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Month: December 2013

Winter Adventures

Hello from New York City!!!

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable end to their semester! Things got pretty hectic towards the end for me between transitioning into my president role, as well as getting all ready for finals.  I am happy to say that all the hard work that I put into the semester paid off in the end!  I can definitely say that this semester was definitely one of my toughest in school so far, but it was also the most exciting!!

Winter break has really flown by for me so far.  Over the break, I really only have about 9 days to relax at home.  This past weekend I met some family in Iowa, and today I arrived in New York City.  My cousin lives here, so we have been exploring around all day throughout times square and central park.  Everything is so amazing here! After 5 days here, I will be heading to Israel to explore for 10 days with a group of college students.  It is safe to say this winter break will be one I will always remember, and I am super excited to embrace everything.  My next post will be filled with pictures and stories!

If the opportunity presents itself to go somewhere new and get out of your comfort zone, I will always recommend you to take it.  Going somewhere new and seeing the different ways people live will always make you think differently and allow you to grow.  Remember, there is still a lot of time left over winter break; Even if you don’t have a trip planned yet, there is always the possibility of going on a day trip or even making a weekend of it! If your break isn’t exciting, then it is up to YOU to make it exciting!!!!

Everyone remember to make a list of New Years Resolutions! It is very helpful to reflect on what you have done in the past year, and what you want to do better for 2014.  I am a very firm believer that reflection is key to success!

Have a very happy New Year, and I will look forward to sharing my adventures with everyone when I return to Manhattan!!!


The Bucket List

Winter Break is definitely a time to relax, but I think it is also a great time to do some of the things you have hoped to do all semester but haven’t found time to do. For example, I have had several books I wanted to read, movies I wanted to watch, things I wanted to research, and places I wanted to explore. To help me accomplish all of the things I wanted to do over break I made a bucket list. Here is part of it:

  1. Read a biography of someone I admire
  2. Read a book someone recommends to me
  3. See an older movie I have never seen before
  4. Have a movie marathon with a friend
  5. Spend a day being a “tourist” in Kansas City
  6. Try a new restaurant
  7. Learn about something I don’t know a lot about
  8. Watch a documentary
  9. Find some TED Talks to watch
  10. Try a new recipe

This list has helped me do some things I want to do over break, maybe you can write your own and do the same! Enjoy your break!

Take a Study Break!

Yup…..I said it.

Finals week is that time of year where it becomes the fad to barricade yourself in the library, a building on campus, coffee shop, etc. to spend hours upon hours studying for the many end of the semester tests that decide the fate of that semester GPA.

Let’s be honest…. saying the words, “I have been studying for 8 hours straight through the night, only surviving on X cups of coffee”is almost a point of pride for some people. There is something to be revered about those who are able to focus on books and notes for hours and hours. I admire those people and know that their finals week will be successful for them.

With that said…..

My message to you this day is don’t be afraid to take a break during Finals week. And by break, I do not mean grabbing a granola bar out of the pantry and boiling yourself another hot cup of coffee, only to turn around and get back to studying 5 minutes later. This week is a time of study and focus, but it is also a time when you can reach out to friends that may be graduating this December, studying abroad next semester, or one’s that you know you won’t see until January 21st. Take some time this week to get away from studying for tests and focus on the friendships you have been blessed with due to your attendance at K-State. We have all heard it said, “College years are the fastest 4 years of your life” I can say that with full conviction and I am in my second to last finals week EVER.

This week, I implore you all to remember: You will not remember taking that test or writing that paper, but you will remember that Sonic run, movie night, Aggieville outing, or that hour spent on the couch talking about holiday plans.

Your GPA may grow or it may fall,
but the friendships you make will always stand tall.



Why 7:30 a.m. Finals Are AWESOME

I will start this off saying that I am not a morning person.

Believe it or not, I am a HUGE fan of morning finals. Last night I got to study using interactive games as well as a well annotated textbook/workbook. I took a break to spend some time with friends. I slept well and woke up early enough to enjoy a cup of coffee and some breakfast. I even made a purple smoothie and had it in my purple cup for good luck.

Once I got to campus, I enjoyed the view on my walk to the classroom. My instructor gave us all candy canes because some wonderful people did a study deciding peppermint improves brain function. I felt sharp.  I felt prepared. I walked in and out with confidence. For the rest of the day I have been able to catch up on a final project, enjoy lunch with friends, and now I will probably be catching up on some of my favorite shows or taking a nap. I have the rest of the day to myself and I slept rather than spending all day working myself up about my final.

Caroling Cheer on Campus

Today the most DELIGHTFUL surprise slid into my Public Speaking class. One of my fellow students, Luke Bishop, had walked into the class with a guitar earlier and then left for a bit. I thought nothing of this because our class is quite an eclectic group. When he returned, he was accompanied by Jake Pritchard on the fiddle. The two played songs for classmates and our instructor in hopes of spreading some cheer in the week before finals. After their caroling session was done in our class, they continued to bring smiles to faces across campus.  If you would like to watch the short video, click on The Duo in Action.

What a great gift to give fellow stressed out Wildcats!


Thanksgiving SURPRISE!

Hello all!

I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Thanksgiving break and is attempting to stay warm in this frigid weather! It looks like this is going to be a rough winter when it comes down to it!  After being in Brazil last Spring, I haven’t experienced this kind of cold or snow in over a year. It is safe to say I have NOT missed it!!!

My thanksgiving break was definitely a very unique one.  I had been debating for a couple of months on what to do. Typically my entire family comes to Kansas City for the holiday, we have a FEAST for lunch, an equally filling meal for dinner, watch some football, and my cousins and I go Black Friday Shopping (not necessarily for the shopping, but more for the experience).  All of this family time has turned Thanksgiving into my favorite holiday of the year.  This year though, no one could make it back in town.

My sister lives in Michigan with her fiance, and they just finished building their first house this summer.  Since my mom hadn’t had the opportunity to yet see the house, we decided to make a trip up to visit them and spend the holiday with my sister and her fiance’s family.  The only kicker was, we didn’t tell her we were coming.  In the past, my sister has surprised us by coming in town on multiple occasions, so I saw this as a chance to return the favor to her! With the help of her fiance, it worked perfectly.  Hopefully I can upload the video on here at some point!

The 12 hour drive each way was definitely a big chunk of driving, but seeing the excitement she had made it all worth it.  It was so fun to be able to hang out with them, and enjoy my favorite holiday with the people I love the most.  My sister and I have always been really close, and I have gone out to whatever state she is living in to visit her every summer since I was 13.  I had been to Michigan this past summer and helped them move into their new house, but it was really great to see it after they had it all decorated and “homey”.   Thanksgiving with a different family was different, but still very enjoyable.  Overall, it was a (fast), but really awesome break. I am very thankful for everything and everyone in my life, and I love having a day to dedicate to it!

Now I am just handling the day to day business of being a Fraternity president, and am spending a lot of time studying for finals! I am definitely getting ready for winter break!

Good luck to everyone on their upcoming finals! Remember, all the time you spend studying will pay off!!!!!


“Adventure is out there!”

One of my favorite lines from the Disney Pixar movie, UP is “Adventure is out there!” It is such a good reminder that life is meant to be explored and there is always something to be discovered. I have found this to be especially true at Kansas State University, but I would alter his just slightly to say “opportunity is out there”.

I cannot even begin to tell you how many opportunities there are at Kansas State University. Honestly it could almost be overwhelming sometimes. You can take classes, join clubs, hear lectures, see plays, play instruments, learn about various religions, join greek life, study abroad, have internships, work on campus, have mentors, be a mentor, travel, go on ski trips, go to football games, play intramurals, and the list goes on and on. However, having the opportunities does nothing unless you take advantage of them. I would encourage every student at K-State to try to take advantage of some of the opportunities that they have. This is such a great time to learn and try new things. It is okay if you change your mind later, but at least you tried and learned something.

Adventure really is out there- but it starts by taking advantage of opportunities.

Corinna’s Countdown

My first final of this semester begins in 1 hour and 14 minutes.

Naturally, I was reviewing PowerPoint presentations and drinking a cup of seasonal tea on a heated blanket most of the day. I am pumped for this test. My confidence is warmer than my tea which burns my hands a little when I don’t hold it by the handle. Next up, I will eat dinner, check e-mails, and watch some TV on my laptop while finishing my sixth load of laundry. After all, no laundry will be done in the next week. I figured I should go into this relaxed and confident and nothing relaxes me more than doing laundry and tea.

Wish me luck Wildcats,


Day in the Life: Corinna (Dec. 7)

On a cold and windy Saturday, I found myself sick with a little cabin fever.

I ventured out to the Manhattan Public Library. What a warm place full of exciting books, magazines, and even DVDs!

Since I was right down the road from City Park, I decided to go ice skating. It is only $3 admission and $3 for skate rental! I saw quite a few K-State students there today. Great minds think alike! I decided to go home to warm up with a hot cup of cocoa. On the way there, I got one of those gingerbread house kits. I will neither confirm nor deny if the contents ended up as my dinner.

Stay WARM Wildcats!