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Month: October 2014

Dedicated to My Fellow Juniors #CreateYourLegacy

Junior year is a special year for us in college.
We’ve mastered the Wabash and can recite the K-state fight song in our sleep.
ISIS is a piece of cake. Adding classes, no problem.
We finally know our way around campus without looking at the online map.
We’ve established our favorite study place in Hale (if anyone beats you there, you become slightly unraveled).
No money in the bank, but you know you have that $10 of free printing.
But here’s the thing, as awesome as that is…
There are some weird feelings about being a Junior too.
We’re leaving K-state in not too long… Most of us are over half way done.
Now more than ever, I think it’s crucial to try to focus on why you came to K-state. You chose to be a part of this family for a reason. Spend any extra time that you have (I know it’s not that much, but the little time you do), creating a legacy. Utilize your energy and help the new generation create the experience you had. Focus on what made you fall in love with our campus in the first place, and do what you can to help it grow..
Yes, K-state is evolving and changing… just like we are.
With the time we have left, make the effort to keep going strong. Don’t phase out. This is our time to push even harder to make K-state a closer and greater family.
#CreateYourLegacy #EMAW

Home is Where the Heart is

Homecoming has come to a finish for the 99th year.  The Wildcats won 23-0 against Texas and the weather was perfect.  This year’s overall homecoming theme was K-State Coast to Coast.  It represented the journey across the nation to K-State and how we have “family” across the nation and around the world.  12 Greek Pairings, 4 Residence Life Pairings and 17 Student Organizations participated in the week’s events.

The week kicked off with the annual 5K Run/Walk with almost 900 participants.  Sunday ended with Pant the Chant at Bramlage Coliseum in which Greek Pairings and Student Organizations competed in a contest similar to a step-show.  Tuesday brought Paint the ‘Ville and Wildcat Request Live to Bramlage Coliseum.  Paint the ‘Ville is a competition where participants receive a window within Aggieville and have 7 hours to paint a picture on it according with the Homecoming theme.  Wildcat Request Live is a talent show in which Greek Pairings create a dance routine to a song of their choice incorporating their theme for the week.  Thursday, hundreds of little ghouls and goblins came to the K-State Student Union to take part in the Children’s Carnival which is co-sponsored by the Union Program Council. Each group participating sets up a booth in which children from the community can do some fun and creative activity and usually receive a prize.  The Children’s Carnival theme for this year was Party in the U.S.A.  The parade made its way through Manhattan on Friday evening followed by the pep rally where the winners of Homecoming were announced.  The overall winners for 2014 include Kappa Kappa Gamma, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi and Phi Beta Sigma in the Greek division, Strong, Moore and Smurthwaite in the Residence Life division and Men’s Crew in the Student Organization division.  The Cats played an amazing game against Texas on Saturday morning and came out victorious.  I took the picture below on the field during the second quarter.

Serving on the Homecoming committee was a great honor for myself and an even greater way to serve the K-State community.  I would encourage everyone to apply to be on the committee in future years.


For more information on the Homecoming results from 2014 visit any of the following:

Eisenhower Circle Celebration!

Hi guys!

Last Thursday I had a fantastic opportunity to represent my college and have fun at the same time. It was time for the Eisenhower Circle Celebration!

Every year, the College of Arts and Sciences holds an event at the Alumni Center for scholarship recipients and donors. Students and donors talk about their experiences, while enjoying amazing food and music. As an Arts and Sciences Ambassador I helped out by manning the registration table, and other Ambassadors helped guide the attendees to their seats (we also got to enjoy the food too!). This was my second year participating, and it was just as fun as I remembered. It’s an awesome bonding opportunity for all of the Ambassadors, and a great learning experience. K-State alumni have accomplished so much, and always have great advice. If you ever have the opportunity to spend time with alumni, I encourage you to do so! They have great stories about their time here at K-State.

 A&S Ambassadors at the Eisenhower Circle Celebration

Have a great week!





Sunday Bliss After a Week of Twists

AKA…. Homecoming. 

One of the most exciting, sleepless, hectic, stressful and spirit-filled weeks as a wildcat. This year, with the theme of Coast to Coast, residence halls, greek chapters, organizations, and all alike strove to create signs, windows, dances, steps and floats that were unique and filled will purple pride.

Now, I’m not kidding when I say it’s hectic. The week is kicked off with a 5k, the displaying of Spirit Signs (huge wooden panels painted by members of each grouping that are set up between Hale Library and the Student Union), a “Crazy Cat Kick-Off in Memorial Stadium and finally Pant the Chant (stepping/chant competition that takes place in Bramlage Coliseum) all… on… Sunday. Then, throughout the week there is Paint the ‘Ville, where members paint store windows in Aggieville, Wildcat Request Live, a dance competition, and the Children’s Carnival. The last event of the week before the football game is the Homecoming Parade.

This year I had the awesome opportunity of being one of the Pi Beta Phi Float Chairs, a position that is responsible for designing the float, ordering materials, organizing members to work on the float and make sure everything runs smoothly (it never does fyi). So I, three other Pi Phis and members of our partner chapters; Sigma Chi, Beta Sig and Clovia did just that… sort of. There was difficulty finishing on time, difficulty with order amounts and difficulty with design changes, and after putting it together on Friday, we acknowledged that our bus could also be seen as a toaster and our bottom layer was a little less than finished, but reveled in the bond we had created and what we had accomplished given the setbacks… and we even placed third for Float!

The Building Process

Parade Day!

And now as I sit here with my coffee and homework I cannot tell you how grateful for this week and that it was a success, and how excited I am to get a good night’s sleep.

Ta ta for now!
Happy Football Sunday and Go Royals!



Groceries for $30 a week

Money makes the world go ‘round. Well, sure, I guess so. But more importantly, it feeds me.

Like many college students, I have two part-time jobs. Those still don’t cover my pistachio habit or exercise clothes addiction. Therefore, every dollar must be stretched like an economic elastic waistband.

My monthly grocery budget is $150. So every six days, I can spend $30 on food. That divides out to $5 per day. Yeah, I get that specific.

These are the groceries I bought this week. My total was $34.27. Yes, I went over budget, but I really wanted pistachios. Like really. I need them.

How do you stay on budget when there are temptations like delicious pistachios around every corner aisle?

Calculate Your Cart Adding up your purchases as you place them in your shopping cart keeps you on budget and from fainting from price shock at the register.

Prioritize I put stars next to items on my grocery list that I definitely need this week. I make sure I can afford those things before grabbing fun but unnecessary items like dark chocolate. Just kidding, dark chocolate is totally necessary.

No desserts I AM NOT SAYING DON’T EAT DESSERT. I love dessert. I eat it with the zeal of Buddy the Elf. However, I am saying, don’t buy your desserts in the store. It is cheaper, healthier, tastier and more fun to make your own!

No pop It’s expensive. It’s bad for you. I’m sorry. Save it for a special treat on birthdays and bank holidays.

Game on Staying on budget is more fun with a little competition! Sometimes my dad and I text each other how on or under budget we are after one of us goes grocery shopping. Or I try to get closer to my spending goal than I was the previous week. Either way, the drive to win gives me a boost of motivation to stay on budget.

My haul

What I bought:

Eggs – $0.89

Miracle Whip- $2.85

Bread- $0.99

Pasta- $0.59

Spinach- $1.69

Bananas- $1.03

Apples- $1.89

Milk- $2.92

Cornbread mix- $0.47

Popcorn- $1.79

Pistachios- $7.49 (Yikes!)

Sliced cheese- $2.19

Sliced ham- $2.49

Chocolate chips- $1.59

Cream cheese- $1.29

Pringles- $1.45

Number of items costing less than $1: 4

Number of items costing more than $3: 1 (Pistachios are life)

Total before sales tax: $31.61

Total if I had resisted the pistachios: $24.12

In my defense, it was a large bag of pistachios.


Manhattan: More Than Football

I found myself in a dilemma last Friday. I had a whole weekend off from work and school and nothing to do. My family offered to come see me which is no small feat considering the drive here takes 8 hours. I found myself wondering if we should just meet somewhere, since there wasn’t even a football game on Saturday. As I was mapping out possible options I got an alert from Twitter on my phone. One of my favorite shops in Manhattan was hosting a special event over the weekend. Then, I felt a wave of guilt rush over me.

Manhattan is much more than a football town. Even when there isn’t a game on Saturday, there is plenty to do here. I pulled out my K-State bucket list that I made freshman year. I still haven’t made it inside Sunset Zoo. I haven’t checked out the Manhattan Art Center or Nichols Theater though I have seen a few performances at McCain on campus. I have been to the Flint Hills Discovery Center and the Beach (The Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art) on campus but both had new exhibits that I hadn’t had time to go see yet. The Riley County Historical Society is very active but I have never been to the Riley County History Museum although it is near the Honors House. After all, it’s good to know the history of the buildings you see and the roads you walk down. Best of all, I didn’t know that some of these options are free or have reduced fees for students. For under $10 (including the Sonic drink on the way) I could spend hours out and about in the community. Best of all, these places were family friendly!

Over the weekend my family and I did lots of arts and crafts in my apartment and also took time to go the Flint Hills Discovery Center, Riley County History Museum (free), and the Beach (free). My family also went bowling while I did homework. We had bikes out ready to take a ride on the Linear Trail around town but it was a little soggy and cloudy so we postponed that and the hike on the Konza until next time. I learned that my family’s membership to the Field Museum in Chicago got them free entry to the Discovery Center because they reciprocate membership. In fact, there are science centers and museums around the world which offer either complete reciprocal membership or a free entry/discounted entry.

Some places I forget about are the parks and recreation options the city offers. For example, did you know City Park Pool has a lazy river and a surf simulator? Even just on campus we have the Beach, bowling and recreation in the Union, the Insect Zoo and Gardens. Tuttle Creek Park has cabins for those families who want to make their trip to Manhattan a vacation from the hustle and bustle. One thing I wish we had time for last weekend was visiting some of the local agritourism sites that have fresh dairy products for sale or offer a pumpkin patch and other fall activities. I also wished I had budgeted some time to go shopping with Mom down off Poyntz because we have both boutiques and the mall. The longer I live here and the more I learn about all this town has to offer, the more proud I am to call it home.

For more information on events and attractions in Manhattan, I have included the following links:




From One Home to Another

One of my most cherished gains of my time at K-State are the people I’ve gotten close enough to to take home; to share memories with outside of the place where our bond was formed.

This weekend I made the journey home with an incredibly good friend to do all that you should in the fall (in my opinion); spend the morning with some kiddos and the afternoon at a pumpkin patch…ending the day with a family dinner and couch-lounging and baseball-watching.

Saturday morning started early in the KIDney Corner of the 2014 National Kidney Foundation Walk. I receive an emails from my sorority with volunteer opportunities  frequently and try to sign up for as many as possible.  So, I convinced my friend to do it with me and we spent the chilly but beautiful morning painting pumpkins and playing games.

Fifty to seventy-five painted pumpkins, rounds of “Go Fish for a Prize” and caricatures later we left around lunch time and headed home for some energy fuel (food) and more baseball before heading to Garry’s Berries Pumpkin Patch in Grantville, KS. There we played cornhole, fed the goats and bunnies, went on a  hayrack ride, got SO SO lost in the corn maze (I was grateful for the bag of kettle corn we had purchased in case we never found the exit), and picked pumpkins in the crisp, fall evening air.

Spending the night in Topeka, this lazy Sunday has consisted of church, pancakes and football; exactly what I like.

These weekends and memories with these people I’ve grown close to I completely owe to K-State and I could not be more in debt. The times that have passed and have yet to come are so valuable and unique and I wouldn’t trade them or my new family for the world.


“Drowning” in Campus Activities

So today has started off as a rainy day, but that has not kept me down. I began my day by visiting the Union Program Council office on the third floor of the Union to find out what was on my agenda for today. Just have to send off a few contracts, request a check or two and finish getting ready for tomorrow’s event.
The Union Program Council hosts around 180 events per year which works out to about 5 per week. These events can be entertaining, educational or both. Some of my favorite events have been laser tag, paintball and comedian Jessi Campbell. I also enjoyed the lecture given by Bill Nye last year and the Lindsey Sterling concert we had earlier this semester.
I personally help plan events for the After Hours committee. This committee plans a substance-free event every Friday night. The events are free and open to the public for the most part. Tomorrow night we will be doing our annual Grocery Bingo. At this event, we give away over $500 worth of groceries and prizes to lucky winners. I can’t wait to see the students come out and get excited.
Well I better go now because I’m about to give a campus tour. See you later Wildcats!

The Great Journalism Geek-Out of 2014

As a student, I love the approachability of K-State faculty and staff. Everyone, from the professors to the administrative assistants to the ice cream scooper at Call Hall, is eager to help and dedicated to student success.

As a dual journalism and public relations major, I love working for The Kansas State Collegian. The Collegian gives paid, real-world experience, portfolio materials, and fun memories to its reporters.

Recently, these two loves merged when I interviewed Provost April Mason for a Collegian story on K-State 2025. The provost is the senior academic administer and second-in-command at K-State. She was so nice and helpful. The fact that someone in the administration was took time to talk with a little journalism nerd like me was so cool. I completely geeked out. This is a prime example of how everyone at K-State, from janitors to higher-ups in the administration, are devoted to students.

“So, this is a weird question, but I am really excited to meet you. Will you take a picture with me?” – Me

“Oh, sure!” – Provost Mason

Read my Collegian article on K-State 2025 here.