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Month: August 2014

Running in the Rain

I am a visual thinker. I spend a lot of time visualizing what things will look like before they happen. I remember things by what they looked like. My most recent visual memories are from this summer. I spent most of this summer in Manhattan but I was surprised the first few days of classes.

In a dozen weeks I forgot what campus looks like during classes. I forgot what walking through a door held open for you by a fellow classmate looks like. I forgot what the lines look like (very purple) during lunch at the Union. I feel like I am starting fresh all over again. Somehow I am caught in this paradox where I feel both at home and very anxious to make the most of this year.

I did not envision Tuesday morning’s rainstorm. It threw me off. It forced me to adapt the same way many new students are right now. Different and new things can be scary or exciting or both. Lightning and thunder spooked me Tuesday morning and I ran across Bosco Plaza into Seaton Hall. Once safely inside, I started to laugh. What an exciting way to start my day!

One way you can avoid something little (like a little thunderstorm) this week throwing off your whole semester is by printing the syllabus/course outline for each class. Place all important dates on a calendar that you will USE! It does no good having a system and not using it. Consider keeping printed copies (perhaps with dates highlighted) on your fridge, bulletin board, or perhaps next to your work schedule. Plan accordingly when you have projects/assignments in multiple courses due around the same time. Hopefully this keeps you from drowning in papers or a project creeping up on you lightning fast.

My last tip is simple. Find a small raincoat/poncho/umbrella and keep it in your bag that you take to class. Perhaps begin plotting out your route through buildings for when that rain turns to snow. I have been known to duck into Meyers, Eisenhower, Anderson, Hale, Cardwell and Leadership Studies.

Welcome Wildcats!


P.S. I have included pictures from a recent trip to New Orleans with the University Honors Program and Frontier Program to prove I left Manhattan.


Making History

Hey gang!

I hope everyone is enjoying the end of the summer… Can anyone else believe it is already August?! As always, the summer has flown by – which can be a bummer sometimes, BUT in reality, it means that we are that much closer to all being back in Manhappiness and ready to get everything started!

This past weekend, my fraternity’s executive board attended our annual National Leadership Conference.  This year, we played host as it was located in Kansas City, MO.  It was a very special weekend in many ways, but two things made the build up even greater:

  1. Our international president (KSU Alum, and respected Kansas City figure Bernard Franklin) was retiring.
  2. We had won the National Sweepstakes Award for best Chapter in the Nation 2 years in a row, and no other chapter in Delta Upsilon history had ever won it 3 times in a row.

With these two things in mind, all of our members had worked hard all year to make this weekend as special as possible.  We created goals, had strong communication, and worked together as a TEAM in all aspects possible.  This led us to making history, as Saturday night we were announced as the 2014 National Sweepstake Award Winners.

I can’t explain how proud I am of the hard work and dedication of our advisors, exec team, and house members.  I feel incredibly lucky to be president at a time like this, and fortunate to have stepped into a position that has been so successful in the past.  This award goes to show that if you set goals, then they will keep you working that much harder until they are achieved.  I am very excited to start the quest for the 4-peat this year!

While my chapter is in a great spot right now, we are not the only ones.  On K-State’s campus, multiple chapters in the Greek Organization brought home multiple of the most prestigious awards for their own National Organization.  This goes to show how positive of an impact the Greek experience can leave on people, and how being a K-Stater can really impact the kind of person you become.  While being Greek has led to lots of opportunities, I would be willing to bet that I would not have a lot of those if I wasn’t at K-State, where the aspect of FAMILY and RESPECT shine through at all times.  I get a feel a great deal of pride being a part of this amazing school, and hope many others have been impacted the same way.

No matter what your place of residence is, I hope everyone shows pride in the fact that you are a student at one of the best campuses in the country. (And one of the happiest according to a business insider survey – http://www.businessinsider.com/happiest-colleges-in-america-2014-8)

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer, and I will look forward to blogging more this upcoming school year!

Prouder than ever,