of you know, today is the Union Expo and Activities Carnival here on campus. I think everyone should attend this event if their schedule allows it! It’s a great way to find out about the hundreds of clubs and organizations on campus. If you’re looking to get involved, the Union is your place to be tonight between 6 and 8. Another great reason to check out the Carnival is the amazing people you will meet. Students with passions about everything from Harry Potter to skydiving and beyond will be milling about and mingling.

One organization I am involved in is Circle K and we recently had a “Kiwanis Family Picnic” where we socialized and planned ahead for this year. I also was sent home with more fried chicken than I could carry! This club is just another example of how connected K-State is to the community. One of the best things about getting involved on campus is the additional support you receive from not only your peers but your faculty supervisor as well. College can get overwhelming and establishing a support system is a great way to ensure your success as well was sanity.

Photo Credit: Ronald Jackson

It’s not easy to work booths like you will see tonight so make an attempt to say “Hi” and get to know people working. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! That’s why they are there! If you can’t make it to the event tonight, check out http://wow.k-state.edu for more Week of Welcome events!


Jackson, Ronald. “Circle K Table.” Display. Facebook 2013. 29 Aug 2013 [https://www.facebook.com/photo.phpfbid=10151571244500458&set=pcb.10151571247235458&type=1&theater]

Jackson, Ronald. “Circle K Family.” Group Shot. Facebook 2013. 29 Aug 2013 [https://www.facebook.com/photo.phpfbid=10151571244265458&set=pcb.10151571247235458&type=1&theater]

Classes Begin, Opportunities Arise

Anderson Hall
A Beautiful First Day of Classes!!

Well, it is officially that time of year again.  I woke up Sunday morning not fully believing the fact that classes were starting the following day.  My emotions were mixed; I was excited to get back in the swing of classes, involvement, and being productive, but was not looking forward to the homework, tests, and heavy workload on my plate for this semester. I have learned though that even with these “stressers”, if you have the motivation to get it done, you can do it.  Be curious about your classes, ask questions, and show interest and your professor will want to help you do the best that you can. Fall classes are in session, and by now most of you have probably been to all of your classes.  It is definitely a new and interesting time, but one that comes with a ton of opportunities.  The opportunities to meet new friends, make new connections, get involved, and hey, maybe actually learn something too, right?

I met someone new in a class on Monday and it reminded me that the opportunity to meet new people is everywhere at K-State if you open yourself up to it.  No matter if you are Greek, living in the residence halls, or off campus housing, it is easy to fall into a habit of only hanging out with the people you live with and are around all the time.  Everyone gets in a comfort zone, but my challenge for everyone is to expand your friendship horizons, and focus on meeting someone new everyday.  You can meet people anywhere – In a class, walking on campus, in a group or organization, or even waiting in line at a football game.  If you already know someone in the class, change it up and sit by someone new.  Once you sit by them, make conversation, introduce yourself, and see what you have in common. I cannot tell you how many friends I have made just by making a goofy statement and chatting after that.  If speaking to new people is out of your comfort zone, that is not a bad thing.  I firmly believe the only way to grow who you are is to expand yourself out of your comfort zone.  It takes some effort, but it is worth it.  Make it a point to at least, in one of your classes, talk to that cute girl or guy sitting next to you, the person that looks lonely in the corner, or even just someone you think looks like a cool person to hang out with.  You never know where a friendly “hello” can take you.  You may think some people do not look approachable or will not want to talk, but the fact is, you never know until you try!

Opportunities are everywhere at K-State, as long as you are open to finding them.  Take advantage of your Wildcat family.  If you are lost on campus, ask someone for help.  If you are not sure which book you will need for a class, ask someone older than you.  One freshman told me this week “it is hard to believe how genuinely nice and friendly everyone who I talked to today on campus really is”.  I know it sounds corny, but it’s true.  I say it in every tour I give, and will always fully stand by it; Manhattan is the happiest place on earth.  Taking advantage of all of these opportunities around you will allow you to enjoy Manhappiness that much more!

Enjoy the rest of the first week everyone!

Go Cats!

Flying Hotdogs

Two of my favorite words in the entire world are “free” and “food”. Put these two words together and students come running. I experienced this first hand this past Sunday.

At the beginning of the school year, K-State hosts a pep rally at Bill Snyder Family Stadium (aka “The Bill”) for its students to get geared up for the football season. This provides new students the opportunity to learn all the traditions of K-State athletic events, including learning the moves to the Wabash Cannonball and the lyrics to the Fight Song. Besides getting pumped for the season, students come out for another reason: free hotdogs.

As students walked up to the entrance to the stadium, they were provided a free hotdog, chips, and a water bottle. Students involved in SGA and Student Alumni Board had the pleasure of distributing these items to the masses. Being a part of both organizations, I was lucky to be one of those students doing the distributing.

I was put on hotdog duty. Let me tell you…….you haven’t lived until you have seen 1000’s of hotdogs being given out for free. It was so much fun! I loved seeing the students’ faces light up as they received this yummy treat.

As the evening went on, the number of students coming to the pep rally accumulated quickly. There was only one thing we could do to meet the demands of our very hungry classmate: to start throwing them to students.

At first, it became a gentle toss here and there. But soon, some students took the fun to heart and started  calling for a hotdog 10 to 15 yards away from our table. If you ever played “Jackpot” when you were a little kid, you will know exactly what I am talking about when I say there were 6 hands reaching for one hotdog as they were tossed in the air. After all the crowds cleared, we observed some “casualty” hotdogs that had missed their intended receiver and had met their doom on the pavement outside the stadium. Sorry about that Athletic Department 🙂

The best part of all was the sincere graciousness of the students as the walked by. Almost every student made eye contact with each of us and thanked us. I couldn’t help but smile with pride. The student body here at K-State is truly one that centers around Midwest hospitality and being kind to all those they come in contact with. Whether a student is speaking with prospective students at Orientation, walking to class, or just receiving a free hotdog, K-State truly molds its students to live their life with kindness, sincerity, and a family feel that is second to none.

Have a great week! KICKOFF IS IN TWO DAYS!!

Go Cats!


First Day of Junior Year

I have to admit, I was nervous. I had all of the notebooks, sticky notes, pens, pencils, highlighters, folders, and textbooks I could need but that didn’t help reassure me. How could I be nervous? It was just another day at school? Except, it was the first day of the semester. I had a new schedule, new professors, and butterflies in my stomach.

I walked into my first class of the day and within the first 15 minutes my professor took away all of my anxiety. I know how to be a student. My professors care about my success. I have the amazing opportunity to further my education and personal development at an outstanding place called Kansas State University. This year is going to be awesome!


New Semester Resolutions

You can definitely tell that it is a new semester here in Manhattan. The Residence Halls and Greek houses are full again. Dr. Tracz and the marching band has once again occupied Old Stadium in the afternoon for practice. And the Walmart parking lot is always full no matter what time of the day you go buy your school supplies.

I like to look at new semesters as a new beginning to accomplish something that you haven’t so far. I call these my New Semester Resolutions, and I have been making one per semester ever since I enrolled at K-State. Having a semester long resolution or goal will help keep me focused through these next 16 weeks. My goal for this semester is to hammer down my plans for after I graduate here in a couple of years. (It will be here before I know it!) For me, this is probably going to be graduate school, but in what? If you are a high school senior however, maybe your semester resolution is to commit a significant amount of time to scholarship applications or to simply ensure that you are going to be graduating on a high note next spring . Or perhaps you just moved on campus here at K-State, and your goal could be something along the lines of getting a certain GPA or becoming involved in a number of organizations.

Whatever your resolutions may be, it is important to set these goals so you have a vision to strive for. Make sure your goal is useful to your future as well as challenging but still very much attainable. Record your resolution somewhere and then come back at the end of the semester and evaluate where you ended up. Hopefully, in the next 16 weeks, we will have all achieved what we are setting out to do!

K-State Proud,


6 Picks: Cool Spots on Campus

As I was walking my schedule today it felt SO GOOD to be back on campus. Sure it’s a little warm outside, but I have a full waterbottle and a long to-do list. Today I was everywhere! I was talking to employers, printing a syllabus, returning a book, hiding from the heat, refilling my waterbottle, making lunch, calling in a work order, and of course checking my e-mail and brainstorming for this post. Most of all it was great to see so many members of my Wildcat Family all over campus in some of my favorite spots. I know many of you have to hustle from class to class, but if you happen to have some free time here are 6 places to check out and enjoy some air conditoning or shade:

1) Anderson Hall- The outside of this building is beautiful and historic. There are some displays worth a look inside the building as well as some useful administrative offices. You can cut through the building for a quick break from the heat or if you need directions.

2) Hale Library- I know you aren’t surprised with this one. Hale is one of my favorite buildings because it is open whenever I need it and has all kinds of things to offer. If you find yourself with an hour break between classes you can pop in to check e-mails, get on KSOL, breathe, read a book, chat with other students, or update social media to tell Mom what a great day you’re having at school. All week they have been tweeting about helping students find classes and giving out water and such. That’s the Wildcat Way!

3) The Union- This is a building completely for students. The Union has lots of retail and food options, an art gallery, and a bowling alley. Many events are held in the Union so you might as well familiarize yourself with all of the levels. My favorite place to hide out is upstairs in a room that even has a fireplace. Do you know where that is? Ask around!

4) Leadership Studies- Home to Radina’s and many comfy chairs, this is a great spot to meet up with friends between classes. This is also a great place to fill up your water bottle and people watch if you don’t have too much work to get done.

5) Bluemont by the Bell- If you’re just looking for some shade, a great outdoor area by the Bluemont Bell (across the way from Hale directly in front of Dickens and Bluemont) has tables with umbrellas and plenty of trees. I like to take my laptop and watch TV shows to unwind.

6) The Rec- If you’re done with class for the day, or you have a late start, take the time to go check out the newly renovated Rec complex. Any KSU Parking Permit can be used in the Z lot outside (stay away from metered) or you can always walk there with a friend. You can also see another of my favorite buildings from there, Bill Snyder Family Stadium!

Hope all Wildcats had a great first day of classes!

Comment below with YOUR favorite location here on campus!


Becoming a Better You

With my second year at K-State starting tomorrow I have been reflecting on some of the things I learned last year. I learned a lot, but I think the most important thing I learned was that college isn’t about changing who you are, but becoming a better version of yourself.

When I was leaving home last year for school people would always tell me that college was an opportunity to find myself. I came to K-State really believing that was true. I thought I needed to change, or discover my true self while I was at school. Weeks kept passing and I hadn’t seemed to change. I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong. Was I not putting myself out there enough? I really wasn’t sure if I wanted to change, but I felt like that was what I was supposed to do. I was talking about it with one of my mentors last year and she cleared things up for me. She told me that college is not about changing into a new person, but instead becoming a better you. This advice has helped me so much. I now don’t feel pressure to be someone I am not, but instead I can focus on growing as a person. College is a great time. You can experience all sorts of new things. You can travel the world, make new friends, learn new things, get out of your comfort zone, and much more. My hope for you is that all that you do helps you grow. I hope you never feel as if you should be someone you aren’t – only that you should strive to be a better version of who you really are.


Back in Manhattan!

Summer has flown by before my eyes, and I’ve now found myself back in Manhattan with classes starting on Monday!  I had a great Summer, but I’m really excited to be back.  I spent most of June in Manhattan working for the Honors Program for Orientation and Enrollment.  I expected K-State to be pretty dead during the Summer, but there were a ton of people here!  The rest of my Summer was spent traveling and counting down the days until I moved back in to the house.  I’ve been back for a few days now, getting settled in and helping the new members settle in as well.  I just realized how much there is to do before classes start, including: preparing for my Teaching Assistant position for college algebra labs, selecting the Chimes’ K-State Family of the Year, training for Business Ambassadors, training the Honors Ambassadors, fundraising for Chimes, starting the process of finding a new Honors Director, meetings almost every day for the previously mentioned items, and about a hundred other things.

This semester I’ll be taking a nice variety of classes.  I’m enrolled in a Leadership class on Mondays that should be really interesting, as well as Accounting in Finance, Employment Law, and an upper-level Management class on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  It shouldn’t be my toughest semester, but I’ll also be teaching college algebra labs Monday-Thursday.  That’s right, NO FRIDAY CLASSES!!! The Cats and Bill Snyder kick off the football season next Friday night, and I can’t wait!  The new stadium looks incredible (picture soon to come).  I’m going to get to be down on the field for the first two games at some point; maybe you’ll see me on TV!  Until next time, GO CATS!

6 Picks: Cheap Entertainment

This week I found myself looking for ways to entertain myself for free. I walked over to Hale to use the computers and Internet. I figured I would look up some things to do around town, but I found myself quite entertained there in the library. Fun in the LIBRARY? Yes, FUN in the library. I also found some books to take home for added entertainment this week! Take a trip over to Hale (if you have the time) and try out one of these activities below:

1) Grab a “Leisure” book and sit in the comfy chairs and read. Who knew they had fun books too?

2) Use the catalog to find a good read that you can take home with you.

3)Surf the K-State website for events like those coming up during Week of Welcome.

4) Explore Hale. Have you ever been in the Great Room? Today is the perfect day to walk around and see all of the different kinds of spaces Hale has to offer.

5)Grab a snack. There are refreshments and food downstairs in case you didn’t bring your own on this adventure.

6)Ask the librarian something. They have tons of great information and I promise you will walk away learning something. Even if you don’t have a specific question or concern, introduce yourself and ask for more information about and area or service in the library or on campus. If you’re feeling too shy to walk up to the help desk you can even use the “chat” feature on the K-State Libraries website.

Have FUN!



New Year Resolutions

I love firsts and beginnings and when things are new. It’s an opportunity to start fresh. This school year, I have some goals in mind.

1) Go to The Rec 3x a week or more– The number of times I went last year is slightly shamefuly low. I need to better utilize on-campus resources and this is a great place to start.

2) Hike the long trail at Konza– Simply for the view, I think this is worth the effort. I want to see everything nature has to offer me and I always feel like I have to cut my hike short.

3) DON’T EAT OUT for a week– This means not even Sonic Happy Hour, Call Hall Ice Cream, Cox Bros. BBQ, OrangeLeaf, PurpleSwirl, or Varsity Donut. I hope the financial reward is worth the mental torture.

4) Pick a Major– ACIC, CES, and meetings with my academic advisor will help me with this process.

5) Be the best Blogger I can be– I’m not even sure what this means yet, but I’m excited!

Do you have any resolutions for the new school year? If so, comment below!

Best Wishes!