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Month: October 2015

Nonprofit Connect Shadow Day

IMG_1266This past Friday, I woke up at an unholy hour and drove to Kansas City to Nonprofit Connect’s Shadow Day, an event that K-State Career and Employment Services recommended to me. At Shadow Day, college students are matched with professionals in the nonprofit field to shadow them at their jobs.  Continue reading “Nonprofit Connect Shadow Day”

Long Distance Best Friends (are Great!)

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 12.59.16 AM

College is hard. There, someone said it.

Yes, it’s one of the best times of your life and the people you’re meeting will most likely be your best men and bridesmaids.

And you’ll definitely be making memories; here in Manhattan, KS, they’ll consist of midnight trips to the Varsity truck and sunrise hikes on the Konza Prairie, with so many new people.

Continue reading “Long Distance Best Friends (are Great!)”

Book Review: The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez

A surprised selfie with the book!
A surprised selfie with the book!

After studying abroad in Costa Rica and living with an international student from Paraguay, I developed a deep love for Latin America. So naturally, I felt drawn to The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez.  Continue reading “Book Review: The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez”

Front row seats to your favorite lectures

Fall is typical time when high school students turn into college freshmen who, just five months ago, had to ask permission before leaving a classroom, and now they don’t even have to be there if they don’t want to; It’s always interesting to see how they cope and adapt.

With around 4,000 fresh-out-o’ high school students at K-State this fall, there are lots of habits and conventions they bring along with them. Continue reading “Front row seats to your favorite lectures”

Cool Day Trips for Cooler Days


Here I am, looking like an outdoorsy K-Stater.
Here I am, looking like an outdoorsy K-Stater.

Ah, it’s that time of year again. The leaves are changing, and every morning the autumn air blows through the front door and slaps me in the face. Before the Earth freezes into an Arctic wasteland, I would like bid summer ado by sharing some of the fun day trips I tricked my friends into going on with me this summer. Continue reading “Cool Day Trips for Cooler Days”

Sunday Soul: X-ing out the ‘X’ Shame

Happy Sunday All! I hope this weekend has treated you well!

Every Sunday I will be sharing a post called Sunday Soul. Through this weekly tidbit it is my hope to take ya’ll on a tour of Manhattan’s hidden beauties, describe the life of a K-State student, and simply share little snippits of my daily life.

This week I want to touch on an aspect of college that I get questioned about during meetings and tours with potential wildcats visiting campus; what is there to do in Manhattan (with the implication of ‘besides going out.’) Now, I don’t want to put any false thoughts out there, that is an inevitable characteristic of college life and I do think it’s important to be social to keep balance in the chaos that will be college life.

But, Friday morning, as I sped walked as fast as possible on my 5′ 2” frame to meet a high school senior from Nebraska to talk about Greek Life, one of my roles as a Greek Ambassador, I briefly looked down at my hands and thought to myself. . .”Oh no!” I hadn’t washed the ‘X’s off of my hands in my rush to get ready that morning.

Now, to spare any false inference, I’ll reveal that I was at Dirty Dawgs, dancing. . .like, two-stepping.

But, as I had the momentary panic thinking about what the potential student would think, I wondered to myself why I was experiencing that panic. I was out with my friends. I had finished my homework, set my alarms. . .heck, my room was even clean.

So today, I’m going to give you five, awesomely-fun things to do in Manhattan before the age where the X’s come off, and yes, AFTER, too.

1. Dirty Dawgs Saloon. As I mentioned above, dancing at Dirty Dawgs is one of me and my friends’ favorite social activities. We go once or twice every week and we two-step until two in the morning, and I love every second of it. Now, the first time I went this past Spring I looked like I had boards attached to my legs causing me to be unable to bend my knees and, though I’ve danced and played musical instruments my entire life, my rhythm resembled that of a drum set falling down a staircase. . .yeah. . .it was bad. BUT I would venture to say that I have improved, at least a little. And the amount of stamina it takes along with the thrill of the flips and twirls make it one of my favorite social pass-times.

2. Tubby’s Trivia. Every Tuesday night, Tubby’s Sports Bar hosts trivia at 9 p.m. There are multiple rounds of three questions and the winners get Tubby’s gift cards, to use next Tuesday of course! It’s the perfect opportunity get a group of friends together for some friendly competition and bar food.

3. City Park. City Park, located between Fremont and Points, and 14th and 11th Street, offers a plethora of activity options. There’s a running trail that surrounds the baseball fields, City Park Pool, the rose garden, tennis courts and more! Enjoy concerts at the pavillion and ice skating in the Winter. City Park is an incredible place to spend some time outdoors throughout the year.

4. Tanner’s Singo. If you aren’t feeling Trivia but you are feeling a mix between the classic Bingo and some music you can head over to Tanner’s for Singo! The maestro will play 30 second clips of different songs and as you hear the songs listed on your card you will mark them; the obvious goal being to get a ‘bingo!’ The prizes range from giftcards to a Jackpot Prize.

5. UPC Events.  K-State’s Union Programming Council plans and hosts an insane number of events, comedians, and concerts like Jason Derulo, Jay Leno, Kevin Hart, and Will Ferrell,  and Bill Nye the Science Guy, Dancing with the K-State Stars, K-State Project Runway, and K-State Idol . . .just to name a few.

So. What I want you to get out of this little smidge of social suggestions available to you here in Manhappiness, is that don’t be ashamed of your X’s. . .or why you get them, there is so much to do to with your friends here. . .don’t miss out!!