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Month: December 2015

A [Sick] Sunday Soul Post

And I don’t mean like… ‘rad’ or ‘stellar’. . .

I mean sick… like laying in bed on the Sunday before finals week wishing your mom lived less than a few hours away.

Now, I’m not one to milk being sick. I usually acknowledge the issue at hand; is it a cough? stuffiness? sore throat? and once I have identified the culprit, I mentally take them down (I’m not a big medicine taker) and get on with my day. But then there are those sick days, the ones that come at just the right time (i.e. finals week), that you just have to give the credit they deserve.

They come in hot and fast with fever, exhaustion and *insert particular symptom here* and there’s just no way to go about your day normally, first off the need for tissues every ten seconds will set you back five minutes after the first 30 times. So I have compiled a list of the best sick day “to-do’s.”

1. Address the Problem. Is it severe enough that you need to go to K-State’s Lafene Health Center? If you’re feeling feverish, abnormally exhausted, or have a symptom that seems a bit worse off than just the common cold it wouldn’t hurt to get checked out.

2. Go to the store. And yes, just THE store… as in ONE store. Because in yesterday’s big t-shirt, sweats and boots with your hair on top of your head and with your eyes puffy, minimal social contact is desired. So walk in and know that your there to grab tea, cough drops, medicine, your favorite magazine and one feel good item (flowers, candy, a new book etc), know that the check-out lady isn’t judging you that much, and JET.

3. OR, when it comes to your hot beverage of choice, you could make one more stop at a coffee shop. But, you must know that the risk of social contact does go up about 50 percent by doing so. (I think it’s worth it.) So, you could stop by any of Manhattan’s coffee shops; Starbucks, Sparrow, Radina’s, Bluestem. . .or, my sick day tea of choice? Lemon and Honey Tea from Arrow Coffee. I swear you’ll get better in 43 minutes or less (ish).

4. This part kind of sucks, but when you get home, make sure you get everything done. Get through your homework with a box of tissues and your Get Well Tea, clean your room, you can take a break every 10 minutes if you need to, get everything you need for the next few days together because if you do that, these next and last two steps will be so much more effective.

5. Okay, everything’s done. Homework, check. Room clean, check. This week’s outfits laid out, check. Now, I want you to take a shower. I know, getting out of the comfy clothes sounds like the worst idea ever, but I promise that a shower will make you feel at least 50 percent better.

6. Put on your comfiest clothes, grab your stuffed/live animal, pick out your favorite music, movie, book etc and relax. Nap on and off. You have nothing else to do but get better (told ya) so that’s what you get to do for the rest of the day.

I can’t promise that you’ll be back to 100 percent, but having even just one day to even be sick is a blessing and the next day you’ll at least be able to say, I’ve rested and I’ve given myself time to relax.

Food for thought, and for finals


Time is a very difficult thing to come by the week before and during finals week. I have less time to sleep, run errands, go out, and even do chores. However, one thing I usually never have time for is feeding myself.

During finals week I usually find myself going hours on end without food or regularly miss meals just because I do not have the time to cook or go out to eat. This semester, however, I realized I could do something about it.

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Sunday Soul: Dead Week Survival

Dead week. The week before finals that can be summed up in a tweet I read today:

“Dead week is the carrot that’s disguised as a cheeto. It sounds nice and fun, but it’s awful, ruins lives and tastes like regret.”

Alright, it’s not that terrible. BUT, in true, stressed, time-crunch, dead week style I’m gonna give you the top five things that help me survive just in case yours gets bad.

1. Fuel of choice: Coffee
2. Study Break of Choice: Working out
3. Sanity Keeper: My friends.
4. Study Locations of Choice: Coffee Shops
5. Study Soundtrack: Harry Potter Soundtrack

Find of each of these things and I promise you’ll be a little bit farther on your way to a successful Dead and Finals week!

Holiday-induced-stress relief: what to get a guy for Christmas

One word, nine letters, red and green, and running around your head in a never ending loop from the day after Halloween to new years eve: Christmas.

There is no doubt that Christmas literally feels like a “magical” time of the year. No seriously, I am not even Christian but I can always feel the excitement and happiness and -despite the cold weather- the warmth of Christmas around this time of year. Really ’tis the season to be jolly!

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All the December thoughts you think in December

IMG_1391December is weird time for college students. You are all “YAY! WINTER BREAK IS COMING!” and then 13 final projects mysteriously appear out of nowhere.

Day 1: LAST MONTH OF THE SEMESTER! I am going to take this month down! I got this! *punches the air*

Day 2: Wow it is getting a little chilly out. Better get some hot chocolate!

Day 3: Hm, I have a lot to do in the next few weeks.

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