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Month: March 2016

Finance 450: The boogeyman of the College of Business

Photo from http://union.k-state.edu/
Photo from http://union.k-state.edu/

So having listed all the cool and fun courses to sign up for here at K-State, here is one class that pretty much any Business, Golf course management, Hospitality management, Engineering and many students from other majors will probably attest to it as being one of the most challenging and most rigorous courses they had taken during their time in school. Finance 450, probably the most popular (or perhaps infamous) course in the college of business, I like to describe it as the “boogeyman” of the CBA.

So why does Finance 450 get so much bad rep? Continue reading “Finance 450: The boogeyman of the College of Business”

My Spring Break Research Trip to the United Kingdom

Tower of London Bridge
Tower of London Bridge

This spring break, I ventured to the United Kingdom with a brave professor (Hi Dr. Barb!) and 7 other students to research travel perceptions and media usage. It was an amazing trip! Continue reading “My Spring Break Research Trip to the United Kingdom”

Blogger Roundtable: You Must Take This Class

What's your favorite class at K-State?There is always that one class you take with you after college. Whether it’s a soul-baring writing class or a tough-as-nails statistics course, this one class leaves its mark on you and challenges you to stretch the limits of your brain and redefine your comfort zone. Read on to learn which classes at K-State spurred our student bloggers on to great new heights and why!

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International Women’s Day with Noorjahan Akbar

Noorjahan Akbar speaks at Forum Hall in the K-State Student Union.
Noorjahan Akbar speaks at Forum Hall in the K-State Student Union.

Cool guest speakers are always coming to K-State. One of my goals for this semester was to actually go SEE some of those guest speakers. The week before Spring Break, I finally made good on that promise. I forgot to take notes, but it was awesome nonetheless! Continue reading “International Women’s Day with Noorjahan Akbar”

Date Nights (on a College Budget)

Date nights can be stressful as a college student.  In a world where money is seen as everything to most people, many students think that to have a fun date, you must spend a lot of money.  This is completely opposite of what I have learned.  Hopefully, you can use some of my dating tips for your upcoming romantic evenings with the one you love. Continue reading “Date Nights (on a College Budget)”