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Month: July 2014

Summer 2014 Adventures

Hello friends!

I hope everyone has had a good summer thus far, and still has plans to make this summer an even more memorable one than it already has been! My summer has been a very memorable one, as I took trips to Minnesota to visit my cousin and his fiance, Michigan to visit my sister and her husband, and California to visit a couple of my friends that I had studied abroad with.  All of the experiences were amazing, and each was great in their own way.  I had never been to MN, so it was great to put a picture to the stories that I always hear from my cousin on places they go.  I have been to Michigan to visit my sister probably 6 or so times before, but it has become a staple to go there at least once every summer, if not more.  Going out to visit them is always one of the most relaxing and enjoyable parts of my summer.  California was a trip that I will remember forever.  It was great reconnecting with the two guys I had developed my closest friendships with for 5 months in Brazil.  Living in different states makes it tough to constantly keep up with each other, but after communicating the whole year, we all made it a point to meet in California and explore.  My friend who lives there lives in San Luis Obisbo (Central California), and it is safe to say it is my new favorite city in the US.  With the beach being a 15 minute drive away, and the mountains only 10, I was living in paradise for the week I was there.  I think we explored just about everything possible in the span of 7 days, and I cannot wait to go back and see more!

Sunrise Hike in the Mountains!

I have been back in Manhattan for about two and a half weeks now, and it has been great.  Everything is a little bit quieter with most students being home for the summer, but it gives me an opportunity to get even closer with the people here.  Besides taking classes and working, I have used my spare time to go exploring around Manhattan to places I have always had on my bucket list, but never done – like hiking the konza, watching a sunset on the scenic overlook as you enter town, doing a sunrise hike, and eating at some places in Aggieville I had yet to experience to name a few.  I encourage anyone reading to create a K-State Bucket list, as there are so many things to do and see around Manhattan!

The rest of the summer is full of adventure opportunities, and I plan on taking full advantage of all them!! What explorations will you adventure on before school starts?

Cannot wait to hear about them!

Go Cats.