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Month: October 2013

Remember the First of November

Rebecca is right. I’m not sure where October went. I awkwardly wrote 8/25 as the date on my notes this week. I’m sure Seniors are feeling the same way. I know my last year of high school I felt like I needed a giant pause button.

You’ve already applied to K-State. You’ve already applied for housing. What else could you possibly have to apply for?

Scholarships.  Seniors, if you have time to read my blog you have time to CLICK HERE and apply for scholarships from K-State. November 1 is the priority date and if you haven’t applied already, do it now!



An Unexpected Note

Yesterday, I was sitting in the office of a student organization I am a part of when my eye caught a small gift sitting on the desk in the office. Not knowing why my eye was drawn to the item, I was surprised to find that it was a note attached to a box of Skittles candy. The note had my name on it

As I opened the note, I knew instantly what it was for.

The week prior I had been having a rough week. Recovering from a cold, stressed about an upcoming interview along with the load of school work that was upon me, I was spent last Wednesday. I could barely stay awake in class and my classmates could tell something was wrong.

While in one of my classes at Leadership Studies, one of my friends who is a Leadership Studies Ambassador with me looked over and asked, “Heidi, are you ok?” At that moment, I just unloaded on him about how I was so stressed out that I could barely focus and I didn’t know what to do. He proceeded to ask if there was anything he could help with and offered me advice on what he would do. In that moment, I was so grateful for him just being a friend and listening.

Little did I know that his generosity would spread to my fellow School of Leadership Studies Ambassadors in the form of this nice note with the Skittles. I found the note to say how the ambassadors appreciated me and wanted to be there for me in my time of need. They told me how much they enjoyed my friendship and how I am valued in the organization.

What is the moral of my story you might ask? It is clear and simple: You don’t find any better people than the people at Kansas State University.

When you make your college decision, you factor in your major interests, financial status, possible proximity to home, but always keep in mind, the people you surround yourself in college make a world of difference when it comes to your experience.

When you come to K-State, the investment you make in people’s lives always provide you with a great return (oooh you can tell I am a business major)

My advice to you: invest as much as possible.

Go Cats and have a great week!



Pumpkin Spice and Passion

I’m sorry, but did I just read the date wrong? Is it really October 29? Because that doesn’t sound right to me – it is supposed to still be September.

I don’t know about you all, but for me the month of October was a crazy, busy, wonderful mess of classes and mid-terms and homecoming and pumpkin patches and leafs and lots of pumpkin spice lattes.

I loved October because there were so many great things happening but a few days ago I realized that in all the busyness I had lost myself a little. I had forgotten to stop, think, and reflect. So I did what any fall-loving college student would do – I sat down and had a pumpkin spice latte. I know this sounds funny, but I have sort of come to believe that pumpkin spice lattes have healing powers. I have found that they help me slow down, warm my heart, and they remind me that Octobers will come and go, but my passions will stick around.

It is so easy for me to get caught up in all that is happening around me, but it is important  for me to remember my passions and continue to pursue them fervently. Sometimes I just need a pumpkin spice latte to slow me down and help me remember that.

Homecoming Aftermath

Gosh, last week was one of the most exciting weeks I have had at K-State.  I was able to participate in so many different events, interact with so many new people, and go through an incredibly unique experience. I had the opportunity to to talk to the entire Greek community at PTC and WRL, get interviewed for the newspaper, ride in a car in the parade, and go out on the field at halftime.  And, not to mention, gain a few new twitter followers along the way! 😉

Unfortunately, the end result did not end with a win, but my friends Chance Berndt and Ava Clark ended up winning the position and I know they will both do a fantastic job with it.  Win or lose, the amount of support I received from everyone was incredible.  People I had never even talked to would come and tell me they voted for me, and everyone in my fraternity went above and beyond to make sure to get my name out there.  It was extremely motivating to have people believe in me so much.  Words cannot express how thankful I am to have such supportive people in my life – it was really amazing to see something for me bring everyone together so closely.  It was truly a very humbling experience, through and through.  Definitely something I will always remember, and forever be grateful of.

The ambassador position was a very unique opportunity, and something I believe I could have done really well with, but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I have some other ideas of big things at K-State I want to accomplish, and I really feel like the opportunities are endless for the things I can do.  Time will tell with what they are, but I will keep everyone updated!

Below are some pictures from throughout the week at some of the different homecoming events!

Ava Clark and Myself at WRL
Before the Parade



On Being Selfish

No one sets out to be selfish. Nobody wakes up in the morning and says to themselves, “You know what?  I’m gonna make a point to be selfish today.” I wouldn’t say selfish is a word known to have a positive connotation, or be looked at in a good light. Hear me out here when I say that sometimes it’s essential to be selfish, though.

Now don’t get carried away. I want to make things very clear. Selflessness is a quality that one should constantly strive for. It is admirable to be able to put other people before yourself, and in many circumstances the right thing to do.

I’d venture to say college can be one of the most opportune times for selfishness. I don’t mean in your daily actions, or the way that you treat people, but rather in a more general sense. There is this giant theme in college about finding yourself. You hear it over and over, but for many people it’s hard to follow through with the actions that come with those words. It’s hard to temporarily let go of the opinions of those you hold close to you. Keep in mind though that this is the rest of your life we’re talking about. Those same people might not always be there, and yet you will still have to be committed to the decisions you make. The point I really want to solidify is that when it comes down to it, we all need to be mildly selfish at times. We need to get in our heads that it’s ok to be confident in what we believe in and want for ourselves, even if it doesn’t line up with those around us. The hardest thing is to not feel guilty for being able to stand back and really analyze what you want for yourself. This is not a task we should feel bad about. As I said before, isn’t that what college is for? Eventually you’ll grow up and quite possibly have a spouse and kids and you will have to put them before yourself. Enjoy this time while you can, it’s just you!

More than anything, this is a challenge for you. Be a little “positively-selfish”. Take the time to explore what you really love without the influence of anybody, or anything else. This is you. This is your time. Go get ’em wildcats.




Work, Work, Work

Hey guys,

Most people would agree that working isn’t exactly how they would chose to spend their time, but having a part-time job is actually a great way to make friends and have a little extra money. I see my co-workers all over campus and it’s great to just stop and chat with them. And having my own money to spend means I don’t feel guilty about ordering pizza or going out to get some ice cream. I feel a lot more like an adult because I am making my own money and I have control over my own finances. The Career and Emploment Services (CES) website has a database full of current openings that make the job search super easy.  It includes on and off-campus jobs so you have a large selection of possible jobs. Just remember, classes always come first! You should never skip classes to go to work. If you have problems juggling classes and working part-time, just talk to your manager. I can’t speak for everyone, but in my experience they have always been pretty understanding. Manhattan is a college town so I think most businesses understand that papers and finals can take up a lot of your time.

Here is a link to the CES website!


Go Cats!



The Day I Bought a Window

Put the textbooks down! Sometimes you need to back away from the laptop. Your phone needs to recharge and so do you. So, today I’m taking a break for a few hours. I will not do homework until after dinner! So far, today has been wonderful and I just want to share it with you.

This morning I started my day with toast and strawberry jam. It is the simple things that make us smile. Next, I walked to the Union to talk to Seniors from Johnson County about the Honors Program. Talking to the newest members of the Wildcat Family always makes my heart warm and fuzzy. The sun was shining on my way back and everything is starting to look and feel like fall here on campus.

When I got home, I remembered a “vintage” store in town was open and I went down there to look around. I need a coffee table. I pulled up and I saw these windows out front with a sign that says $10. I decided I was going to buy a window. I searched the rest of the store but decided the window was going to be my only purchase. I don’t know exactly what I am going to do with it, but the possibilities are exciting! 

I went to another recycled furniture store after that and still couldn’t find a coffee table. Notice how this post isn’t called “The Day I Bought a Coffee Table.” I did realize something else my “home” needs. I needed more color in my room and I figured the easiest way to do that is to hang drapes.

Those of you in the residence halls or in rental properties should consider investing in a tension rod and some fabric. I went to a crafting store that has huge sales right now (75% off!) because they are moving across town. I picked up two tension rods, 11 yards of fabric, and iron-on adhesive all for 25% of the normal retail cost! You can even split the cost of materials with friends and you can all craft together!

What do YOU think I should do with the window? Also, be prepared for a post about “My First Time Making Pillows.”



Sweet Silence!

Today wasn’t anything special. I had a lot to do and limited time to do it. In the time between a meeting and a class, I found myself scrambling to submit an assignment. I walked into a building, found a chair, and pulled out everything I needed to finish the assignment and submit it. I have never been so thankful to have campus WiFi pull through. 

My mind and heart were racing. I was really feeling the stress of the middle of the semester. About 15 minutes before the deadline, I turned in my assignment. Before I could close up my laptop and pack up, I found myself looking around. Everything was so quiet. I hadn’t seen another person during my 45 minute frenzy. I had 30 minutes before my next class. So, I just sat. 

I just sat. I breathed. I let my mind wander. I enjoyed the silence. 

Like many of you, my week has been crazy and hard and I’ve been pulled in so many directions. To just sit and be for a few minutes was exactly what I needed. See if you can find a nice silent spot on campus so that you can hideout on busy days. 

Hang in there!


K-State Theatre

This past weekend I had the privilege to see the K-State theatre’s production of columbinus. columbinus explored the school shooting that happened at Columbine High School. I was a little apprehensive before seeing the production because I wasn’t sure what to expect. I could have never expected what I was about to see. The play was phenomenal. The play dealt with such a hard subject matter, but it did it so well. Everything felt so honest and real – I really connected with all of the characters and that made the play so impactful. When the show ended I felt like I had a whole new perspective on school shootings. It helped me to see past simple facts and figures, and to a deeper emotional level.

I was so impressed by the show and it made me thankful to go to a school that supports theatre that is professional and that also asks hard questions. I really appreciate art that makes you think and that is exactly what comlumbinus did. I commend everyone who was a part of columbinus for creating an incredible production. I recommend that every Kansas State Student takes time to enjoy our wonderful theatre department while at K-State – it is definitely worth your time.