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Month: September 2013


It’s hard to believe, but we’re already in the sixth week of school here!  I know that I say it every time, but time flies at K-State!  I’ve been keeping busy like always; I had my first three tests of the year last week, and I got a 96, an 86, and a 95!  I’m counting down the days until I head to Boston (16 if you were curious).  We’re revamping how things work at Chimes meetings, and I think they’ll start being a lot more beneficial and interactive for all of our members.  I got to go hang out with the Silver Key members at the annual Sleep Out for the Homeless, and it seemed like it went pretty well for them.  Although I wasn’t able to attend this year, the University-wide Career Fair was last week.  Lots of guys in my house went and had a pretty successful couple days there.  We’re still working on getting the Honors Program more recognized and prestigious, and I think it’s going well.  We’re focusing on opportunities that are presented to the Honors students, and there are so many of them it’s hard to count!  This weekend I got to go to the Chiefs game in Kansas City!  We had great seats for a great game, and afterwards I got to go home and see Roxie!  I’ll leave you with a couple pictures from this weekend.

8th row seats at Arrowhead!

My pledge dad was in town! (Also fellow blogger, Ryan Knight)

Take LEAD 212!

Enrollment is right around the corner for students here at K-State. This is always a bitter sweet time for students, excited to work out their schedules but being at the mercy of tricky times and trying to get that ideal time of each class.

This time makes me reflect back upon the first time I enrolled as an incoming freshman 4 years ago. Boy does time fly! It was both scary and exciting all at the same time.

A question that many incoming freshman have is: What is the structure of classes in college? Answer: It varies, but K-State offers a really unique class that is targeted at freshman and helping them ask the “why” question behind leadership in their life.

This class is called Introduction to Leadership Concepts or “LEAD 212”. It is offered through the School of Leadership Studies here at K-State. This is one of the most beneficial classes that you can take as a freshman. This class put emphasis on asking the question, “Leadership for what?” I think this is a great question that freshman can ask themselves. The answer to that question will provide direction and guidance for students to determine what activities they choose to get involved in during college.

One of the coolest things about this is that the second half of the class is actually taught by a student in Leadership Studies! I have the opportunity to be one of these students, commonly referred to as a “Class Leader”. Students like me have the opportunity to share our understanding of leadership with 10-12 freshman in our small groups. The saying, “You really don’t know something until you have to teach it” really holds true to this opportunity. I have learned so much about myself during this process, as well as sharing my knowledge with my students.

As many of you are pondering where to go to college, I would encourage you to examine K-State and it’s School of Leadership Studies. K-State is committed to it’s students to not only have a great education in their specific field, but be able to be a leader in any field due to the skills and theories that Leadership Studies has to offer.

And it all starts with enrolling in this class! Check it out!


Have a good week! Go Cats!


My Fraternity Experience

As far as college living arrangements go, I am currently completing the final leg of the triple crown. That is I lived in the residence halls my freshman year. My sophomore year, I resided in an off-campus apartment. And this year, I joined a greek fraternity and am living in-house.

I have received many questions from my friends and peers on why I would join a fraternity my junior year of college. Going into my freshman and sophomore years here at K-State I looked into a few fraternities, and while they were all great chapters, I just never found the perfect fit for me. As my junior year was approaching, I was definitely not thinking about joining a greek organization, and in fact, I was actively looking at off-campus houses and apartments that I could live in for the upcoming school year. Then I was introduced to the fraternity that I ended up joining and found it to be that perfect match that I was looking.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with my fraternity and it was a great decision for me personally and I have already has so many amazing experiences. If you are looking at joining a fraternity at K-State, my suggestions would be to visit as many as you can, and make sure to find the right fit for you.

K-State Proud,


Tests, life, and the like

As I sat in Hale anticipating my first accounting test, I stared blankly at the closed textbook in front of me; notes strewn across the table, blank notecards standing in a neat stack, and my highlighter sitting with its cap on. For some reason, instead of diving in to analyzing bank reconciliations and internal control procedures, remnants of my professor’s test preparation tips swam about my thoughts. He explained that this test won’t be like most tests. (Cue panic mode.) It will challenge us to not just regurgitate the material, but truly understand and comprehend it. He encouraged us to push ourselves to think past the course material and think about what the information truly means, not merely what it says. The class’s pre-test tension was high, and his advice was met with puzzled looks and sighs of anxiety.

The more I reflected on his test style and advice, the more I began to think about the incredible lesson lying beneath this moment. Many times we cringe when approaching a test with anything but multiple choice questions, but think about it:

How many times in life are there 4 perfectly concise options laid out before making a tough decision?

If you’re anything like me, such situations are few and far between. Most times in life, we are faced with tough decisions and must make them without full knowledge of all possible options or much time for reflection. In that moment, I understood: this professor has our best interest in mind, and is making a conscious effort to better equip us for the real world; not some world in which we answer to option B, or option C. This test serves as a beautiful example of what college is about. It isn’t about memorizing bulleted lists or terms to get an A on a test—-it’s about growing to become better at handling tough situations, learning from our mistakes, and using things that appear at first to be obstacles (accounting tests) as opportunities for growth. I then opened my textbook, picked up my highlighter, and began to study.

In summation: the next time a professor tells you their test “won’t be like most tests”, smile to yourself and be grateful for the opportunity.

xoxo, ellen

How to Manage “Cost”

If you’re applying to college, you’re probably trying to figure out how you’re going to afford it. The recent news about tuition rising probably doesn’t make you feel very assured about affordability. What I can tell you is that K-State is trying different kinds of ways to help students and families out in this area.

This year K-State is working hard to give more scholarships to the Class of 2014. Many of them are renewable for four years. Make sure to apply for scholarships before November 1 and in the coming years make sure to renew in the Spring. I know all about procrastination, but missing these deadlines really isn’t worth it.

I’m no financial expert, but how do I do it? I applied for scholarships and make sure to renew every year. Financial Aid information (FAFSA) is another deadline to put on your calendar every year. I know I am able to balance working and going to school and campus involvement. Are there some stressful days? Yes, but most are also rewarding. Employers in Manhattan are also very understanding and flexible when it comes to scheduling for students.

I have had faculty members select certain readings from multiple sources provide students with a course packet in place of using a textbook. Students can then access the material from a link to the online databases or at a copy center. I appreciate this because instead of adopting more textbooks to cover the material, the faculty member has compiled the resources for us through the packet or making it available online. In courses that still require a textbook, renting or buying a used book is a good option.

A reader provided feedback that made me aware that this information previously implied that my professors were disregarding copyright laws. I wanted to clarify this for other readers.

What reassures me about the cost of education is the value of an education from K-State. In addition to this, the attitude of wanting to keep people here makes me proud. We take care of our own and K-State cares about student success. That’s what K-State Proud is all about. That’s what Powercat Financial Counseling and SALT are about. That’s why we have CAT Communities, K-State First and Guide to Personal Success. Students pay fees that go towards these resources, so what is the excuse for not using what you’ve already paid for? Get the most out of your college experience and make that cost worthwhile.


For more information:





Wildcat Pride

Do you ever have those days where your K-State pride is revamped and at an all time high?

That’s about the feeling I am at right now after helping out at the the Wichita Celebrates event last night.  For this event, we basically take all of K-State to Wichita to show off all the incredible things we as a University have to offer.  People from almost every single department hop on one of the K-State vans and show their Wildcat pride to high prospective high school students.

I had the opportunity to work at the registration table, and the excitement that some of these soon to be Wildcats portrayed was so incredibly visible that it made my enthusiasm to be representing this amazing school grow that much more.  One girl was smiling the entire time she filled out her information sheet, and handed it to me with an exuberant smile and an enthusiastic “I’m so excited to be here! I’ve already been admitted and can’t wait to be in Manhattan next year”!  How can that passion not rub off on someone else? That is exactly what K-State needs!

The night was filled with about 600 prospective students checking out all of the different academic majors and campus organizations, and ended with two incredible presentations by Vice President of Student Life Dr. Pat Bosco, and Assistant Vice President of Student Life Dr. Emily Lehning.  They are easily two of the most charismatic people I have ever had the opportunity to be around, and just listening to them talk about K-State makes my Wildcat pride soar.  They spoke about everything that makes K-State second to none: the unique college town, the family experience, but most of all, the atmosphere.  The atmosphere at K-State is my favorite thing; we are a well known Big 12 school, but also have the atmosphere of a small personal college.  Everyone goes out of there way to make others feel at home, and help one another out when possible. Hearing these influential K-Staters speak with such passion just reminds me of how thankful and proud I am to be able to call myself a Wildcat.

Try to incorporate your K-State Pride in everything you do! When you are on campus – hold doors open for people, answer any questions others may have, greet others with a smile, and most of all make an effort to make sure everyone knows exactly what it means to be apart of the K-State Family!!

Dr. Bosco sharing his passionate message on K-State!


K-State Celebrates



I just got back from one of the best nights of my life. I had a pretty normal ride down to Wichita with some other K-State students but once we got to the site of K-State Celebrates everything just kept getting more awesome.

First off, there were cookies made by The Bakery which was a common study break spot for me when I lived on campus. Then, I had the pleasure of speaking with a bunch of families from the Sedgwick County area. I was there to answer questions about the K-State Honors Program, which I hope I did, but I just love any chance to encourage students to go on a college visit and see everything for themselves. I am so excited about all of the great things these Future Wildcats are going to do during their time at K-State!

Next, Dean Bosco gave an emotional explanation of why PEOPLE come first at K-State that might have made me tear up a bit. I know in my heart every word he said was true. I’m so proud that I go to a school that cares about PEOPLE first. I also had a chance to talk through my major selection process and catch up with a member of Blue Key.

Finally, I’m pretty sure I made lifelong friends with some Band Ambassadors on the way home. I also changed my profile picture to one with Willie and a picture with all three of the Big 12 Championship Trophies on the ride back to “Manhappiness.” Overall, I got SO MUCH out of this night and I hope everyone else did too. Thanks to everyone who stopped to chat with me! It was great to hear your stories and I wish you all the best!


Have you been to CES yet?

Hey guys!

Have you been to CES yet? If not then you should do that as soon as possible! CES stands for Career and Employment Services and they are located in Holtz Hall, right next to Anderson and Eisenhower. They do this awesome thing where every Wednesday you can just walk in and get your resume critiqued. It is a service that you should take advantage of as soon as possible, resumes are important for jobs and some scholarships too. They are also extremely nice and patient! I sat with someone for an hour working on my resume and he even emailed me the next day to make sure I didn’t have any other questions. And if you are trying to find a job they have a fantastic website to help you easily find on and off campus jobs. Becoming familiar now with CES will help you a ton when you are getting ready to graduate and start your career.

Go Cats!


This Way to Happiness

How many times have you taken the time to read “5 Steps to Happiness”? How many times have you listened to someone tell you that happiness is a choice? Have they told you that you can be happy if you want to? Well I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to be, and you won’t always be.

I consider myself a pretty happy person, but honestly when it comes down to it you can’t always be flying on cloud nine. College is a journey. Journey’s don’t always provide a straight path. I’d argue that the most memorable and effective journeys are the ones that have hills and valleys. This college journey provides us with views and perspectives that will take our breath away, but once in a while you have to cross that raging river and you might just find yourself caught up in the current.

Being realistic is key. You need to confidently know in your mind that you can’t always be happy, and in fact it is absolutely acceptable to have a bad day. In fact– I’d go as far as to say that we need bad days. Bad days provide us with an opportunity to reflect. Ah, sounds pretty cheesy, but hey, it’s the formula to happiness, right? It’s essential to evaluate who you are. Sometimes I have this “small girl, big world” moment where I realize I connect myself to the things I do, the things I’m in involved in, and the things I appreciate, without realizing that none of those things make me who I am. Step outside of those labels that are attached to your name (and resumé). They’ve impacted who you are today, but they do not make you, you. Dig deeper. Dig into what you truly and absolutely value more than anything, which by no means is an easy thing. This is a process, but one which will change everything about you. Once you realize what makes you happy, you will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel on those dark days.

I can promise you this. I promise that this journey will make you happy. I promise you that finding what makes you happy, will in turn, make you happy. I promise you that there will be better days.

Keep your wonder, keep your curiosity, keep your free spirit. Most of all though, keep your head up.



As promised, an entire post of just pictures – enjoy!

On the field at the first game! 3MAW!

 Collage from an awesome mountain bike ride!

Working with Chimes’ incredible VP, Caroline Toler!

Family of the Year!

Statue of the one and only, Bill Snyder!

Amazing view from the top of the new West Stadium Upgrade!

Always missing my Roxie pup! 🙁