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Month: April 2015

Sending Hope

HOPELet me take this moment of your time to explain (again) why I think Kansas State University is an amazing place. Things are crazy on campus. Faculty and students may be feeling some stress. Finals and graduation are right around the corner. What amazes me is how faculty and students have still taken time out of their week to discuss the tragic earthquake in Nepal and ways to help.  Continue reading “Sending Hope”

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Cheering on the Bat Cats with my coworkers! I still have to stand on my toes to be seen, even though the people in front of me are squatting.
Cheering on the Bat Cats with my coworkers! I still have to stand on my toes to be seen, even though the people in front of me are squatting.

K-State basketball and football get a lot of well-deserved hype, but what about the Bat Cats?!

I recently attended my first K-State baseball game with some coworkers/friends from New Student Services. It was so fun! Unlike Bramlage Coliseum or Bill Snyder Family Stadium, Tointon Family Stadium isn’t loud or crowded. You can sit and chat with the person next you, which the not-so-avid sports fan like myself enjoys. They play great music, and Willie the Wildcat dances and goofs around with the spectators. Parking is not a high-stress situation like at other sporting events. Continue reading “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”

26 Days Left!


WE HAVE 26 DAYS LEFT UNITL SUMMER IS HERE (including today, weekends, dead week, and finals week). If you’re like me, you’re strugglin’ to find the motivation to finish the semester in full force. However… I swear we don’t have too much left. I say this, trying to convince myself as well.

To prove that time is going to pass quickly and to motivate you to continue putting forth full effort, I’ve taken some pictures of what 26 days looks like… In the form of rice and some other random stuff. Keep trucking K-Staters. Good Luck!

1.) 26 writing utensils. For all those notes you’re going to take to prepare for finals. 









2.) Here are 26 shoes. Not 26 pairs though, that would be ridiculous. 









3.) 26 cents. Not even enough to buy the guac at Chipotle. 









4.) 26 grains of rice. What you actually can buy with 26 cents at Chipotle. 








5.) 26 coupons. I may have a problem.









Anyways, these were all kind of random… But hopefully one of these pictures struck a cord with you and showed you how few of days there really are left until SUMMER. Finish strong K-State!



Geocaching Adventures

Who’s up for an adventure?

Last weekend I was in Kansas City with my best friend from high school who was also in town from his school in Missouri.  As we were sitting inside on a beautiful spring afternoon, we started talking about something we could do to get us outside.

Our first Geocache finding!
Our first Geocache finding!

He told me about something he did when he was in Europe to explore around new areas – a concept called “Geocaching”.  The website describes it as an “any day, any time adventure that can take you to amazing and beautiful places”.  A foreign idea soon became an all day exploration, and really made my weekend at home phenomenal.  I am lucky to have friends who are up for an adventure, and I have been itching to get more people on the Geocaching train since we went.

Continue reading “Geocaching Adventures”

Wildcats Fight the “Comfort Zone”


Meet Joe Tinker, a Junior in Psychology and the newly elected student body Vice President of Kansas State University. While it’s impossible to describe Joe in a few sentences… His ability to quote the Office on cue and his dedication to cheering on all KSU sports are just a few of his unique qualities. His influence on students at K-State comes down to his genuine care about us as individuals and as a student body. I owe many of my accomplishments to Joe’s support and encouragement. I can honestly say, I know he’s going to be a life-long friend. In this guest blog, Joe writes about the true meaning of what the K-State family is, friendship. I encourage you to read his testament to what K-State is truly about. -Cajsa 

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Today’s society has waged a war on the individual. It stresses conformity over self-expression. This philosophy is perpetuated by the socially constructed safety area that we call the “Comfort Zone”. The comfort zone is a dangerous place that the world has devised to avoid any sort of conflict or rocking of the boat. It strips us of all of the qualities that make us unique while preaching compliance above all. It is a sanctuary for mediocrity; a refuge that you can go where you’ll never fail and never grow. It’s scary to think that some people live under this shelter their entire lives and lack the courage to live out their true mission. The truth is, you were not made to live in the comfort zone. You were made to radiate to others the greatness that lies deep inside of you.

The comfort zone manifests itself as something different to everybody. To some, it may be avoiding that inner voice that we know is right but lack the courage to follow and accept the difficult but positive change that it will bring. To others, the comfort zone is a mask that we put on to hide our true self from the world. Nobody wants to be the weird kid in the room, so we fabricate a false identity in order to fit in. Think of someone that you think is “weird.” Are they not just being their true selves? How can we judge someone who deeply knows their personal mission and cares little about conformist worldly expectations?

“People won’t like me if they get to know the real me,” we reason. We hide our true strengths from others because we are worried about what others will think if they ever truly knew us. Courageous is the person who knows this fact yet still chooses to be themselves. We need to realize that nothing will ever work better for us than being exactly who we were made to be. You can’t be someone else, because they are already taken. Life begins when you let go of the false identity you constructed for yourself and allow the fiery passion that lies deep within to lead you to a wellspring of true and perpetual happiness.

If you are worried about what people will think of the real you, then it’s time to re-evaluate who you are with. Surround yourself with people that identify qualities in you that you don’t even see yourself- both positive and negative- and are willing to tell you them. I’m so fortunate to have met such authentic and sincere individuals at K-State that I get to call my true friends. These are the people that ask the tough questions, refuse to accept mediocrity, and push you to your absolute breaking point because they know your potential. Someone who suppresses your natural strengths and is disinterested in your passions is not someone worthy of knowing the real you. A “friend” who always tells you just what you want to hear is not a friend. There is no room for the comfort zone in true friendship. True friendship is emotionally exhausting and just downright painful at times. And it should be this way- as it is through these grueling struggles that we come to know ourself and flourish into the leader that we were created to be. It has been the highest privilege to spend quality time with the friends that I’ve made at K-State, and I am forever indebted to their selfless example of character and affection. 

Joseph Campbell says, “We must be willing to let go of the life we had planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” Today is the day you release yourself from the chains that are holding you back. Today is the day that you refuse the mediocrity that society offers.

Today is the day that your new life begins. Embrace it.

EMAW, Joe Tinker

On-Campus Jobs: They’re Everywhere!

Note and Caribou Coffee gift card from Amy Button Renz, CEO of the K-State Alumni Association for National Student Employee Appreciation Week.
Note and Caribou Coffee gift card from Amy Button Renz, CEO of the K-State Alumni Association for National Student Employee Appreciation Week.

Yesterday, a high school student considering K-State asked me what kind of student jobs are available on campus.

The answer: All kinds!

It’s National Student Employee Appreciation Week, and K-State employs over 5,000 students. That means that approximately 1 in 5 students are employed by the University.  Continue reading “On-Campus Jobs: They’re Everywhere!”

Celebrating History and Friendship

A few weeks ago I had a weekend that not only made me proud to be a part of my organization, but proud to have attended Kansas State University. My sorority celebrated our Centennial, aka 100 years on campus! It was incredible to see women that had lived in the house I now call home, walked the same paths to class, and hung out in the same spots on the quad.

Saturday morning we attended a luncheon filled with the sharing of traditions, music, and memories. A women who spoke had been initiated in 1947….. RIGHT?! Here’s a snap at the coolest chaos of women I have ever seen.

Saturday night there was a dinner where even more women from our chapter attended and Sunday morning there was a brunch. It was an incredible time to appreciate the friendships and bonds our organization has given us (and the good food…:) )

sat dinner alum sunday friends

There were women from the pledge class of 1945, 1947 and every year after until today. It was so cool to hear the stories from women of years before us and say, “hey! we do that!” and learn about and appreciate our history and bond.

Whatever niche you find yourself making during your time at Kansas State University, I encourage you to take the time to make the bonds with other members and learn about the history of that organization. It can be one of the most eye-opening experiences you have in your time as a Wildcat.

Learning Outside the Classroom

NOLAI came to K-State to learn and grow as a person. I figured that meant taking rigorous classes and spending my time doing nothing but homework. In my last semester of my undergraduate experience I acknowledge that some of the most important learning I have done has taken place outside of a classroom. I figured I should take this time to share some of those experiences. Continue reading “Learning Outside the Classroom”