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Month: May 2015

Finals Week Prep

So it’s Sunday, the night before the Finals Week. Time to freak out, right? No! Finals week can be stressful, but as I am going into Finals Week and the end of my junior year, I think I’ve finally developed a strategy to help me get through this week with as little stress as possible.

Embrace the stress.  “Whaaat?! Embrace the stress? What does that even mean?” Well, to me, it means accepting that you might feel a bit stressed and tired. It means resisting the urge to curl up in bed or watch Netflix because it feels like you have too much to do and you’ll never accomplish it all. I try to remind myself that it’s only a week (maybe not even that long, depending on when your finals are) and then its summer break!

Sleep. No seriously, get some sleep! I always hear people talking about how they stayed up all night studying in the library before a final. I even heard a story of someone who stayed in the library all night, and brought their toothbrush and clothes to change into before their final. That just sounds awful to me! I won’t sit here and tell you that you should never pull an all-nighter, because I definitely have and I’m sure the majority of college students have, but I’d recommend not pulling an all-nighter for a test. I mean, how much information are you really retaining at 3am? And the number of horror stories about people staying up all night to study, only to fall asleep and miss their test, makes it seem too risky to me. You can cut down on a lot of stress by staying on top of your work so your prepared at the end of the semester. I struggle a lot with this, Netflix just always seems like a better time than writing a paper you know? But I try to remind myself how much more relaxing Dead Week and Finals Week will be if I get it done ahead of time.

Talk about summer plans, movies, ANYTHING except finals. Sometimes when I hear people talking about finals it starts to feel like a competition. “Oh you have two really hard finals? Well I have THREE!” “Wow, you only got 4 hours of sleep last night? That sucks, I only got like 2 hours.” I think that we start to sort of encourage a negative attitude about finals. Talk about summer, family, anything to get you excited and put you in a happy mood!

These are a couple of things that I try to do help get me through Finals Week. It might not be possible to completely get rid of the stress, I mean, finals are definitely important. But they don’t completely determine  your entire future, and they don’t have to be as awful as we make them out to be. So just remember this and that there is only one week until summer break!

Good luck on finals!



New Beginnings (with a side of purple)


sign          donut

As my first full year at K-State comes to a close, I look back at my goals that I had before moving to Manhattan.
Being a transfer student wasn’t what I had planned. Once I graduated high school, like most seniors, I just wanted to move away. Move away to experience what many of us had seen depicted on the big silver screens for so many years. The parties, the sports, the giant lecture hall classrooms. It became all too surreal when I passed the highway sign indicating I was in Wildcat Country. The blood in my veins began to run purple. As the first member of my immediate family to attend a university, this was a big step. So how do I go about this?
Step 1) Visit the most talked about place in Aggieville: Varsity Donuts. Check!

Step 2) Meet Willie (again). I remember back on transfer day enrollment I encountered the man himself – Willie the Wildcat. It was there in the Union that I chest bumped the most popular cat in town. Unfortunately and regrettably a chest bump was considered unworthy to my friends back home. I hereby call out Willie to a pushup challenge. (Currently awaiting Twitter response) Semi-Check!

Step 3) Find the hot spots. In every town there are locations that everyone claims is the best bar, or restaurant, or coffee house. I find it necessary to compile a list and breakdown into subcategories, the true test to see which one comes out on top. Most likely it will be the one I can afford. Check!
Hot Spots so far: Taco Lucha – May not be the most authentic Mexican food, but it delivers every time with their house made chipotle sauce smothered on any plate you order.
So Long Saloon – Best burger in town. The Jalapeno popper with house made raspberry sauce and cream cheese. Don’t judge until you try it.
Radinas Bake House – Fresh bread baked every morning and put on sandwiches that are made directly in front of you. Chicken Salad sandwich never fails: tender chicken breast, red grapes, toasted almonds, feta cheese, and poppy seed dressing topped with spinach on ciabatta.
The Chef – Brunch at its finest (if you can get a table!). Always get the Mac-n-Cheese for your side dish. Its Mactastic.
Bluestem Bistro – A common hangout spot for more than just food. Legit fruit smoothies, bottomless coffee, and a lot of studying is what you will find here. Late Fall and Spring you can’t pass up a spot on the patio. Also the live music in always on point.

Step 4) Friendships. A piece of advice that seemed to always repeat over the past couple years from all ages is to make as many friends as possible. The first few weeks of college can be a tough time. At first you’re excited to be on your own, and then the homesickness sets in. That’s where new friendships can save you. Your friends are there for you when your family is hours away. This one was by far the easiest one on my to-do list. The people in this town are second to none. Just yesterday I held the door for seventeen consecutive students and each one of them acknowledged and appreciated the simplest act of kindness. In class I can sit next to a new student every day and within that class period know their name, where they’re from and what they’re majoring in. Creating a network at this school is that easy – and it lasts long after the bell has rung. Check!

Step 5) Always continue to grow. I still get goose bumps when I think about how amazing it is to be student at such a prestigious university. My first year is nearly complete and I have so much more to look forward to next year. I’ve completed my goals for this year, now it’s time to make some new ones that will continue to challenge me. There is always room for improvement and opportunities to gain life experience. Whether that be from the amazingly educated teachers or from the person sitting next to me in class.
K-States motto is “Rule by Obeying Nature’s Laws.” My new life in this new town is natural. Go Cats!