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Month: December 2014

“So, What are you doing After you Graduate?”

Hello everyone!

I hope that everyone had a fantastic Holiday, and are getting excited for the New Year!  Does anyone have any big plans?  I am still up in the air about what I am going to do, but am strongly considering going to Manhattan to watch the ball drop in the little apple.  I have heard it is a blast! Make sure to leave a comment about any of your New Years traditions or exciting plans at the end of the post!

With the Holidays having happened I repeatedly got asked the popular question of, “So what are you doing after you graduate”? Although I do not have a specific plan yet, I am constantly networking and waiting for the right opportunity to present itself.  While the question continues to get asked, I began to take to heart a little bit more seriously how I got interested in the sales career I am pursuing.  Below are my thoughts: Continue reading ““So, What are you doing After you Graduate?””

Directionally Challenged

With everything going on (happy finals week!), it’s hard to know if we’re running away or toward something. The markers or miles stones can look the same either way. So how do we know when to turn around or keep going?

Maybe the key to solving this, is planting your self in one place for awhile. Rather than constantly moving or taking flight, take a firm stance. You might find that what you want, is actually right there beside you.

As a strategic thinker and an intense planer, I tend to become unsteady when something goes against my already made future that I’ve written out for myself. By constantly running to get to my next goal or step, I struggle to remember that the best things in life, can happen in a form of a surprise or in the memories I’m creating today.

My goal is to end this semester and the year 2014 by creating space and time to focus on the now. Studying your present relationships, joys, and to celebrate what you’ve accomplished that’s right there in this very moment right beside you. It’s time to reorient our selves and figure out which way to keep going.



Coffee Shop Studying

Finals week is upon us, and the ultimate question emerges: Where is the best place to study for your upcoming exams?  While your room or the library are always solid options, in my opinion, nothing beats studying in a coffee shop. The haunting aroma of the brewing nectar could be reason enough, but it does not stop there. The fragrance brings you in, but the environment keeps you there and makes you motivated to study.  Running into someone you know at the coffee shop is almost a guarantee, but the nice thing is everyone is on the same studying page, but also provides an excellent outlet for a study break.

The infamous Bistro Blackhole for the people planning on being in Bluestem for the long haul.

When you’re running on E and not sure how you’re going to function through another chapter of notes…. The barista suddenly turns into a hero by providing you with enough caffeine to become the speed-reading, math-savvy, power student you always knew you were.  Hungry? There will always be a snack waiting for you to give you the fuel to keep kicking. Bored and want a distraction? People watching is a popular coffee-shop enthusiast hobby.   Continue reading “Coffee Shop Studying”

Good in Goodbye?

IMG_0050 IMG_0051 Graduation this weekend got me thinking about goodbyes. I have always been excited for the graduates and wished them the best on the beginning of the next chapter of their lives. This time around felt different. Perhaps it is because, at the end of next semester, I will be the one graduating.Bowl for Kids Sake IMG_0053No matter how excited I am about whatever comes next it will be hard when my turn comes to say goodbye. Unlike my high school experience, I will not enter and leave K-State at the same time as all of my friends. It is strange to think that when I leave Manhattan some of my friends will still meet for Wing Wednesday at JP’s without me. There will still be tailgates, late night fast-food runs, and movie nights long after I graduate. In short, life at K-State will not come to a grinding halt the day I graduate.

IMG_0054 IMG_0057I have mixed emotions. Thinking about leaving Manhattan, and everything I have come to love about it, makes me sad. Thinking about everything I have gotten to experience here, and all of the memories yet to be made, makes me so happy. Some wise people told me that my years here would be the greatest of my life. I rolled my eyes at the time thinking “What can be so great about four more years of homework, essays, and finals?” because I thought growth and learning only happened in a classroom. I thought professors were scary people who thrived off of crushing dreams. This week alone I had two conversations with different professors who just wanted to see how things were going and provide me with words of encouragement. It is empowering to feel like everyone is rooting for you and it makes all of the changes and decisions up ahead a little less daunting.IMG_0049I ask those of you just beginning your college career to remember to build friendships, traditions, and memories to take with you when you graduate. I know it may seem like that day is far ahead in your future, but I also know how quickly that time went by for me.

Good luck on your finals!


Oh My Gosh, I liked Yo Yo Ma

“Do you want to go see Yo Yo Ma with me?” My friend Caroline asked. “We can do it for your birthday!”

“Uh, sure.” I replied. I love all kinds of music, but I really only knew Yo Yo Ma from the episode of Arthur he appeared on back in the day. I was skeptical. How could a man just sitting there, playing the cello be entertaining?

Then Caroline said we should dress up. Uh, what? It is cold outside. I can’t be fancy and cold.

Sure I would be bored to tears at this concert and excited to not worry about making dinner, I sucked it up my distain for cold weather and closed mind, borrowed some tights from my roommate, and drove to pick up Caroline.

After eating some great Indian food at The Dancing Ganesha, we went to see Yo Yo Ma at McCain Auditorium. I was glad Caroline told me to dress up, because the people here were dressed to the nines, tens, and elevens.

Our friend Jeremy joined us, and we headed into the towering seats of McCain.

Having only been to country music and Christian rap concerts (Yes, those are a thing), I really didn’t know what to expect. There were no blown speakers or crazy lighting schematics. Yo Yo Ma just walked onto the stage, and the audience collectively stood and applauded. It was so elegant and simple.

Without speaking, Yo Yo Ma sat and started ripping on the cello. It was angelic. It was magical. It was far more beautiful than I had ever expected one instrument to be. I was entranced. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed it. I closed my eyes to soak in the music, opened them and it was intermission. What? I wasn’t done being wrapped in the velvety sound of the cello.

Thankfully, intermission only lasted 10 minutes, and the magic began again. It was like Yo Yo Ma was telling a story through his cello’s strings.

After the encore, I was stunned. I didn’t even know what to say. It was such a great experience and so different from anything I had ever seen.

Since I was well-behaved at the concert, my friends bought me ice cream. I only got a little bit on my skirt.
Since I was well-behaved at the concert, my friends bought me ice cream. I only got a little bit on my skirt.

This is what college is about. It is about going to a classical music concert because your friend talked you into it/peer pressured you into it/bought your ticket. It is about experiencing things that you’ve never experienced before. It is about breaking down the walls of your comfort zone, and discovering new things about yourself. From McCain Auditorium to the Study Abroad office, K-State offers so many unique and new opportunities for students to explore art, music, and culture. K-State has put the world at our fingertips. All we have to do is have an open mind and experience it.