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How to Adult: Paying Uncle Sam

Most of us remember a specific moment or period in time where we just felt like “Oh, that was very grown-person of me, that is an interesting feeling.” Well, that is what a lot of people call and Urban Dictionary defines as “adulting”

For me, my first time adulting was when I did my 2014 taxes. It was tedious, confusing, and strange, and I had no idea what I was doing (Which sometimes may accurately depict a sizable chunk of the adult life.). Anyways, it was my first time ever doing taxes and it was a system I was completely unfamiliar with, so the process actually went on for about three or four days while I got all the necessary paperwork together. I had to call my job to find out how I can access my W-2, Fairchild Hall to find out where I can get my financial aid award summary, and I believe I emailed my advisor on what in heck is and where I can find my 1098T. Fortunately, it all worked out well in the end and I got my tax refund, which as a college student feels like winning the lottery.

If you have not heard from any of the ridiculous amount of tax agency ads on TV or the radio, tax season is in session, and in fact will be for seven more weeks until April 18. So file your taxes, and even if you do not qualify for a tax break, at least you will get that nice rewarding feeling of having adulted this week.

Also, if you use an online tool and get help from your parents it will probably take no more than two hours and not four days.

Here is some information on the American Opportunity Tax Credit and other tax breaks independent students can claim when they file their taxes.


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